Eufy vs Infant Optics

Eufy vs Infant Optics – Learn the difference & grab the Best one.

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Eufy and Infant Optics baby monitors are perfect for parents. Whether it’s day or night, you can stay with your baby. However, these are impressive devices; that’s why choosing the best one could be slightly tough. Hence, I’ve shared their major features so that you can make your decision easily.

What Are the Differences Between Eufy vs Infant Optics?

Eufy Infant Optics
Eufy does not have an optical zooming feature. Infant Optics has an optical zooming feature.
This doesn’t include sound filtering technology. It has sound filtering technology.
This monitor doesn’t build with dual audio power mode. This monitor has a dual audio power mode.
It has no active noise reduction feature. It has an active noise reduction feature.
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If you want to keep your baby safe, I recommend the Infant Optics baby monitor. Besides, the Eufy is also a good choice for those with a tight budget. However, check out the below section to get more precise idea why I’m suggesting this monitor.

Why do I recommend Infant Optics?

  • The interchangeable lens functionality of Infant Optics Provides different types of views from the same standing position. Unfortunately, this technology is not available with Eufy Baby Monitor.
  • You can add a second camera with the Infant Optics Dxr-8 pro for a greater screen view. However, the Eufy space view baby monitor hasn’t released any second camera yet.
  • Active noise reduction system of Infant optics Dxr-8 filters sounds from AC and fans. But Eufy Space View delivers noisy sounds because it doesn’t have a filtering system.
  • Both monitors use a high resolution 5 inches display setup. But, users will experience an optical zooming facility along with digital zooming functionality from Infant Optics.
  • It has a double-mode audio power system, which offers a 1000mW speaker for louder audio with a crisper playback sound system. On the contrary, Eufy space view comes with single-mode audio functionality.

Infant Optics Dxr-8 pro comes with a proper monitoring facility for your baby.  You can grab the opportunity of purchasing the monitor.


Similar Features of Eufy Space View and Infant Optics Dxr-8 Pro

  • Both monitors have a two-way audio mode that provides direct communication to your baby.
  • A High-quality 5’’ display provides an explicit video of your kids. 
  • A private connection setting offers a very secure monitoring system. 
  • These devices are fully battery-powered.

You will get these same functions with both baby monitors. If you want better performance with advanced features, you should pick Infant Optics.

Other Specifications Chart

Specifications  Eufy Space View Monitor  Infant Optics Dxr-8 monitor 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions  4.15 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches 13.35 x 7.4 x 4.61 inches
Display size  5 inches  5 inches 
Sensor technology  Night vision  Night vision 
Screen resolution  720p  720p 
Power system  Battery-powered  Battery-powered 
Notification type  Audio and motion  Audio and motion 
User manual included  Yes  Yes
Warranty  Yes (1-year) Yes (1-year)

Features and Benefits of Eufy and Infant Optics


Both monitors provide the same size display. The user will experience 5 inches of display with a 720p video resolution; this HD video resolution will give a clear view of your baby when it is appropriately placed. Parents even monitor their baby’s eye contact in this high-definition mode.

Sensor technology 

It is essential to have a suitable sensor set up with the monitor. Generally, babies need careful nursing during the nighttime. Also, a darkroom environment is perfect for proper sleep. Parents can monitor their babies in the dim light with this night vision sensor technology. This technical improvement provides a clear view of your baby even in the dark mode. The monitors come with room temperature sensing ability.

Interchangeable lens 

Infant Optics Dxr-8 monitor offers an interchangeable lens system. Switching from one lens to another provides a closer and different view of the sleeping baby from the same standing position. So, without any movement to the camera, you can monitor the asleep kid from various angles.

Zooming facility 

The video zooming system of the infant optics monitor is absolutely mind-blowing. It has two different zooming abilities. One is digital zooming, and another is optical or regular zooming mode. Digital zooming provides six times closer looks at your baby than the traditional zooming system.

Audio functionality 

Both devices provide audio notifications of your baby. Also, they are two-way audio mode supported. This two-way audio mode helps you listen and communicate with the baby. Powerful 1000mW speakers generate deafening sounds. You can hear your baby’s activity in a background mode also. 


Nowadays, parents are very aware of a secured baby monitoring system. Both devices come with an individual display setup. Parents can set up a login system to monitor their baby very secretly. Hacking is not possible as they used a powerful operating setup.

Battery life 

They are battery-powered baby monitors. But the camera needs to be plugged in properly. Because the display monitors are functional with a rechargeable battery, they can last at least 12 hours once the battery is fully charged.


Eufy supports their manufactured devices with a 1-year limited warranty. Also, Infant Optics Dxr-8 has 1-year warranty support from the manufacturing brand. But users should be aware of some warranty limitations factors. 


Infant Optics comes with proper video zooming and noise-removing facilities. That will help you nurse the baby from a distant place with no hassle. Though this monitor will cost you a few dollars more than the alternative one, our final suggestion would be to favor the infant optics Dxr-8 Pro baby monitor. If you are short of a few dollars, then go for the second option, the Eufy space view baby monitor. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Eufy and Infant Optics

Question: Can I purchase a second camera for more performance? 

Answer: Yes, a second camera will add a greater screen view. The display is designed with an external camera setup. So, after purchasing the second camera, you can easily pair it with the existing one. 

Question: Does it have a standing facility?

Answer: No, the monitor is designed to be a screw attachment system. You can attach the device exactly to your desired place for a proper screen view.

Question: Is the lens covers the entire bedroom? 

Answer: Yes, the camera covers up the entire bedroom. Because infant optics has the interchanging lens functionality, on the other side, Eufy has a 120-degree movement ability. So, from any position, your full bedroom will be covered.

Question: Does the device work with other gadgets? 

Answer: No, As these devices don’t have any internet connectivity, you can not run the functions with other devices.

Question: Can I adjust the sound system? 

Answer: Yes, the sound system is fully adjustable. Also, it has noise reduction functionality. Just activate the automatic noise reduction mode, then it will automatically be adjusted.  

Question: Can I have several screen views at the same time? 

Answer: No, these are very secured personal baby monitoring devices. Several screen systems are not available with them. But you can switch to a different screen view if it is necessary.           

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