Fossil Sport vs Gen 5

Fossil Sport vs Gen 5 – Check why should you pick Fossil Gen 5!

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Fossil Sport vs Gen 5Fossil Sport & Gen 5 are two of the perfect smartwatches for fitness tracking with a top-notch look. Compared to the Sport version, Fossil Gen 5 is comparatively better with some advanced functions.

Which Features Make Fossil Gen 5 Better?

  • It has a built-in microphone & speaker that let you answer your calls directly from your watch. The other one comes with only a microphone.
  • You will get 36 hours of run-time with a single charge on this device, while Fossil Sport will provide you only 24 hours of backup.
  • Fossil Gen 5 has 4GB more storage than the competitor, so you will be able to store more music or media files into this watch.
  • You will get a fast and smooth performance while using the Fossil Gen 5 because of the 1GB of RAM. Fossil Sport comes with only 512MB of RAM.
  • Fossil Gen 5 is a unisex watch means this one is suitable for both men and women. Fossil Sport is a men’s watch.

These specs made the Fossil Gen 5 unbeatable in this comparison. If you don’t want to miss any features, go for Fossil Gen 5.


Similar Features

  • They are standard-rated waterproof devices. So, you can keep wearing them during swimming or showering.
  • They have multiple color variants. As a result, you can pick your desired color.
  • They both have the same OS which helps to work iPhone and Android Phones effortlessly.
  • They both have a built-in microphone that allows you to make any commands to do any task.
  • Both watches have the same processor that helps to deliver high performance, superior connectivity, and smart sensing.

If you are happy with these similar functions then you can pick any of these smartwatches. But if you want the most satisfactory performance with improved facilities then you have to choose Fossil Gen 5 watch.

Quick Comparison: Fossil Sport vs Gen 5 

Specifications Fossil Sport  Fossil Gen 5
Editor’s Rating 4 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Battery 24 Hours 36 Hour
Color Smoke Black/ Smoke Blue 6 Variants Available
OS Wear OS Google Wear OS Google
Microphone Yes Yes
Speaker No Yes
Storage 4GB 8GB
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100
Heart Rate Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
NFC Yes Yes
Google Pay Yes Yes
Notification Yes Yes
Waterproof 5-ATM 3-ATM
Music Control  Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Fossil Sport vs Gen 5


The smartwatches have almost the same body look, and only the belts are different. They have a rounded shape body with an AMOLED display. They come with a stainless steel touchscreen display, so you will be able to control them easily. They are very sleek and only weigh around 3 ounces, making them very easy to wear. The settings can be adjusted using three button pins on the right side of the body.


The smartwatches come with a decent battery backup and don’t require charging them daily. Fossil Sport comes with 24 hours of battery backup, while the other one, Fossil Gen 5 will provide you 36 hours of run-time with a single charge. They are straightforward to charge. You need to place them in the charging dock to charge. They take around 1.5 hours to get fully charged.

OS & Memory

Fossil smartwatches generally come with the Wear OS by Google. They both also come with this version of OS. You will get an extraordinarily smooth performance because of enough memory space. Fossil Sport has a memory space of 4GB with 512MB of RAM. The other watch, Fossil Gen 5, comes with 8GB of memory space with 1GB of RAM. 

Google Pay

Google Pay is the contactless payment method of Google that allows you to pay bills without making any contact. By syncing your watch with your card information, you will be able to make payments while shopping. This gives you the freedom of shopping even if you forget your card or phone at home. Both Fossil Gen 5 & Fossil Sport comes with this feature.

Sleep Tracking

The devices do a very decent job of tracking your sleep. You will get your sleep score on the screen after every nap you have taken. Fossil Gen 5 comes with new wellness enhancements that will allow you to track your sleep history and monitor your restfulness with better accuracy. There is even an option of setting sleep goals to lead a better life.  

Google Fit

As the smartwatches come with the Google Wear OS, they will provide you the activity tracking stats using Google Fit. You will get your heart rate, calorie status on the screen all the time. The built-in GPS will show you how much distance you have covered and how many steps you took.

If you’re a fitness fanatic who works out daily, this feature will come in handy for you. They are 5-ATM rated waterproof devices, so there is no problem wearing them during any extreme exercise or swimming. 

Mic & Speaker

The smartwatches come with a built-in microphone, hence, you will be able to command the Google Assistant through your voice. This feature will provide you stats like weather updates, calendar info, or even make a voice call for you. On Fossil Gen 5, there is a speaker. When your phone isn’t around, you can use this speaker to answer calls. Unfortunately, the Fossil Sport doesn’t have any built-in speakers. 

Phone Notifications

Fossil Sport and Gen 5 will keep you connected with your smartphone even if it’s not nearby. You will get your smartphone notifications on the watch screen for calls, SMS, and other app notifications. There are custom replies available that can be used to answer calls when you cannot receive them. 


There are multiple color variants available for smartwatches. Fossil Sport comes with a smoke-black and a smoke-bluet variant. The other one has a bigger collection of 6 different variants.

Fossil Gen 5 is available in metal, silicone, and leather belts, you will be able to choose the one that suits you well. The watch faces of the devices can be changed as there are a large collection of customizable watch faces available for the devices.

Durability & Warranty

Fossil Sport and Gen 5 are two great watches with the superb build quality. They have a stainless steel body with durable belts. They are 5-ATM & 3-ATM rated waterproof and are suitable for any exercise. You wouldn’t be required to put them off during any event. Fossil provides a 1-year of warranty for the mentioned smartwatches.

Final Words

No doubt that both watches have all the features a smartwatch should have. They are unbeatable in terms of feature & durability. Fossil Sport is a great watch with all the basic features, but Fossil Gen 5 is here for you if you want the best. Gen 5 has a better battery, double storage with no limitations. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fossil Sport & Gen 5 

How to extend the battery life?

You can extend the battery life by using it in a low-power mode.

Can I get my phone location through the watch?

No. But you can ring your phone through the watches to find it.

What is the screen size of the smartwatches?

They have a screen size of 1.28 inches.

Can I add separate straps to the watches?

Sure. You can use any 22-mm width band with these devices.

Can I control my music through the watches?

Sure. You can store your playlist on the devices. 

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