Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200i

Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200i – Check which one we suggest?


Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200iHonda EU2200i and Generac gp2200i are very popular inverter generators in the market. Between these two, Honda EU2200i has got some advanced functions that made it a better choice to buy.

Which Features Made Honda EU2200i Better?

  • Honda EU2200i is formed with an amazingly powerful engine known as Honda GXR120. This engine’s displacement is 121cc. But, Generac GP2200i’s engine is generic OHV 4- stroke, which has an engine displacement of only 80 cc. A powerful engine is essential to run a wide variety of appliances.
  • The power output of Honda EU2200i is 2200 watts, and the power output of Generac GP2200i is only 1700 watts. With Honda, you will get better power output for heavy work. 
  • With a mobile application, you can easily control and monitor the Honda EU2200i inverter generator. In contrast, this advantage is not available in Generac GP 2200i.
  • An advanced Carbon Monoxide detection system is installed in Honda EU2200i. So when the level of Carbon Monoxide gas increases, the generator automatically shuts off and protects. On the contrary, you won’t find amazing this feature in Generac GP 2200i.
  • Honda EU2200i provides awesome performance in low noise levels like 48 to 57 dBA. On the other side, Generac gp2200i creates higher noise, like 60 to 70 dBA.
  • With Honda, you will get better warranty service than Generac GP 2200i.

As you are looking for the best one, we have provided the main advantages of the Honda EU2200i inverter generator, which are not available in Generac GP 2200i. 


Common Features of Honda EU2200i and Generac GP 2200i

Honda and Generac are two different companies, but their inverter generators have some features, which are common in nature. These features are: 

  • Both have paralleled capability, which helps you to get higher output by connecting two generators together.
  • Their inverter technology provides stable power which is ideal for sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances.
  • These Generators have a built-in handle that makes transportation easy.
  • They have user-friendly startup points to start the generator effortlessly.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Honda EU2200i Generac Gp2200i
Editor’s choice  4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Brand Honda Generac
Engine  Honda GXR120 Generac OHV 4-stroke
Power output  2200 watts 1700 watts
Item Weight 40 Pounds 46 Pounds
Voltage 120 Volt 120 Volt
Engine Displacement  121cc 80cc
Remote control capability Yes No
Carbon Monoxide Detection system  Yes No 
Tank Volume  0.95 Gallons 1.2 Gallons
Dimension  16 x 20 x 11 inches 19 x 11 x 17 inches
Noise Level  48 to 57 dBA 60 to 70 dBA
Starting Method Recoil  Recoil
Warranty Residential  3 years 2 years limited
Warranty commercial  3 years 1 year limited

Similarities and differences between the Honda EU2200i and The Generac GP 2200i: 


The engine of the generator is one of the most essential facts. Honda EU2200i has a GXR120 engine, which is not only powerful but also durable. Basically, the generator’s engine shows the highest power that it can produce. The GXR120 produces the top of power when its displacement is 121cc. This engine is formed for heavy-duty and performance. With this engine, you will get 2200 watts of power output. 

On the other side, Generac GP 2200i has a Generac OHV 4-stroke engine, and the displacement of the engine is only 80cc. This engine is not as powerful and durable as the GXR120. This engine’s power output is only 1700 watts. 

Tank volume and run time: 

The tank volume of Honda EU2200i is .95 gallons, and Generac GP 2200i’s tank volume is 1.2 gallons. Although GP2200i has a bigger tank volume, both of their run time is almost the same. They can provide 8.1 hours to 10 hours with full tank volume. But with advanced inverter technology, Honda EU2200i can protect your sensitive tools like computers. 

Product dimension and weight: 

The dimension of Honda EU2200i is 16 x 20 x 11 inches and Generac GP 2200i is 19 x 11 x 17 inches. If you are looking for a lower dimension then, go for Honda Eu2200i. 

Honda EU2200i and Generac gp2200i, both inverter generators, are portable in nature. Honda EU2200i’s weight is 40 pounds, and Generac GP 2200i’s weight is 46 pounds. As you can see, Honda is 6 pounds less than the other one. 

Remote control capability: 

Isn’t it amazing to monitor your generator with your mobile phone? With Honda Eu2200i, you can control the inverter generator with a mobile application. The application’s name is “Honda My Generator’. You have to connect the application using your device’s Bluetooth. But, this amazing feature is not available in the Generac gp2200i. 

Carbon Monoxide detection system: 

The Honda Company has introduced this Carbon Monoxide detention system in EU2200i. With this system, the generator itself monitors the level of the carbon monoxide, and if the level gets high, the generator automatically shuts down and saves from any accidents. But Generac gp2200i does not include this amazing feature. 

The Level of Noise: 

Honda EU2200i noise level is only 48 to 57dBA. This inverter generator can work quietly. But, comparing this generator with Generac gp2200i, Generac GP 2200i makes higher sound noise. The noise level of Generac GP 2200i is 60 to 70 dBA. If you are looking for an inverter generator, which produces lower noise, go for the Honda EU2200i. 

Warranty Policy: 

Honda provides a better warranty service than the Generac GP 2200i. Because for both Commercial and residential purposes, Honda provides a three (3) years warranty. Besides, Generac provides 2 years warranty for residential purposes and 1 year for commercial purposes. 


As you are here to clarify your confusion and get the best one, we have compared and discussed the features of the Honda Eu2200i and Generac gp2200i. We have found that Honda EU2200i has all the modern work-friendly features, which provides great power and ensures better durability. 

Now, Grab the Honda EU2200i inverter generator!! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Honda EU2200i and Generac GP 2200i

Between Honda EU2200i and Generac GP 2200i, which one is quieter? 

The noise level of Honda Eu2200i is 48 to 57 dBA, and Generac GP 2200i’s noise level is 60 to 70dBA. As you can see, Honda produces lower noise. 

What is the Tank volume of Generac GP 2200i? 

The tank volume of Generac GP 2200i is 1.2 Gallons. 

Do they have paralleled capability?

Yes, both EU2200i and GP2200i have paralleled capability. You need to interface two generators together and get a higher force. 

What is the commercial warranty of Generac GP 2200i? 

The commercial warranty of this generator is 1 year, and the nature of this warranty is limited in nature. But, with Honda EU2200i, you will get 3 years of warranty.

Does Generac GP 2200i have Co-Minder? 

No, this inverter generator doesn’t have this feature. But Honda EU2200i has this amazing feature, which protects you from the higher CO level. 

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