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Dyson V10 vs V11 – Check Which One is Better & Why?

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Dyson V10 was released in March 2018, and V11 was released in March 2019. Both are next-generation cordless vacuum cleaners with lots of Similarities and Differences. The Major Differences between these two are Suction power, Dynamic Load Sensor, Run time, and digital display. If you want to pick the Best one Between these two. I will recommend the Dyson V11.

Why I Recommend Dyson V11?

  • The suction power of the Dyson V11 is 185 AW, while Dyson V10’s is 140 AW. Dyson V11 cleans better than V10 with its suction power.
  • Dyson V11 has a Dynamic Load Sensor, which detects the floor type and changes its suction power by itself. So, you don’t need to adjust the vacuum suction according to different floor types; it will do itself. Dyson V10 does not come with this sensor.
  • V11 cordless vacuum cleaner’s run time is more than Dyson V10. Yes, after recharging fully, it can clean for 82 minutes, whereas Dyson V10 can do cleaning for 61 minutes after a full charge.
  • The Dyson V11 has a Fluffy cleaning head that is specially designed for hard surfaces and floors, But V10 Doesn’t have any Fluffy cleaning head.
  • Dyson V11 has a digital screen on its body, which shows how much battery power is remaining, the mood of the cleaning, and your filters’ status. Dyson V10 doesn’t have such a digital screen.
  • Dyson V10 is noisy, and its noise level is 75 to 83 decibels. Contrary, Dyson V11 makes less noise than V10. Its noise level is 70 to 78 decibels.

These were the Main features that made Dyson V11 a more convenient vacuum cleaner. Therefore if you want an innovative device with Better features and Performance, then you should pick Dyson V11.


Side By Side Comparison

Specification Dyson V11 Dyson V10
Rating 4.9 Out of 5 4.7 Out of 5
Suction power 185 aw 140 AW
Run Time
  • Max Mode: 7:30
  • Normal Mode: 47.40
  • Eco Mode: 82:00
  • Max Mode: 5:30
  • Normal Mode: 26:00
  • Eco Mode: 50:00
Dynamic Load Sensor Yes No
Digital screen Yes No
Noise level 70-78 dB 75-83 dB
Fluffy Cleaning Head Yes (in all V11) No (only on V10 Absolute)
primary Cleaning Head High Torque cleaning head with intelligent suction Torque Drive cleaning head
Stubborn dirt brush Yes No
Recharge time 4.5 hours 3.5 hours
Dimension 50.63×9.84 x10.28 48.86×9.84×10.16
Weight: 6.68lbs 5.8 lbs.
Height 50:06″ 49.2″
Price Check V11 Price Check V10 Price

Things You Should Consider

Dyson V11 Dyson V10

  • It does not come with a dedication button for running while using. You have to press and hold on to the On button to run, which is irritating. 
  • Its handle is oversized for people of average height. 
  • If your house is too big, you cannot clean the whole house on a single charge.



  • It may be heavy for you if you are a petite person.
  • Cleaning the clogged hair from the whole machine is irritating and tiresome.
  • You need to run the machine over dirt multiple times by setting forth its front side if it misses sucking dirt the very first time. 
  • You can not remove and replace it with the new one if the battery gets matured. 
  • Removing the shaft from the head alone is a hassle if you do not have a helping hand. 
  • The machine’s canister will be small for you if you have a pat at your house whose work is to shedding hair. You may need to clean the floor and empty the vessel every 5 minutes. 
  • You have to cool the machine down before charging it. But cooling it down is a long process.
Check V11 Price Check V10 Price

Things you should know 

  • You can use Dyson V11 or V10 for upholstery and stairs. 
  •  Dyson V11 has a boost mode option to enhance the machine’s suction power for tougher cleaning tasks. 
  • Both machines are designed for home purposes. 
  • Each machine has a HEPA filtration system that takes out 99.97 percent of dust particles. 
  • The machine’s lightweight and easy-to-use features help you clean tight places and hard-to-reach areas.

Common features in Dyson V11 & V10

Specification Dyson V11 Dyson V10
Soft Roller Yes Yes
Dirt Full Indicator Yes Yes
Bagless Yes Yes
Cordless Yes Yes
Reach into high places Yes Yes
Wall mount Yes Yes
Extension Wand Yes Yes
Dust Capacity 0.77L 0.77L
Filtration HEPA HEPA
Use as a portable cordless handheld vacuum Yes Yes
Cleaning 99% 99%
Floor Type All All
Warranty 2 Years Limited 2 Years Limited
Price Check V11 Price Check V10 Price

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson V10 and V11

Is Dyson V11 compatible with 220V?

No, Dyson V11 is not compatible with 220V.

Does Dyson V10 have a display screen?

No, Dyson V10 does not come with any display screen.

How Long Does Dyson V11 take to charge its battery?

Dyson V11 takes 4.5 hours to charge its battery.

What is the Run time of Dyson V10?

The Run Time of Dyson V10 is 10 minutes to 61 minutes.

Does Dyson V11 clean long hair?

Yes, Dyson V11 cleans long hair.

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