Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 4

Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 4 – Learn Why You Should Pick Fossil Gen 4!

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Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 4Fossil Gen 3 and Gen have quite similar outlooks. That’s why it’s a bit tough to choose the Best. But the Fossil Gen 4 will be the better option between these two.

What Makes Fossil Gen 4 Best?

  • Fossil Gen 4 comes with a contactless payment feature – Google Pay. You will be able to pass the shopping cart faster than before with this method. Gen 3 doesn’t have this feature.
  • This smartwatch has an NFC feature that will help you transfer payments easily, while the other one is not compatible with this function.
  • The build quality of this smartwatch is more durable than its competitor. Even Gen4 comes with an IP67 waterproof rating that allows you to wash your hands, jump into the shower or hit the pool without any fear. On the contrary, Gen 3 has an ordinary rating that doesn’t provide such protection.
  • Fossil Gen 4 comes with a built-in GPS feature thus, you will get the stats of how much distance you covered in real-time. The alternative won’t deliver you the same as this one.
  • You will get your heart-rate monitor all the time in Gen 4 smartwatch. So, it will warn if it notices any unusual heart rate. In contrast, Fossil Gen 3 isn’t compatible with this handy facility.

These are the specs that made the Fossil Gen 4 unbeatable. This smartwatch will surely make your smartwatch experience better than before.


Similar Features

  • They have 24 hours of battery life, so you don’t need to charge these smartwatches frequently.
  • They are capable of providing smartphone notifications, which allow you to manage your calendar, take a phone call, and control your music.
  • There are customizable watch faces available for these devices. So, you can set your own image on the screen.

Quick Comparison: Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 4

Specifications  Fossil Gen 3 Fossil Gen 4
Editor’s Rating 3.9 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
Color N/A Rose Gold/Black
Connectivity Bluetooth/WiFi Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC
Battery 24 Hours 24 Hours
Waterproof 3-ATM IP67
OS Wear OS Wear OS
Contactless Payment No Yes
Smartphone Notifications Yes Yes
NFC No Yes
Music Control Yes Yes
Watch Faces Yes Yes
HRM No Yes
GPS No Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities Between Fossil Gen 3 & Gen 4 


The smartwatches have almost a similar outlook, and they are perfect with any type of belt. The patterns in the bezels made them ideal for leather or metal, both types of belts. They have three buttons placed on the right side of the body that can be used to perform different tasks.

They look very premium because of the AMOLED display and the stunning belts. The design is suitable for both men & women. They are ideal for any event and outfit.


Both the Fossil Gen 3 & Gen 4 have decent batteries included for a durable run-time. They will provide you up to 24 hours of run-time with a single charge. The battery run-time can be enhanced by not using unnecessary features.

They are very easy to charge. Just place the body in the dock station, and the magnetic pins will automatically place them into the spot. They take around one and a half hours to get fully charged. This is a section where both watches provide the same performance.

Google Pay

Contactless payment is a system that helps to pay bills without making any contact. This feature saves you from hassles and saves time also. Fossil Gen 4 is compatible with the Google Pay method.

You will be able to pay your bills while shopping with the advantage of contactless payment. The Google Pay feature can be used to send or receive money as well. Unfortunately, the Fossil Gen 3 is not compatible with this feature.

Heart Rate

Fossil Gen 4 comes with auto heart-tracking that tracks your heart rate during any activity. You will be able to stay updated about your heart condition if you have this watch on your wrist.

During a workout, the smartwatch will automatically provide you a heart rate score. Fossil Gen 3 will also offer you a heart rate, but this one won’t be as effective as the Gen 4 as Fossil Gen 4 comes with the upgraded sensors.

Health & BPM

You will get different health stats on the watch screen and in the app as well. Fossil Gen 4 has a unique feature of providing Blood Pressure per Minute(BPM) that is not available in Gen 3.

The watches will offer you other stats like how many calories you burnt or steps you have taken etc. As the Fossil Gen 4 has a built-in GPS in it, you are not required to keep your smartphone with you to get these stats, while the Fossil Gen 3 will get the GPS stats from the phones.

Music Control

You will be able to download and stream your favorite music apps in the Fossil Gen 3 & Gen 4. The devices let you control your playlist with a single touch. You can even control other third-party apps through the watch that are available in the Google Play Store. You will be able to manage other apps through the devices.


The smartwatches will notify you through a buzz if there is any alert arrive on your phone. The smartwatch needs to stay connected with the smartwatch through Bluetooth.

There are quick replies pre-loaded on the devices that can be used to answer any call or SMS. This feature will be helpful if you are in a meeting or in such situations that you are not able to answer the call through your phone.

Mic & Voice Assistant

There is a built-in mic in the smartwatches that can be used to command anything to the watches. As they come with the Google OS, they are compatible with Google Assistant. This voice assistant will provide you any information you want. The Google Assistant is built-in in this device thus, you do not need to configure anything to avail of this feature.

Watchface & Variants

There are customizable watch faces available to use in these devices. You can even adjust the colors & add other complications exactly how you want. There are a large collection of watch faces available so that you can choose as to how you want.

Fossil Gen 4 is available in different color variants. This device comes in two different body colors – black & rose gold. Though there are nobody color variants of the Gen 3, you will still be able to change the straps as they come with the universal 22mm width.  

Durability & Warranty

The durability can be guessed from the build quality. They are splashproof and can be used during any extreme exercise. Gen 4 comes with an IP67 rating, while Gen 3 is 3-ATM water-resistant. You will get long durable service from the watches for sure. The manufacturer offers a 1-year of warranty for the smartwatches.

Final Words

There is no doubt that both the smartwatches are great in both quality and performance. The look of the devices will surely enhance your personality. Gen 4 is the upgraded one with the durable build quality and some new sensors that made this one more preferable in this comparison. Gen 3 is also a standard watch that has all the basic features a smartwatch should contain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fossil Gen 3 vs Gen 4 

Is it possible to set the time in a military format?

Sure. If your phone has this, then you can sync in this format.

Are they comfortable to wear while sleeping?

They are pretty much comfortable as they weigh very little.

What is the OS of the Fossil smartwatches?

The watches from Fossil come with the Google Wear OS.

How much time do they take to get fully charged?

They take around one and a half hours to get fully charged.

Can I sync them with a MotoG smartphone?

Sure. You can sync them with any smartwatch.

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