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Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360 – Pick the Best Baby Carrier!

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Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360 both fantastic baby carriers have some identical features. But Omni 360 overtakes Ergo baby 360 with some advanced features. That’s why I endorse Omni 360 as the best baby carrier.

Why Omni Baby Carrier 360 is Best?

  • This baby carrier is very adjustable in terms of carrying different weights. It easily adjusts from newborn to toddler without an infant insert. Moreover, it can carry 3 kilograms to 20 kilograms. Whereas Ergo baby 360 needs assistance from an infant insert for carrying extra weights. 
  • Omni 360 offers a fantastic lumbar support waist belt, which helps carry this carrier a lot more comfortably. But the ergo baby 360 doesn’t offer this exclusive feature. That’s why it is slightly difficult to carry for a long time.
  • Moreover, the Omni 360 comes with a spectacular detachable pouch. That is very useful to carry extra accessories. On the other side, the Ergo baby 360 doesn’t provide this fascinating feature.
  • Omni 360 is very adaptable and offers crossable shoulder straps. The Ergo baby 360 is not that very adaptable and doesn’t provide spectacular crossable shoulder straps. 

Here it looks like Omni 360 offers more advanced features compared to Ergo baby 360. However, the Ergo baby 360 is still a good one and very similar to the Omni 360 in many ways. If you want to get any of these baby carriers at a reasonable price, just follow the button below.


Similar Features of Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360

It is quite obvious that these baby carriers have many common features. Here is a list of these similar features. 

  • Both these baby carriers are forward-facing in nature. 
  • These two baby carriers have been manufactured with premium cotton. 
  • Available in different color options. 
  • Very breathable and has excellent air passing ability.  

Quick Comparison: Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360

Specifications  Omni 360 baby carrier  Ergo baby 360 
Editors rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Manufactured fabric  Premium mesh cotton Premium mesh cotton 
Dimension  Large  Medium 
Weight capacity  7- 33 lbs  12- 33 lbs 
Available categories  Three  One fixed category 
Size option  One fixed size ( Adjustable)  Fixed-size 
Head support  Two-position  Two-position
Color options  Seven  Four 
Detachable pouch Yes  No 
Crossbody shoulder straps Yes  No 
Adjustable velcro system  Yes  Yes 
Waist belts  Lumbar support  Wider
Inside zipper pocket  Yes  Yes 
Storage pocket  Yes  No
Infant baby insert  Yes  No 
Suspension ability  High  Medium 

Comparison of features between Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360


Omni 360 is the larger version of ergo baby carriers. It possesses all the characteristics of ergo baby carriers. Furthermore, it includes many spectacular features combined with all other baby carriers. That is why this baby carrier is quite large in size and shape. On the other side, the Ergo baby comes in a smaller dimension because this baby carrier offers less in every department than the Omni 360 baby carrier. 

Weight capacity 

Omni 360 offers more in terms of capacity. This baby carrier can carry 7- 33 lbs at a time. That doesn’t mean it to be very heavy. Astonishingly, while in full capacity, this carrier is still very comparable. The Ergo baby doesn’t have an infant insert, so it can carry 12- 33 lbs. So, in terms of weight capacity, the Omni 360 stands top. 

Main fabric 

Both these baby carriers are made with premium mesh cotton fabric. This fabric is well-known for its high quality and long-lasting ability. For that reason, you don’t need to think about the sustainability of these baby carriers. Moreover, this fabric is very soft and very comfortable to carry. 

Special features 

Omni 360 easily beats Ergo baby 360 with some useful features. Such as the magnificent detachable pouch. You can use this pouch to carry some necessary commodities for your child. Moreover, the Omni 360 comes with a fantastic lumbar support waist belt. That’s why this carrier doesn’t hamper the growth of your baby. Also, this carrier gets very easily attached to your body. 

On the other side, the Ergo baby 360 doesn’t offer you all these valuable features. This carrier only has the basic features of a baby carrier. For this cause, it is slightly lower in price. However, this doesn’t indicate that this carrier lacks in quality.  


You will get a warranty clause with both these carriers. But the warranty clause is limited. That doesn’t mean any less care. The company takes the responsibility to repair the product fully. So, don’t have any dissatisfaction with this clause.  


It’s not difficult to identify the best carrier of these two products. The Omni 360 is far ahead of these two. This is how the cost amount of the Omni 360 carrier is slightly high. On the opposite side, the Ergo baby 360 can be the alternative to Omni 360. Because it is lower in price value, so, take your desired baby carrier according to your budget and necessity.

FAQ about Ergobaby 360 vs Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Question: What is the main difference between Ergo baby 360 and Omni 360 baby carrier?

Answer: There are so many differences in features. However, the principal distinction is the infant insert. You will get an infant insert with Omni 360 baby carrier. While the Ergo baby 360 doesn’t offer this feature.

Question: Which carrier has more different color options? 

Answer: Omni 360 offers six different colors. Where’s the Ergo baby 360 offers 4 different color options. So, you will get enough color options with both these carriers. 

Question: What is the benefit of premium mesh fabric? 

Answer:  Both these carriers are manufactured with premium mesh fabric. This mesh fabric used to be very soft and very breathable. So, you will get extra comfort while carrying this carrier. 

Question:  What is the durability of these carriers? 

Answer: These two carriers are very durable. Because these are made with the magnificent premium mesh fabric, according to the user’s statement, these carriers don’t lose their shape after years of use. 

Question: Which is softer and comfortable to carry? 

Answer: Omni 360 baby carrier is the softer of these two. That is why users get more comfortable with this carrier. You can carry this one for a long time, without going inside any problem. 

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