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Dyson V10 vs V11 – Check why Dyson V11 Vacuum is Best!

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dyson v10 vs v11Dyson V10 and V11 are two of the next-generation cordless vacuum cleaners. Dyson V11 is the most innovative one and comes in handier than Dyson V10.

What makes Dyson V11 Convenient?

  • The suction power of Dyson V10 is 140 AW, while Dyson V11’s is 185 AW. Dyson V11 cleans better than V10 with this suction power.
  • Dyson V11 has a Dynamic Load Sensor, which detects the floor type and changes its suction power by itself. So, you don’t need to adjust the vacuum suction according to different floor types; it will do itself. Dyson V10 does not come with this sensor.
  • This cordless vacuum cleaner’s run time is more than Dyson V10. Yes, after recharging fully, it can clean for 74 minutes, where Dyson V10 can do cleaning for 61 minutes after a full charge.
  • Dyson V11 has a digital screen on its body, which shows how much battery power is remaining, the mood of the cleaning, and your filters’ status. Dyson V10 doesn’t have such a digital screen.
  • Dyson V10 is noisier and its noise level is 75 to 83 decibels. Contrary, Dyson V11 makes 70 t0 78 decibels sound.

These were the features that made Dyson V11 a more convenient vacuum cleaner. Therefore if you want an innovative device then you should pick Dyson V11. However, if you want to know their prices, press the below buttons.


Similar Features in Dyson V10 and V11

  • They have a dust capacity of 0.77L.
  • Their filtration system is HEPA.
  • These two are good to go with all types of indoor floor.
  • Dyson provides two years of limited warranty with
Specification Dyson V11 Dyson V10
Editors Rating 4.9 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 6.6lbs 5.8lbs
Dimension 50.63×9.84 x10.28 48.86×9.84×10.16
Suction 185 AW 140 AW
Intelligent Suction Yes No
Run Time 74 Minutes 61 Minutes
Recharge 4.5 Hours 3.5 Hours
Dust Capacity 0.77L 0.77L
Filtration HEPA HEPA
Digital Screen Yes No
Noise Level 70-78 dB 75-83 dB
Floor Type All All
Warranty 2 Years Limited 2 Years Limited

Difference and Similarity Between Dyson V10 and V11

Product Weight and Size

In the matter of product, weight and size give a slightly better vibe than the Dyson V11. Since it is a liter and less long than Dyson V11, its weight is 5.8 pounds, and Dyson V11’s weight is 6.6 pounds. The dimension of Dyson V10 is 48.86×9.84×10.16 inches, and Dyson V11’s dimension is 50.63×9.84 x10.28 inches. They are lite and easy to use. What makes them most amazing is they are cordless. That is so user-oriented.


They have different suction power; Dyson V11’s suction power is 185 Air Watts, and Dyson V10’s suction power is 140 Air Watts. V11 is most likely to clean smoothly and sucks every dust. Dyson V11 has an intelligent suction sensor attached to it, which is called Dynamic Load Sensor. This sensor detects which type of floor you are cleaning now and sets the suction power according to the floor type. This feature makes Dyson V11 a user-friendly cordless vacuum cleaner.

Run Time and Recharge

The Dyson V10 takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged, and Dyson V11 takes 4 and a half hours to get fully charged. They also work for different run times. Dyson V11 works 61 minutes after getting full charge, and Dyson V11 works for 74 minutes. The V11 works for a longer time and cleans more stuff.

Filtration System

They arrive with the HEPA filtration system. This system cleans almost 99.9% of dust and allergens. It captures every kind of dust and pollen in your home. It can catch an allergen that is 0.3 microns in size. It also has complete seal technology, which is good http://premier-pharmacy.com for health. Especially if you have an asthma problem. The filters are washable and reusable. So, you can use it repeatedly.

Digital Screen

The Dyson V11 has a digital screen with it. ThisLCD screen lets you know battery status, the mood of the power, and the filters’ status. It also gives you data about how much time is left in run time. That digital screen makes you work easier to track the machine. Dyson V10 does not come with this cool feature.

Dust Capacity

These two cordless vacuum cleaners have 0.77 liters of dust capacity. It is a suitable volume for a cordless vacuum cleaner. The dust beans emptying system is the point-and-shoot system, which is more comfortable and fun.

Ideal Floor

Dyson V11 and Dyson V10 are good to go with cleaning any kind of floor indoors. From hardwood floor to carpet, from the bare floor to big rugs t. They will clean any floor under the roof. They are also good at clean thick pile carpet, stairs, and pet hair, even with long hairs.


Dyson supplies you with a 2 years warranty deal with Dyson V11 and Dyson V10. They have a strong motor which will stay with you in the long run. Even if they do not, the manufacturers assure you a 2 years warranty for that.


Lastly, you can see how Dyson V11 can give you a premium experience in cleaning. Its better suction power, longer run time, intelligent suction sensor, and better noise level promises you the finest vacuum experience you could ever have. But if these features can be avoided by you and your home’s cleaning environment, then you can get the Dyson V10 for you too. So, choose whatever suits you and best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson V10 and V11

Is Dyson V11 compatible with 220V?

No, Dyson V11 is not compatible with 220V.

Does Dyson V10 have a display screen?

No, Dyson V10 does not come with any display screen.

How Long Does Dyson V11 take to charge its battery?

Dyson V11 takes 4.5 hours to charge its battery.

What is the Run time of Dyson V10?

The Run Time of Dyson V10 is 10 minutes to 61 minutes.

Does Dyson V11 clean long hair?

Yes, Dyson V11 cleans long hair.

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