Graco Sense2Soothe vs MamaRoo

Graco Sense2Soothe vs MamaRoo – Why Sense2Soothe is Best?

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Graco Sense2Soothe and MamaRoo swings bounce up and down and sway from side to side as parents do. Both of them are integrated with convenient features but choosing the right one is slightly tough. Hence, I’ve shared their major differences to make your purchase decision worth it.

What Are the Differences Between  Graco Sense2Soothe and MamaRoo?

Graco Sense2Soothe Graco MamaRoo
Graco Sense2Soothe has 15 different built-in sound systems. Graco MamaRoo has 4 different built-in sound systems.
This swing has 8 soothing motions.  This swing has 5 soothing motions. 
It has 3 recline positions. It has single recline positions.
Sense2Soothe has parental mode. MamaRoo does not have a parental mode.
It has a crying detection feature. This doesn’t feature crying detection.
It has vibration mode. This is not built with vibration mode.
This required battery. This swing doesn’t require a battery.
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Graco Sense2Soothe combines advanced features rather than Graco MamaRoo. Thus, you can choose this swing for your baby if you want the most convenient one. I highly recommend Graco Sense2Soothe to you. Also, for your consideration, I’ve mentioned the features in detail in the following section.

Why I Prefer Graco Sense2Soothe?

  • Graco Sense2Soothe has cry detection technology that will help your baby to soothe whenever your baby cries. In contrast, MamaRoo doesn’t include this impressive feature.
  • It combines with a vibration setting that is not available on its rival. However, this setting helps to keep the baby content and soothes when the parents are not around. Moreover, it includes 8 soothing motions, while the MamoRoo has only 5 motion modes.
  • Sense2Soothe has different soothing or natural songs to help your baby calm down; also, you can set your baby’s favorite soothing settings in it. Besides, the MamaRoo also includes built-in sound, but it is pretty loud.
  • This swing combines 8 different motions, which is very convenient. While the MamaRoo has 5 motion features.

Particularly all those special qualities made the Graco Sense2soothe a perfect swing for your baby. This is why I highly recommend Graco Sense2Soothe.


Similar Features of Graco Sense2Soothe vs MamaRoo

  • The main seat of these swings is very comfortable and properly adjustable. So, the baby can find the right soothing pace to suit the baby’s choice.
  • These swings’ strong frame was manufactured with a mixer of plastic and metal that ensures durability.
  • Both baby carriers have built-in sound system facilities that help to calm and entertain the baby.
  • Their proper recline mode options let you adjust to any position for the highest comfort.

If you think all these similar features are enough for you, then you can choose Sense2Soothe or MamaRoo. But, to get the improved facilities, you have to pick Graco Sense2Soothe.

Other Specifications Chart of Graco Sense2Soothe and MamaRoo

Specifications  Graco Sense2Soothe Swing  4moms MamaRoo Baby Swing 
Editor’s rating  4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimensions  18.9 x 28.35 x 32.28 inches 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches
Weight  25 pounds  25 pounds 
Comfortable seat  Yes  Yes 
Traditional mode  Yes  Yes 
Main material  Polyester, Metal, Plastic  Woven nylon, Metal, Plastic 
Speed setup options  3 different speeds  5 different speed 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Yes (1 year)  Yes (1 year) 

Features and Benefits of Graco Sense2Soothe and MamaRoo

Baby cry detection 

Graco sense2soothe baby swing’s most amazing feature is baby cry detection ability. When a sitting baby starts to cry, it can detect and responds to stop babies crying. A very well-managed sensor does all these things like a human. So, parents can take time out after sitting the baby on the swing. The swing seat will automatically respond to your baby’s crying. 

2-way modes 

The Sense2soothe swing has a 2-way working ability. The chair will take care of your baby with automatic baby care mode, almost like a human. And with the parent care mode on, you can take care of your baby directly.

Generally, this option is well known as the traditional mood of a baby swing. As Sense2soothe seat is modern, automatic mode is there for parents’ convenience.

Vibration functionality 

Amazing vibration functionality helps to provide extra comfort to your baby. This vibration setting is fully manually controlled. It is a great combination of natural music and vibration support. You will not have a vibration facility with the 4moms MamaRoo baby swing.  

Built-in music 

Both baby swings have an amazing built-in music setup. Very polite natural sounds help to have a proper sleep. Sound creates a lovely environment for sleep. Furthermore, the MamaRoo has an MP3 setup. Graco sense2soothe has 15 types of built-in music support. A built-in music facility is a lovely feature to get with a baby swing. 

Recline positions 

4moms MamaRoo is a 120 degrees reclined baby seat. You can set the seat at any position. The recline option of this seat is fully flexible and customizable. On the other side, Graco Sense2soothe comes with 3 different recline position setups. All those positions are very comfortable and nice for a newborn. The medical instructors authorize this baby seat.

Comfortable seat   

These two baby seats are very comfortable for the baby. Especially the main seat is very soft. Also, it has great air passing ability. Multi-direction nature has made the sense2soothe for you, baby. The main material of sense2soothe is high-quality polyester.

On the other side, the MamaRoo seat is made with woven nylon fabric. Both seats were designed with high efficiency. The frame was made with plastic and a metal mixer. That has made the swing very strong and durable. 

Toy attachment

Here, both swings have a removable toy attachment facility. The baby will spend time with the attachment toys and not get bored. Sometimes we go outside for a short duration. Carrying the baby with us is not possible. At such a moment, the baby will sit here and enjoy its time with toys. It is just like an artificial companion of your baby.  


Graco provides one year of limited warranty with the sense2soothe baby swing. The 4moms MamaRoo comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Alongside that, you can take the assistance of the customer care service from the manufacturing brand. Previous users are very satisfied with this high-duration warranty support. 


Graco Sense2Soothe is not only a simple baby swing. It is a design of proper sense and smooth engineering, providing top-class satisfaction compared to all other baby swings. Another plus point is the price value of this baby swing.

This swing is a great option at a very affordable price range. So, my final recommendation is the Graco Sense2Soothe baby swing. On the other side, the Bluetooth facility could be a big cause for choosing MamaRoo. So, you can avail of this carrier if you want this facility.  

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FAQ about Graco Sense2Soothe vs MamaRoo

Question: Does sitting upright well-positioned? 

Answer: Yes, as both seats come with recline adjustment possibility, you can set the upright position of the swing. Particularly the 4moms MamaRoo has a 120-degree turning ability. So you can set that upright in your desired position. 

Question: Is the baby growing fast on these swings? 

Answer: Yes, these seats are designed not to make any hamper to the baby. They support the growth of the baby. Also, these seats are medically suggested. 

Question: Is the Bluetooth functionality works with Samsung smartphones?

Answer: Here, the 4moms MamaRoo is only the Bluetooth-compatible carrier. So, Bluetooth will work with all competent, smart devices. 

Question: Is the user manual included? 

Answer: Yes, both baby swings have very well-written and picture-attached user manuals. Anyone will understand the meaning of that user manual, which will increase your user experience too.  

Question: Is it battery functional? 

Answer: Yes, they come with internal battery management. But they are AC power functional. Works well without a battery system. So, don’t take any burden about its working functionally. The chair will be fully functional, just plugged into the competent AC adapter.     

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