Galaxy Watch vs Active 2

Galaxy Watch vs Active 2 – Pick the Better One!

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Galaxy Watch vs Active 2If you confused to choose the best one between Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Active 2, I would recommend you to pick the Galaxy Active 2

Why Do I Recommend Galaxy Active 2?

  • It comes with a BT Golf version with a pre-stored 40,000 maps course plus auto hole detection, while the Galaxy Watch doesn’t have this feature. 
  • Galaxy Active 2 comes with upgraded sensors that will provide you more accurate stats of your activities than the Galaxy Watch.
  • You will be able to play audio of any format in the Galaxy Active 2, but the Galaxy Watch is not compatible with this feature.
  • This watch comes with 5 different color variants, including different body colors. The other one, Galaxy Watch, comes with only three color variants.
  • This smartwatch will suit any leather or silicone belt because of the stylish design, whereas the Galaxy Active 2 comes with a sporty look that suits well only with the rubber belts. 

These unique specs kept the Galaxy Active 2 ahead of the other one. You will surely love using this watch. 


Similar features between Galaxy Watch vs Active 2 

  • They are military standard watches.
  • They both have a 5-ATM waterproof rating.
  • Both the devices have color & size variants.
  • They are compatible with contactless payment.
  • They come with the Bixby voice assistant.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications Galaxy Watch Galaxy Active 2
Editor’s Choice 4.6 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Connectivity Bluetooth/LTE Bluetooth/LTF/BT Golf
Color Black/Silver/Rose Gold 5 Variants Available
OS Tizen 4.0 Tizen 4.0
Waterproof 5-ATM 5-ATM
Music Playing No Yes
Military Standard Yes Yes
GPS True True
Battery 470 mAh 340 mAh
Battery Run-Time 80 Hours 60 Hours
Size Options 42/46mm 40/44mm
Samsung Pay Yes Yes
Bixby Yes Yes
Product Weight 2.8 ounces 4.8 ounces
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Galaxy Watch vs Active 2 


Galaxy Watch comes with a sporty look, while the Galaxy Active 2 has a simple body that will suit well with anyone. The AMOLED display of the watches looks very stunning. Active 2 has a better finish that suits well with any outfit. There is no additional bezel on the Active 2. Thus the screen looks bigger than the other one.


You will be fully satisfied with the battery performance of the smartwatches as they are not required to charge every day. Galaxy Watch comes with a 470mAh of battery that will last for up to 80 hours with a single charge. On the other hand. Active 2 also has a decent battery backup. This watch comes with a 370mAh of battery with 60 hours of run-time. The run-time depends on your usage. By not using any unnecessary features, you will be able to use the Galaxy Watch for more than five days.

OS & Memory

They both have the same operating system & version as well, which is Tizen OS 4.0. Samsung uses this OS for all of its smartwatches. They are similar in their memory space too. Both the devices have 768MB+4GB of memory. You will surely get a smooth performance because of this top-notch configuration. 

Golf Edition

The Galaxy Active 2 comes with a Golf Edition that has more than 40,000-course maps pre-loaded. The watch has auto hole detection and a course view with green mapping. You will get your swing analysis and shot tracking through this watch. This will be an amazing coach for the Golf players and those who are practicing this sport. This unique feature isn’t available in the Galaxy Watch.

Sleep Track

The devices do a very fine job of tracking sleep with optimum accuracy. You will get your sleep score after the moment you woke up from sleep. There will be a detailed breakdown of your sleep periods. The app will record your everyday sleep score, and you will be able to compare any unusual routine in your sleep. As the Galaxy Watch has a rubber type of belt, it may feel uncomfortable to wear this during sleep. 

Health & Fitness Tracking

Active 2 comes with better insights that will surely help you to reach your fitness goals. There is a built-in pace coaching in this watch so that you can quickly achieve your goals. The other one, Galaxy Watch, also does a fine job of fitness tracking. The devices will keep you updated about how many calories you burnt or how many steps you took throughout the whole day. There will be lots of other health-related data available in the apps that will be very useful if you are a fitness freak.

WatchFace & Variants

There are customizable watch faces available to use with these devices. The watch faces can be modified using the app that comes with the watches. The devices are available in multiple color variants so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Galaxy Watch is available in three different body colors – black, silver & rose gold. The other one, Active 2 comes in 5 different colors. 


The smartwatches will notify you if your smartphone receives any call or SMS. There are quick replies pre-loaded so that you can send a reply when you cannot pick any calls. The Galaxy Active 2 lets you play audio of any format through the speaker. You will also receive notifications for other apps such as Facebook or Twitter. 


There is a voice assistant in the devices that can be used to command through the microphone. You can even make phone calls through this voice assistant. As the devices are from Samsung, the manufacturer integrated their voice assistant – Bixby, in these watches.

Samsung Pay

You will be able to pay your bills through the Galaxy Watch & Active 2 without making contact. The devices are compatible with Samsung Pay that allows you to pay bills during shopping. This feature makes you able to purchase with just a flick of your wrist. To get this feature availed, you are required to add your card information. 

Durability & Warranty

Both the smartwatches have a solid build quality. They have a durable display with belts. Galaxy Watch and Active 2 is a 5-ATM rated waterproof device that will help you use them even during swimming. They are perfect for any extreme exercise. You will be availed of a 1-year of warranty from the manufacturer, Samsung.

Final Words

Galaxy Watch & the Active 2 have almost all the features a smartwatch should include. Galaxy Watch looks very sporty and is suitable for sportsperson and extreme fitness freaks. Active 2 is a balanced watch that is perfect for anyone with a classy look and unique features. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Galaxy Watch vs Active 2

What is the chipset used in the devices?

They come with the Exynos 9110 chipset.

Are they military standard watches?

Yes. Both of them are military standard 810-G rated watches.

Do they support the audio playing feature?

Sure. They both support all common audio formats.

How comfortable are they to wear during sleeping?

They are comfortable as they are very lightweight.

What is the body material?

They come with an aluminum/stainless steel body material.

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