Graco Affix vs Turbobooster LX

Graco Affix vs Turbobooster LX – Check why Graco LX is Better!

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Graco Affix vs Turbobooster LXTurbobooster Lx is better than Gaco Affix because it is built with some advanced features, and I recommend Graco LX one for you. Now let’s see the reasons for choosing Graco Turbobooster.

See why Graco LX is the Best!

  • Graco Turbobooster LX comes with a front adjustment latch installation system, which is very easy to access. But Graco Affix’s latch installation system is not easily accessible.
  • Graco LX has a flexible multi-layer headrest system that is quite safe and protected for your child. But Graco Affix lacks quality in this section.
  • Turbobooster LX provides height-adjustable padded armrests comfort for your children. Hence, Graco affix being a nice one that doesn’t come with this ability.
  • You will get two space-saving cup holders with Graco Turbobooster LX. Therefore, this seat takes a little space to be adjusted. However, Graco Affix Cup holders are normal, which doesn’t come with a space-saving design.

If you choose Graco Turbobooster LX, you will get all those handy features. However, if you are interested to check their best price, just click the buttons below.


Similarities of Graco Affix and Graco Turbobooster.

  • These booster seats have a 1-second latch installation system.
  • These are manufactured with energy-absorbing foam.
  • Both Provides a multi-layer headrest facility.
  • The seats are made with Protection plus engineering.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Graco affix Turbobooster lx 
Editor’s rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions 15.5 x 16.5 x 26.75 inches15.5 x 16.2 x 8.6 inches
Manufactured material Foam Foam 
Body frame Plastic Plastic 
Minimum weight capacity 30 pounds40 pounds 
Style AFFIX TurboBooster LX
Item weight 9.8 pounds10.55 pounds
Batteries required No No 
Maximum weight capacity 100 pounds 100 pounds 
Designed for Unisex Unisex 
Latch installation system Yes Yes 
Headrest protection ability Yes Yes 
Maximum height 57 inches 57 inches 
Padded armrest facility Yes No 
Cup holders Yes Yes 
Open-loop belt guide Yes Yes 
Energy-absorbing foam Yes Yes 

Comparison between Graco Affix and Turbobooster LX


These two booster seats arrive in a similar size and shape. Here, Turbobooster lx is the slimmer one. It has a dimension of 15.5 x 16.5 x 26.75 inches. Simultaneously, Graco affix arrives with a dimension of 15.5 x 16.5 x 26.75 inches. So, you will not notice any real difference in this particular section.

Manufactured substance

The main manufactured material of these items is high-quality foam. Plus, with that foam-made soft outer face, the frame is made with high-quality plastic. Therefore, carrying these items is so easy and comfortable. Furthermore, the soft shell foam has made these items very comfortable for children.

Weight measurement and capacity

The minimum weight measurement of the Graco Turbobooster is 40 pounds. In comparison, the minimum weight recommendation of Graco affix is 30 pounds. However, the maximum carrying capacity of these items is 100 pounds. The torso height of these items is 57 inches.

These products also have quite a similar weight. Graco affix weights weigh 9.8 pounds. In contrast, Graco Turbobooster lx weighs 10.55 pounds. Therefore, carrying these products is a lot easier.

Special features 

These two car seats arrive with so many useful features. Such as the space-saving cup holder of Turbobooster lx. Also, these items have a height of 57 inches. Even bigger-sized children aged 10 years easily get fits in here.

Moreover, these products have a quick latch installation system. You will get a nice and comfortable headrest also. They provide 9 different position headrest systems. Height adjustment padded armrest facility is available with Turbobooster lx.


These products are made with high-quality foam fabric with polyester. This main material is very well known for its long-lasting ability. Moreover, many users have pronounced many positive comments about the air-passing ability of these items. Also, the manufacturing foam is very soft.


Graco provides a repairable warranty with these products. Also, you will get a 30-day return policy buying these products from amazon. Furthermore, this brand provides all-time customer service through telecommunication. So, as a user, you don’t need to worry about using these items for a long time.


These products are very similar in many categories. But from the differences mentioned above, it is quite clear that Graco Turbobooster comes with more useful features. Therefore, my final verdict is Graco Turbobooster over Graco affix. Hence, you can go for the Graco affix in lower budget money because you will get similar functionality types with the Graco affix.

Frequently asked questions about Graco affix and Turbobooster

Question: Can I get seat belts with these seats?

Answer: These are booster car seats used as the joint or booster seat of the Car. Therefore, you will not find any seat belts with these items. But you can use the default seat belt of the Car with that item. 

Question: Can I remove the back of these seats? 

Answer: Yes, these two car seats come with removable back torsos. So, you will get this useful facility. Without the back part, these seats provide similar safety and Protection also.

Question: Can I remove the armrests of the Graco Turbobooster? 

Answer: Yes, these armrests are removable. These armrests are so useful and provide more comfort to the users.

Question: Can I get different color options of Graco affix? 

Answer: Yes, you will get some fascinating color options with Graco affix.

Question: Can I use them on airline travel? 

Answer: No, these are not airline suitable. Moreover, you will not get airline certification traveling with these products because aircraft don’t come with shoulder belts.

Question: Do these products come with safety surround protection? 

Answer: Yes, both these booster seats come with 5 levels of safety. It also provides a safe headrest facility.

Question: Can I use the rear-facing option? 

Answer: These products only provide the forward-facing option. So, you will get any rear-facing option with these products.

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