Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2

Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2 – Check Why Galaxy Active 2 is Best!

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Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2Galaxy Watch 3 and the Active 2 are two great smartwatches from Samsung. If you are confused to choose one, then I would suggest to go for Galaxy Active 2.

Why We Suggest Galaxy Active 2?

  • Samsung Galaxy Active 2 comes with 60 hours of run-time with a single charge that will allow you to travel or roam without the hassle of charging. The competitor has a weaker battery with 56 hours of run-time.
  • Galaxy Active 2 comes with a built-in mic that helps to make and take calls or even send texts. In contrast, Watch 3 won’t provide this facility.
  • It comes with plenty of watch faces so that you can choose the one you love. Whereas, its competitor has watch face limitations.
  • Active 2 is very lightweight thus, you won’t even feel that it’s in your hands. Galaxy Watch 3 weighs around double the Active 2.

You are getting these unique specs only in the Galaxy Active 2. This one will make your smartwatch experience better than before.


Similar Features

  • They are compatible with streaming Spotify and YouTube. Hence, you can stream these apps effortlessly.
  • There are multiple color variants available for the devices. Thus, you can choose your desired color.
  • They are IP68 rated waterproof devices. So, you can wear these watches during swimming or showering.
  • They have a decent battery backup with Wireless PowerShare feature that allows getting a quick boost from Galaxy phone.
  • They have Samsung Pay, and voice assistant included. As a result, you don’t need to carry cash or a wallet with you.

If these similar features are enough for you then you can pick any of these two smartwatches. But if you wanna get comparatively better performance with advanced functions then you should choose Galaxy Active 2.

Quick Comparison: Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2

Specifications Galaxy Watch 3 Galaxy Active 2
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color 4 Variants Available 5 Variants Available
Connectivity Bluetooth/LTE Bluetooth/LTE
Unlimited Watchface Yes Yes
Memory 8GB + 1 GB  4GB + 768/1.5 GB 
Blood Pressure Monitor Yes No
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Samsung Pay Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
OS Tizen OS 5.5 Tizen OS 4.0
Waterproof IP-68 Rated IP-68 Rated
Battery 340 mAh 340 mAh 
Battery Run-Time 56 Hours 60 Hours
Screen Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass
Voice Assistant Yes Yes
Product Dimension 11.3 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches 1.73 x 1.73 x 0.43 inches 
Product Weight 7.2 ounces 4.8 ounces
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2

Design & Build

The smartwatches come in a rounded shape and have a very premium outlook. They have Gorilla Glass as a display that won’t get scratched easily. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks better because of the curved edge, and this edge made them look slimmer than the Active Watch 3. 

The watches are IP68 rated waterproof devices that mean you can use them during heavy exercises. They won’t get defective for any water or splash contact.

Samsung Pay & Voice Assistant

Both the smartwatches are compatible with Samsung Pay. This will let you pay the bill without making any contact. Different tasks can be performed by using the Bixby voice assistant. Bixby lets you reply to your calls without customized SMS and also reads your messages. These unique features will surely give you an advantage in different environments.

OS & Memory

Galaxy Watch 3 comes with the 5.5 Tizen OS. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 2 comes with the advanced Tizen 4.0 operating system that will provide you optimum performance. This advanced OS is integrated with upgraded sensors to offer you a more accurate result. Galaxy Watch 3 has 1GB+8GB of memory, while the other one has 768MB+ 4GB of Memory.


The smartwatches come with powerful batteries and will provide you better performance than traditional devices. Both the devices have the same 340mAh of battery pre-installed.

You will get 56 hours of battery backup on the Galaxy Watch 3, while the other one, Galaxy Active 2 will provide you 60 hours of battery. You will be able to move with more freedom if you have the Galaxy Watch 2 on your wrist.

Sleep & Exercise

You will get your sleep record on the devices. To get the sleep track use them while sleeping. As they are very lightweight, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. The watch will show you how much deep sleep you slept and other related information with maximum accuracy. They have some pre-loaded exercise modes that will track your activities automatically and give you the stats of your performance.

Notifications & Media

You will get your smartphone notification on the watch screen. You are required to sync and keep the device near the watch for this feature. The watches give you the feature of streaming YouTube and Spotify through the watch.

You can even get quick help from Google Translate. These features will surely make your experience with smartphones and smartwatches more enjoyable than before.

Health Data

You will stay updated about your health stats all the time if you have these watches in your hand. The Galaxy Watch 2 & 3 will keep every beat of your heart. You will have an alert if there is any low or high heart rate recorded.

Both the smartwatch will provide you a pretty accurate result. You will be able to get your ECG report through the watches. The Active Watch 3 will allow you to save your ECG report as a PDF. You may use this report while visiting a doctor.

Variants & Watchface

The devices come with different color variants so that you can choose the one based on your preference. Galaxy Active Watch 2 comes with 5 different color variants, while the Watch 3 comes with 4 different color variants.

There are multiple watches faces available so that you can change based on your choice. Galaxy Watch 3 has more than 50,000 watch faces, and the other one also has a large collection of watch faces.

Durability & Warranty

No doubt that the watches come with the very premium build quality. Professionals test the stats & you can fully rely on the stats the watches are providing you. The devices are waterproof, and the belts are durable, so you are getting a long span of service from the devices. Samsung offers a 1-year of warranty for smartwatches. 

Final Words

Both the devices are worth the comparison. They are packed with so many features that it is tricky to tag one the best. Galaxy Active 2 is the preferable one between these two as this device provides the same features on a lower budget. You may go for the Galaxy Watch 3 if budget is not an issue for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2 

What is the display configuration?

The watches have a 360×360 AMOLED display.

Do they support Samsung Pay?

Sure. Both the devices are compatible with Samsung Pay.

Can I sleep wearing these devices?

Sure. They are very lightweight and comfortable.

How accurately do the watches give the reports?

They are pretty accurate. Better than traditional fitness watches.

Do they have customizable watch faces?

Sure. They have a large collection of watch faces.

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