Garmin 235 vs 245

Garmin 235 vs 245 – Why is the Garmin 245 better than the 235?

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Garmin 235 vs 245Garmin 245 includes upgraded functions that make it better than the Garmin 235. So, strongly recommends you select the Garmin 245 because of its impressive features. Check below the benefits it will provide. 

What Makes the Garmin 245 a Better Choice?

  • It is very lightweight, you will barely notice you wear a watch, and the weight makes it awesome for distance running. Besides, the previous version is a little tough to wear because it is slightly heavier. 
  • Garmin 245 has a body battery, while the Garmin 235 doesn’t include this impressive feature. This will tell you when is the right time to take a rest or activities. 
  • The device includes workout programs, but its rival doesn’t feature workout programs. However, this will also tell you the benefits of the workout. 
  • Garmin 245 safety and tracking function includes incident detection that will send real-time location to your emergency contact during any incident. On the other hand, the Garmin 235 doesn’t provide the tracking feature that lacks this device. 
  • Both include a heart rate monitor, but this will alert you if you have an abnormal heart rate. So, if you want to be updated about your health, then Garmin 245 should be your pick. 
  • It is a fully customizable smartwatch plus the device lets you download different workouts or widgets from the Connect IQ store. At the same time, the other one doesn’t have workout functions. 

Hopefully, now you understand why we ask you to pick the Garmin 245. This will give you these handy features to make your life easier. 

Similar Features 

  • Garmin 235 and 245 have a stopwatch. 
  • Both are 5 ATM water-resistant. 
  • They are iOS and Smartphone compatible, so you will get notification. 
  • Both are compatible with the Connect IQ. 
  • The devices have a wrist-base heart rate, as well as they will monitor your sleep. 
  • They give a one-year limited warranty. 
SpecificationsGarmin 235 Garmin 245
Editors Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 0.5 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches1.7 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches
Weight 1.60 ounces1.28 ounces
Find my watch NoYes
Gym & Fitness EquipmentNoYes
Incident detectionNoYes
Body Energy Monitor NoYes
Pulse OxNoYes
Abnormal Heart Rate AlertsNoYes
All-day stress trackingNoYes
Display resolution215 x 180 pixels240 x 240 pixels
Battery life 9 days in smartwatch mode7 days in smartwatch mode
StopwatchYes Yes
Memory history 200 hours of activity data 200 hours of activity data 
Water-resistantYes 5 ATMYes 5 ATM
Smart NotificationsYes Yes
Connect IQYes Yes
Sleep Monitor Yes Yes
Wrist-based heart rateYes Yes
Display TypeLCDLCD
Map Type Worldwide Worldwide 
Warranty One Year One Year 

Differences and Similarities Between the Garmin 235 and 245

Workout Programs 

You will get free adaptive training plans from the Garmin Coach on the upgraded version. This also lets you create customized workouts from the Garmin Connect store. The device has built-in sports that provide cardio workouts, elliptical training, stair-stepping, Yoga, indoor rowing, and so on. On the other hand, the Garmin 235 doesn’t provide any fitness program.

Safety Tracking 

Garmin 245 has a safety tracking feature, on the flip side, the Garmin 235 cannot provide this. It allows you to share your current location with your emergency contact if you ever feel unsafe. Or if the Garmin 245 senses any incident can occur, it will alert your emergency contact. The incident detection is not available on the Garmin 235, hence you can pick the upgraded version as it will also maintain your safety. 

Heart Rate Monitor 

These devices will monitor your heart rate from your wrist during your activities or workouts. You will get an accurate heart rate from them. However, these devices will send heart rate data on the paired device. But the Garmin 245 will also alert you if your heart rate is too low or too high even when you’re taking a rest. The device will also track your heart rate even underwater. Unfortunately, the Garmin 235 cannot track heart rate underwater though it is also a waterproof device. 

Furthermore, the Garmin 245 also monitors your body’s energy level, and it will let you know the best time for taking a rest or activities. 


Garmin 245 has a better resolution than the previous one. It features a 240 x 240 pixels screen whereas the Garmin 235 comes with a 215 x 180 pixels of screen. Therefore, the upgraded version can provide you a better screen and you can watch everything on the display properly even direct under sunlight or underwater. 


Garmin Forerunner 245 lets you store more than 500 songs right on your watch. And the Garmin 235 doesn’t have storage to download or save music. Garmin 245 also combines with Spotify and Deezer so that you can listen to ad-free music. Moreover, it is Bluetooth compatible so you can listen via your headphone that have Bluetooth-enabled technology.

Smart Notifications 

When it comes to smart notifications, both are almost the same. The smartwatches will show the phone calls, text messages, emails directly onto the display. The best part is, you can answer the call right from the device, also, you can send messages too. 

Battery Life 

Garmin 235 battery gives you a longer lifespan than the 245. It can give you a 9-days of backup in smartwatch mode, while the Garmin 245 can give you a 7-days of backup in smartwatch mode. But with GPS mode, the upgraded one can provide you a 24 hours backup, and the previous one can last for 11 hours. Even though you will get a 7 days backup with the Garmin 245, you can consider this one as the device combined with convenient features. 


Generally, Garmin provides a worldwide one-year warranty to their devices. Besides, most of the smartwatches offer warranty services for USA users only. However, the warranty covers any manufacturer defects to your device, or if you face any disturbance during use, you can claim the warranty. But make sure the watch is not broken, or there is any scratch. Because if you misuse it, then the warranty will be void. 

Final thought 

These are the key differences and similarities between the Garmin 235 and 245 that prove the 235 is also a good choice. But the Garmin 245 is a mix-up of sports and smart features. If you want to get a standard smartwatch, you should consider the Garmin 245, also, this will give you useful features that are not available on the previous version. 

On the other side, Garmin 235 is an entry-level smartwatch, so it cannot provide you all those handy functions. That’s why we strongly suggest the Garmin 245 for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Garmin 235 and 245

Do they come with a charger?
Yes, the Garmin devices provide chargers with their devices, and you can connect it to the computer for charging or syncing data. Which is water-resistant?
Both Garmin 235 and 245 are water-resistant watches, and the water rating is 5 ATM. The 5 ATM means it is about 50 meters deep, so you can swim or take a shower with these watches. Does the 235 track sleep?
Yes, this will monitor your sleep, also, the watch will recommend you the best time to sleep.

What is the warranty of these smartwatches?
Garmin offers a one-year warranty worldwide to its users. 

Are they Galaxy Note 4 compatible?
Yes, both of them are compatible with the Note 4 and iOS to any android device. 

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