Gopro Hero 8 VS 9

GoPro Hero 8 Vs 9 – Why do suggest the GoPro 9?


If you need a better waterproof action camera, then recommends you choose Gopro Hero 9

Why do recommend GoPro 9?

  • This device has 20mp clarity so that you can capture excellent pictures. Whereas the GoPro Hero 8 has a 12 mp. Also, it features SuperPhoto so the device can take the best images processing automatically while the opposite device cannot. 
  • This camera cab shoots a 5k resolution stunning video. It maintains every detail whenever zooming in. But its competitor gives you 4k resolution at 2160HD. If we talk about video quality, then definitely GoPro Hero 9 gives the best quality video footage.
  • You can experience the ultimate smoothness with its advanced HyperSmooth 3.0 video stabilization. On the other side, GoPro Hero 8 gives you Hypersmooth 2.0 stabilization.
  • This device gives you a 1720 mah lithium-ion battery, so it can works for around 2 hours 11 minutes on a full charge. The Hero 8 battery lasts around 50 minutes when continuously shooting 4k at high frame rates, but you can use that for around 2 hours with lower resolution.

So these were the main differences and functions that made GoPro 9 the best waterproof action camera.


Similar Features

  • Both devices have slow-motion features.
  • These devices have a 1080p live streaming feature.
  • They have a High Dynamic Range which delivers higher contrast.
  • Both are waterproof to 10m/33ft.

Comparison Chart

Specifications GoPro hero 8 GoPro hero 9
Editors rating 4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 4.4 ounces 11.2 ounces
Dimensions 1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches 9.08 x 5.42 x 3.25 inches
Battery Life 50 min 2 hours 11 min
Photo 12mp+ super photo with improved HDR 20mp+ super photo with improved HDR
Video 5k30 4k60
Video stabilization Hyper smooth 2.0+in app horizon leveling Hyper smooth 3.0+on camera horizon leveling
Slow Motion Yes Yes
Time Warp time-lapse video Time Warp 2.0,time-lapse,night time-lapse mode. Time Warp 3.0,time-lapse,night time-lapse mode.
Lenses Super view, wide, linear, narrow Super view,wide,linear+Horizon leveling, narrow
Optical sensors size 1 5
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities Between GoPro hero 8 and 9


If you are a vlogger or your hobby is vlogging, the GoPro camera is the best choice for you. GoPro hero 8 technically has a small display, and it’s not for a farming video. This device only shows you the remaining battery life, recording time, and what resolution you choose. Besides, GoPro hero 9 is perfectly suitable for farming videos, and it also changes your vlog style. It has a larger behind-touch screen with touch zoom in or zoom off and has a shiny new front display that makes easy farming and intuitive camera controls. GoPro hero 8 is more pocketable, and folding fingers at the base let you swap mounts quickly. Both device displays are outstanding, but if you choose one, then we suggest GoPro hero 9. With this camera, you can do farming videos and vlogs.

Back Display

Both cameras give you a 16:9 widescreen LCD touchscreen behind the display and the difference in size. The hero 9 has 2.27 inches display, while the GoPro hero8 gives you the hero 8 offers a noticeable smaller 1.95-inch display. So it’s a 16% difference in display.


There is a huge difference between heroes 8 and 9 in their lense. A max lens can control it; it’s a new function after a recently updated and 360-degree horizon lock, which means the camera can be rotated through 360 degrees. It will also allow an ultra-wide 155º Max SuperView feature to 2.7K 60 fps.


GoPro hero 9 is heavier than GoPro hero 8. Hero 9 weight is 11.2 ounces, while hero 8 weight is 4.4 ounces. It’s big differences between these cameras. If we talk about design, then hero 9 is better than hero8. Because it has a wide display, but hero8 does not have this.

If we talk about the resemblance, then there are a lot of similarities. Both devices are waterproof underwater to 33ft/10m. These devices have identical styling, a left-hand battery compartment, the same microphone lens included, and the same folding fingers. Both cameras need a class-10 micro SD card. 


GoPro hero 9 battery is larger than hero 8. The Hero 9 has a 1720 mah lithium-ion battery. The camera works around 2 hours 11 minutes on a full charge when 4k video is recording. If you plan a full day shooting, then you need an extra battery to pack up. While hero8 gives you 50 minutes battery backup when continuously shooting at 4k at high ranges frames. With lower resolution, you can use these 2hours.


The GoPro Hero 9 has a 23.6 sensor higher resolution video. This camera is perfect for maintaining every detail even when zooming in. Besides, GoPro hero 8 has a 4k resolution video system. GoPro hero 9 offers 3.0 hyper smooth image stabilization and a time warp 3.0 time-lapse mode. This device has auto-correct horizon leveling, and it happens in the camera. Its competitor offers 2.0 hyper smooth image stabilization and a time warp 2.0-time-lapse mode. This device also has auto-correct horizon leveling, and it happens via in-app.

Webcam and live streaming

With the latest update, the GoPro Hero 8 can be used for a webcam. Hero 9 already includes this function.GoPro hero 9 also has a live stream feature that provides you 1080p video to youtube, Facebook profile with hyper smooth 3.0 engaged too. Hero 8 also has this feature.


GoPro hero 8 gives you-

  • GoPro Hero 8 action camera
  • 1 GoPro battery
  •  GoPro Curved Adhesive Mount
  • GoPro mounting buckle
  • GoPro Thumbscrew
  • USB-C cable
  • Warranty card

GoPro hero 9 gives you-

  • GoPro Hero 9 action camera
  • GoPro Handler floating grip
  • Magnetic swivel clip
  • Spare battery
  • micro SD card
  • Hero 9 black bundle

Final word

GoPro Hero 8 and 9 are two of fantastic action cameras. If you want a high-feature camera, consider the GoPro Hero 9 because it gives you 3.0 hyper smooth stabilization, 1720mah battery power that provides you 2 hours 11 minutes battery backup. Otherwise, GoPro Hero 8 is also a good choice. Think before making any decision.

Frequently Questions Asked About GoPro Hero 8 and 9

Can I use an external battery?

Yes, you can. The camera can be continued recording with an external source.

Can I use it as a computer webcam?

Yes, you can. This camera has a support article entitled how to use your GoPro as a webcam.

Is this camera lens replaceable?

The camera protective lens cover can be changeable.

Is this camera good for a race car?

 Yes, it’s good for race cars.

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