Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting Brush Not Spinning

Dyson Vacuum Troubleshooting Brush Not Spinning


A Dyson vacuum is always the best choice for cleaning comfortably and affordably. Its outstanding features and service are most people’s first option.

But no matter what, devices catch problems now and then. For example, in Dyson vacuums, one of the common problems is that brushes get stuck and don’t spin. Keep reading this article to learn about the problems and how to fix them.

Why Is The Brush Bar Not Spinning?

If the brush bar is not spinning, it could be a dirty bar. When you have pets and people with long hair in the house, the brush bar can be tangled by the hair or fur.

At the time of cleaning the floor, dust does not cause a problem with suction, but long hair and fur do.

Dyson vacuum is perfect for cleaning dirt. But the brush can get tangled when the hair comes before the bristols. It keeps getting entangled in long hair until the brush stops spinning.

To clean the brush bar, you need to detach the brush bar from the device. It would be much quicker to detangle the hair and fur. Next, you can remove the hair from the bristols. If the hair is thick and harder to take out, just use a pair of scissors to cut it. 

Finally, clean all the debris and dirt from the brush. Then attach it to the device, and it is okay to go.

A Dyson vacuum is a cleaning product. Therefore, dust and debris can build up on any machine part. The electrical connectors can be filled with dust. This can be the cause of brushes that don’t spin. 

To clean the brush, you will need to open the whole vacuum and clean it part by part. First, you have to detach all the parts. Take a damp cloth, not water. You will find the connecting points of the parts and clean them carefully. After that, let them fully dry. Assemble them piece by piece. Your vacuum is now ready for cleaning.

Last Word

This machine collects dirt, so it needs care. However, if you maintain your vacuum consistently, it will last longer.

The frequent problem with the Dyson vacuum is that the debris gets stuck everywhere. It would be good for the vacuum if you made it spotless after using it. If you forget to clean the bin or brush, it will cause problems.

For a trouble-free cleaning experience, taking care of your vacuum is a must. Make sure to clean it constantly after every use to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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