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Fossil Sport vs Gen 4 -See which Smart Watch is the Best!

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Fossil Sport vs Gen 4Fossil Sport & Gen 4 have a durable build quality and amazing functions. But some impressive features made Fossil Sport the best smartwatch.

Which Features Made Fossil Fort Best?

  • Fossil Sport comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor which is the fastest processor of any Fossil watch so far. So, this processor ensures high performance, superior connectivity, and smart sensing. In contrast, Fossil Gen 4 comes with the Snapdragon 2100.
  • It has a 5-ATM waterproof rating that allows you to swim or even submerge this device under 50-m underwater without getting it defective. On the contrary, Fossil Gen 4 comes with a 3-ATM waterproof rating, which isn’t standard like the other one.
  • You will feel very comfortable wearing this watch all day long as this one weighs only 1.4 ounces whereas the other one weighs 2.4 ounces.
  • The Sport smartwatch comes with a 24+ hours battery that means you can have more than a single day backup from this watch while the Fossil Gen 4 will run approximately only 24 hours.

These features kept Fossil Sport ahead of the Gen 4. If you want to have them all go for Fossil Sport.


Similar Features Between Fossil Sport and Gen 4 

  • They have a standard waterproof rating that allows you to wear these watches while swimming or showering.
  • Both the devices have Google Voice Assistant. So, you can easily control music or other functionality.
  • Both are compatible with Google Pay. As a result, you won’t get caught without your wallet.
  • There are customizable watch faces available for the watches.

Quick Comparison: Fossil Sport vs Gen 4

Specifications Fossil Sport Fossil Gen 4
Editor’s Rating 4 out of 5 4.2 out of 5
Color Smoke-Blue/Smoke-Black Black/Gold
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
GPS Yes Yes
Google Pay Yes Yes
Waterproof 5-ATM 3-ATM
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100
Battery Life 24+ Hours 24 Hours
Notifications Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Product Weight 1.4 ounces 2.4 ounces
Heart Rate Tracking Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Fossil Sport vs Gen 4 


You will get a very good battery backup from the devices. They aren’t required to charge every single day. Fossil Sport comes with 24+ hours of battery life while the Fossil Gen 4 lasts for 24 hours with a single charge. The backup can be enhanced by customizing the features. You can toggle off functions you don’t want to use, allowing the battery to last longer.


You will receive your smartphone notifications on the watch screen by syncing them. The devices will provide your call or SMS notification and will alert you through a buzz.  They can be used to control playlists or other such media files with just a single touch. You can even download third-party apps into the devices. Notifications for other apps can also be enabled if you want to receive them as well.

Google Pay

The devices will give you three freedoms of moving without any phone or wallet during shopping. They are compatible with the Google Pay feature that will help you to pass the cart with just a flick of your wrist. You don’t need any additional information to be submitted. Your card information should be synced with the watch to avail of this payment method.

Heart Rate Tracking

Both the devices will track your heart all the time and provide you the related stats. You will get your sleep score on the watch screen after every nap. The device will provide you a detailed breakdown of your sleep thus you will always stay informed about your sleep routine. You will even notice if there is anything unusual happening in your routine.

Google Fit

Google Fit is the tracking system for Wear OS-enabled devices. There will be your health information and performance of every activity you have done. The smart tracking system will track your steps and based on that you will get to see how many calories you have burnt. You will stay updated about health performance with the help of these devices.


The smartwatches come with a rounded body and look very premium. They have an AMOLED display with durable belts. They weigh around 2 ounces so there won’t be any problem wearing them all day. The Gen 4 has a patterned bezel while the Fossil Sport has a plain bezel in the edges. There are three button pins on the right side of both the watches that can be used to adjust any settings or formats.


There are some color variants available for the devices. You have the option of selecting the one that best suits your style. Fossil Sport comes with two variants of smoke-black & smoke-blue. On the other hand, Fossil Gen 4 comes with a black and a rose-gold variant. They have customizable watch faces as well. The watch faces can be changed from the apps available for the smartwatches.

Voice Assistant

Fossil Sport & Gen 4 is compatible with Google Voice Assistant. They both will listen to your voice command and provide you the result of the query you asked for. You can make calls through this assistant as well. The built-in microphone will let you perform this task.

Durability & Warranty

They both are two handy devices with all the important features and there is no doubt about that. You will surely have a premium service from the devices. Fossil Sport is a 5-ATM waterproof device thus this one is the most durable between these two. Fossil offers a 1-year of warranty for the speakers.

Final Words

These were two smartwatches worth comparing. They both will satisfy you with their performance. We still keep the Fossil Sport ahead because of the 5-ATM waterproof rating and the powerful processor. If you are satisfied with the basic features you may choose the Fossil Gen 4. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fossil Sport & Gen 4 

How much time do they take to get fully charged?

They take around one and a half hours to get fully charged.

Do they have built-in GPS?

Yes. Both the devices have a built-in GPS.

Can I change the strap of the devices?

Sure. There are separate straps available of the same size.

Does the screen get scratched easily?

No. The bezel will protect them from getting scratched.

Is the Wear OS from Fossil?

No. Wear is an OS from Google.

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