Eufy 11S vs 30C

Eufy 11S vs 30C – What is the difference & which one is best?

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Eufy 11S vs 30CEufy 11S vs 30C both are very efficient and work seamlessly, but if you are searching for the best one then Eufy 30C will be the right choice for you.

Why Eufy 30C is Best? 

  • It has upgraded 1500Pa suction power while the 11S has 1300Pa. Moreover, it automatically picks lots of dust, including microns. Eufy 30s also allows you to set boundary strips, and the cleaner will only clean the areas you want.
  • Eufy 30c can connect to wifi, and is compatible with the App and voice commands. When you connect the vacuum to the wifi, it will start working. The App lets you control the cleaner directly from your smartphone. Additionally, you can also use the Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands for easy usages.
  • It has a feature called ‘Find Me’ that Eufy 11S doesn’t. If you cannot find your robot, search it from the App to know its location. So next time, when you cannot find your device, search for it.

The features mentioned above make Eufy 30C the best choice for you. If you love the functions and wanna get this then check the price from the below button.


Comparison Chart of Eufy 30c and 11s

Specification Eufy 11S Eufy 30C
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimension12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 inches
Weight 5.73 pounds6 pounds
Wi-Fi support No Yes
AppNo Yes
Voice command NoYes
Suction Power 1300pa 1500pa 
Remote Control Yes Yes 
Carpet Clean Yes Yes 
Run Time 100 minutes100 minutes
Dust Box Capacity0.6L0.6L
Filter Triple-layer filter Triple-layer filter 
Quiet Clean Yes Yes 
Warranty 12 months 12 months 

Differences and Similarities Between Eufy 11s and 30c 

Suction Power 

Eufy 11S removes any dirt or dust with its 1300Pa suction power for spotless clean. While the 30C is a super-slim and upgraded with the 1500Pa. Both robotic vacuums ensure the floors or carpets are clean and don’t have any dust or dirt.

The 30C features dual-hall sensors that can detect the boundary strips. So you can clean the areas you want with the 30C. The Eufy robot cleaners don’t need your attention while they clean your home. Because they use drop-sensing technology that helps avoid falling.

Smart Control 

You can smartly control the Eufy 30C since it can connect to the wifi. Also, it is compatible with the App and voice command. On the other hand, Eufy 30C 11S does not provide smart control.

However, once you installed the App and connected the device to the wifi, it will be easier for you to operate. For more convenience, use Alexa or Google Assistant voice command. You can say simple commands, such as to start or stop cleaning. Or to find your robot.


Both contain BoostIQ technology to filter any pollutants, and they use a triple-filter system. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically increase the suction power when your home needs extra vacuuming.

One is a high-performance filter to achieve a clean home, while the rest are HEPA and activated carbon filters. The HEPA filter captures any bacteria that provide a healthy environment. And the activated carbon cleans odors the home.


In terms of the dust box, they have the same large dust box that is 0.6L. The bin is huge and useful. To reduce the frequency of emptying, per clean, it can hold more dirt. Compared to another robotic vacuum cleaner, these two contain the most substantial bin.

Remote Control 

Eufy 11S and 30C provide a remote to control them quickly. The remote allows you to set the automatic cleaning time, and if you set the time, they will do the cleaning without your help. It also includes spot cleaning, edge cleaning, quick clean, and manual cleaning functions. If you want to give a cleaning direction to the robot, then use manual cleaning.

Noise Level 

They can work up to 100 minutes consistently on hardwood floors or carpets. The best part is, they were built with a brushless motor to reduce vacuuming noise. They are 75% quieter than traditional vacuums. People who require a quiet robot vacuum can choose the Eufy 11S or 30C.


Both of them come with remote control with 2 AAA batteries, an AC power adapter, an extra set of high-performance filters, five cable ties, a charging base, a cleaning tool, and a welcome guide. But the Eufy 30C also provides 13.2 ft boundary strips in the box.


You will get worry-free 12 months of guarantee from the Eufy 11S or 30C. Though the warranty is the same, the 30C is made from the best quality materials. And I highly recommend it to you as it can last more than 11S.

But to increase the durability of these two machines, you need to take proper care of them. Follow the user guide to use and clean them.


The Eufy 30C is the best choice between these two for its smart connectivity and easy-to-use functions. It does a great job when it comes to cleaning, and the best thing is, the 30C can work automatically. I highly recommend the Eufy 30C if you are looking for a robot vacuum. But if you have a budget issue, you can choose the Eufy 11S.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eufy 11s and 30c

Can I schedule the time for 11s?

Yes, the machine will start working when you set the timer, and you can use it at night as well since it operates quietly, plus the device will automatically return to the charge.

How well do they work for cleaning pet hair?

They are very efficient at cleaning pet hair from carpet, as well as good at hardwood floors.

Does the 30C provide remote control?

Yes, it can control from the remote and compatible with the App plus voice command.

Can 30C automatically sense the stairs?

Yes, it can; also, it can go over and come down automatically. The 11S can do the same as well.

Do I need to use any smart plug to use it?

No, both of them come with a power cord, and they run at 110-120v. You can use an adapter if you need to use them at 220v.

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