Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go

Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go – Check & Get the Best

Baby Car Seat

Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and goIf you are looking for the safest and comfortable car seat between Graco Extend2fit and Safety 1st Grow and Go, then we obviously recommend Graco Extend2fit.

Why do we recommend Graco Extend2fit?

  • Graco Extend2fit comes with an easily manageable latch installation system. But the Graco safety 1st grow and go car seat offers a tuff one-click UAS installation system. 
  • Graco extend2fit’s 4-positioned adjustable extension panel provides almost 5’’ of additional legroom space. It helps your baby’s independent movement. Unfortunately, this facility is not available with the compared one. 
  • This car seat is designed with Graco ProtectPlus engineered standards that allow extra safety and protection for your kid. This high protection is not available with the Graco Safety 1st to Grow and Go car seat.
  • Up to 50 pounds capacity of the rear-facing option of extend2fit allows your child’s safe and longer ride. Whereas the Graco safety 1st grow car seat has a maximum capacity of 40 pounds on a rear-facing mode.  

All these key features made Graco Extend2fit the best option here. If you want to check the price then simply press the buttons below to know the best price.


Similar features of Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go convertible seats.

  • They come with rear-facing and forward-facing orientations. 
  • Proper side protection is available with the car seats. 
  • Car seats care easily because of the machine washable and dryer safe ability. 
  • You will get a quick-fit harness system with these convertible seats. 

Quick Comparison: Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go

Specifications  Graco Extend2fit  Graco 1st grow and go
Editor’s rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  22.1 x 19.2 x 25.2 inches 24 x 19 x 23.75 inches
Target gender  Unisex  Unisex 
Minimum weight recommendation  4 pounds  5 pounds 
Maximum weight limitations  65 pounds  100 pounds 
Installation type  Latch installation  One-click UAS system 
Graco ProtectPlus engineered  Yes  No 
Additional 5’’ legroom  Yes  No 
Headrest facility  Yes  Yes 
Convertible seat care  Machine washable Machine washable 
Rear-facing maximum weight  50 pounds  40 pounds 
Orientation  Forward-facing, rear-facing  Forward-facing, rear-facing 
Car seat weight  19 pounds  18 pounds 
Cup holders  Yes (dual-sided)  Yes (dual-sided) 
Frame  Plastic, metal mixed  Plastic, metal mixed 
Headrest positions  10- positions  5- positions 
Warranty  24 months 24 months

Comparison of features between Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go car seats


An obvious difference is visible in the dimension section between these car seats. Graco extend2fit comes in a dimension of 22.1 x 19.2 x 25.2 inches. But the Graco safety 1st grows and go in a dimension of 24 x 19 x 23.75 inches. Always slim-built car seats tend to be the desired option. It allows placing more seats at once in a smaller room of your car. 

ProtectPlus engineered 

The exclusive amalgamation of strict smash testing of that car seat saves your child from all-sided crashes. The manufacturing brand ensures a top-class lasting ability, and it is also known as Graco ProtectPlus engineered setup. It avails dual padded side protection for your baby. All those facilities are available with Graco extend2fit car seats.

Installation type 

Easy installation systems all get the most value from the users. Here, Graco extend2fit car seat has a latch installation system. This is notably the easiest installation type of all. But the Graco safety 1st grow and go with a one-click UAS installation system. 

Recline positions 

Steady recline positioning car seats get more priority. Here Graco extend2fit comes with 6 different reclining options for the users. It only takes a simple adjustment to be turned into newer recline positions. Only 4 different reclining positions are possible by the Graco safety 1st car seat. 

Adjustable harness 

Both chairs offer an outstanding height-adjustable harness. Overall the height can be extended to 57 inches. Along with that, children will get a proper headrest facility that is highly protected. Adjustable height setting is very easily manageable. Users will experience ten different position headrest adjustments with Graco extend2fit convertible baby carrier. 

Extra space 

This is the most iconic feature of the Graco extend2fit car seat. The 4-positions extension panel system provides 5 inches of extra legroom. Children freely move their legs in that space. They don’t get bored sitting on this chair. Unfortunately, this special thinking is absent with that compared to a convertible car seat.   

Cup holders 

They offer dual-sided cup holders to keep your baby’s necessary belongings altogether. Cup holders were specifically designed in a beautiful shape. Those are simple to remove. Also, they take a just space with the chair. Having dual-sided cup holders is a valuable characteristic for the users.


Buyers will experience 24 months of warranty with the car seat. This long warranty clause provides independence from using the product. Also, Amazon offers a 30 days return policy.


Graco extend2fit introduced some exclusive features that are not available with other car seats. Such as the extra legroom facility. So, I just cannot think about any equal alternatives to this item. Compared with the Graco safety 1st grow and go car seat, this car seat will cost you more. But if you think about getting the proper car seat, Graco extend2fit should be the obvious choice. 

Frequently asked questions about Graco extend2fit vs safety 1st grow and go car seats.

Question: Which gender is targeted by the manufacturer brand?

Answer: Both car seats are designed for the proper fit for all genders. This is the unisex model. Also, any specific gender types are not mentioned by Graco. 

Question: Can it recline in an uninstallation position?

Answer: Yes, the car seat is reclinable, both installed and uninstalled situations. You will get six different reclined positions with the car seats.

Question: Is the car seat has a built-in seat belt?

Answer: No, the car doesn’t provide any built-in seat belt options. Because it doesn’t need any seat belt options either, the main car belt usually gets used with that. It quickly gets attached to the body of the users.

Question: Which one is preferable for a newborn baby? 

Answer: Here, Graco extend2fit comes with a minimum weight barrier of 4 pounds. The Graco safety 1st grow and go the lowest carrying possibility of 5 pounds. So, I would say the Graco extend2fit is preferable for a newborn baby because it has a more minimum range than the alternative one.

Question: Where is the recline button? 

Answer: The recline button on the front side of the seat. The exact location is under the foot extension part. I hope your user experience goes well.          

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