Graco Affix vs Turbobooster

Graco Affix vs TurboBooster – Why Graco TurboBooster is Best?

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Graco Affix vs TurboboosterGraco Affix and TurboBooster appear with so many useful features but you will get the most comfortable features from Graco TurboBooster. Let’s see what made TurboBooster the best choice here.

Why Graco TurboBooster is Best?

  • You will get a one-handed front-adjust latch system with TurboBooster, which secures the booster into the transportation seat. So, your children will get extra safety protection. But Affix latch system is not secured like TurboBooster.
  • It has a multi-layered headrest for the comfort of your child; plus you can adjust it to your child’s needs. Graco Affix headrest does not lock in the upper positions.
  • The hideaway storage compartment of Graco TurboBoost provides a large space to put your child’s essential things. Contrary, the storage compartment of Affix is not that large.
  • The TurboBooster takes less time to put together, besides, Affix is not easy to put together.

The differences mentioned earlier show that TurboBooster produces more useful facilities than its competitor. So, you can consider getting this one for your baby. If you are interested to know the price, simply press the buttons below.


Similarities of Graco Affix and Turbobooster

  • Both these seats provide a multi-layer headrest for extra comfort.
  • Booster vehicle seats safely carry your child of 40-100 pounds and up to 57″ tall.
  • Comprehensive coverage backstays even as your kid grows.
  • Both these items were manufactured with high-quality foam materials.

Quick Comparison

SpecificationsGraco affix Turbobooster 
Editor’s rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions 15.5 L x 16.5 W x 26.75 H in.15.5 L x 16.5 W x 26.75 H in.
Manufactured materials Foam Foam 
Item weight 9.80 lbs9.00 lbs. 
Installation type LATCH Seat Belt
Color Atomic Go green 
Items capacity 40-100 pound 40-100 pound
Backless adjustment Yes Yes 
Multi-layer comfort Yes Yes 
Adjustable headrest Yes Yes 
Eps, energy-absorbing foamYes Yes 
Cup holders Yes (attached) Yes (sided) 
Brand Graco Graco 
Gender Unisex Unisex 
Well balanced Yes Medium 
Storage compartment Yes Small 

Comparison between Graco Affix and Graco Turbobooster


These two-seat boosters come in quite a similar size and shape. You will not notice any deviation within the dimension of these two items. Graco affix and Graco TurboBooster have a 15.5 L x 16.5 W x 26.75 H. with this size and shape, they will very easily fit well in the vehicles.

Manufactured materials and items weights

Both these items were manufactured with high-quality foam materials. Therefore, these seats are very soft and comfortable for your kid. Furthermore, these items last a very long time. The weight of the Graco affix is 9.80 Lbs. In comparison, the product weight of a TurboBooster is almost 9 lbs. So, both these products are quite lightweight and comfortably movable.

Top features

Graco TurboBooster possesses some top features, such as the one-handed front latch system. This system helps to maintain a proper balance of that seat. Therefore, your kid will get extra protection with that one. Also, it is very attached to the main seats of the vehicles.

You will get six positions adjustable headrest with these seats, which provides a very comfortable feeling to your kid. Another great feature of these seats is multi-layer comfortability. Therefore, kids love a set of these items.

Moreover, these seats have water cup holding facilities. The Graco affix’s cup holdings are fully attached to the seats. In contrast, the cup holding of the Affix is attached in the sided part of it. For storage, Graco TurboBooster provides enough space to put up all your kid’s essential items on the seat’s underside.

Durability and warranty

According to many user’s points of view, these two seats are very durable. They keep in great shape after many years of use. Because those two items were manufactured of high-quality materials. And the manufactured foam is well known for its lasting ability. Moreover, the company always provides customers support for their products. Also, you will get a handful of warranty packages with both of these items.


The significant difference between these seats is the one-handed latch attachment system of the Graco TurboBooster plus the headrest system, store facility, easy to put together, and so on, ensure this one an ideal choice for you. That is a beneficial specialty to possess with you. So, still, if you are confused, check the features of the TurboBooster to make the best decision.

Frequently asked questions about Graco Affix and Turbobooster

Question: Can I get the latch system with a Graco Turbobooster?

Answer: No, this item is only available with Graco affix seats. However, you will get a seat belt installation system with the Graco Turbobooster instead of the latch system.

Question: Can I detach the back of these seats?

Answer: Yes, both these seats arrive with detachable back functionalities. Therefore, your kid gets real feelings of vehicles seating these booster seats.

Question: Can I remove the cup holders of the Graco turbo booster for extra comfort?
Answer: No, this booster seat arrives with fixed cup holding capabilities.

Question: Does the Graco affix be made with a metal frame body?
Answer: No, this booster seat is not made with any metal material. However, these items’ body frame was made with high-quality plastic, which is still a great body frame to be considered.

Question: Does the Graco affix only be used as a booster seat?
Answer: Yes, this item doesn’t include a built-in harness. Therefore, the only functionality of this item is to be a perfect booster seat.

Question: Are these boosters suitable for eight years old kids?
Answer: Yes, because this seat is also suitable for ten years aged children. But it depends upon the weight and the size of your kid. You can take a look at the capacity section of these items.

Question: Weather the headrest section is movable?
Answer: No, this headrest section is fixed. Furthermore, all the functionalities of these two seats are very fixed from the making.

Question: Can I get shoulder belts with these items?
Answer: Yes, both these booster seats appear with nice soft left shoulder seat belts. Which will hold your baby properly with the seat. Because this seat is adjustable.

Question: Can I remove the cup holders of the Graco affix?
Answer: Yes, you will get this fantastic facility with this one. You can easily remove the cup holders and place them on the bottom part of that booster seat.

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