Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit

Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit – Check why Graco Slimfit is Better!

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Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fitIf you are seeking the most convenient one then Slimfit would be the right choice between Graco Slimfit and Extend2fit. Check out the key features that made it better than its competitor.

Why Graco Slimfit is Best car seat?

  • Graco Slimfit has 3 separate positions like rear-facing, forward-facing, and a high-back booster. In contrast, Extend2fit doesn’t offer all these useful functionalities.
  • It comes with a spectacular space-saving configuration so that you can easily put at least three seats inside the main compartment of your car. Contrary, Extend2fit comes in a large dimension, that’s why you can not put more than two seats at a time.
  • The height of Graco Slimfit’s back panel is very extendable and slightly taller than Extend2fit. Even bigger-sized children can easily adjust here. However, the back panel of Graco extend2fit is not that extendable and only fitted to smaller children.
  • Graco Slimfit comes with exclusive half-circled space-saving cup holders. But Graco Extend2fit has a very ordinary cup holder.

Graco Slimfit offers more facilities in a similar price tag compared to the Extend2fit car seat. If you want to get these car seats and want to know their best price, just click the buttons below.


Similarities between Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit

  • Ten adjustable positions headrest system.
  • Easily accessible latch installation system.
  • You will get dual-sided cup holders with them.
  • These two items appear with quite similar dimensions and comfort.

Quick Comparison: Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit

Specifications  Graco Slimfit  Extend2fit 
Editor’s rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  21.50 x 19.90 x 25.50 inches 22.10 x 19.20 x 25.20 inches
Item model number  1999656 1963212
Item weight  19.47 lbs 19.47 lbs
Color options  Yes  Yes 
Maximum weight capacity  100.00 lbs  65.00 lbs 
Rare facing option  Yes  No 
Space-saving cup holders  Yes  No 
Space-saving design  Yes  No 
Extendable back panel  Yes  Yes 
Dual-sided cup holders  Yes  Yes 
Latch installation system  Yes  Yes 
Minimum weight  5.00 lbs  4.00 lbs 
Headrest system  10 positions  10 positions 
Style  3 in 1  2 in 1 
Main material  Polyester  Polyester 
Material type  Foam, steel   Foam, steel 
Batteries required  No  No 
Gender  Unisex  Unisex 
Harness type  5-point  4-point 
Handle covers  Yes (removable)  Yes 

Comparison of features between Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit


The dimensions of these booster seats are slightly different. Graco Slimfit is designed with a space-saving shape. Therefore, it is slightly slim compared to other booster car seats. This car seat arrives with a dimension of 21.50 x 19.90 x 25.50 inches. While the Graco extend2fit comes in a dimension of 22.10 x 19.20 x 25.20 inches; and this is also a medium-sized car seat.

Manufactured material 

Both these car seats are made with high-quality soft foam, including polyester material. These cars’ seat body frames are manufactured with steel. Therefore, these seats are very comfortable for children. Also very easy to carry.

Items wight and capacity

Both these items come with quite similar kinds of weight. They come with a weight of 19.47 lbs. In comparison, the maximum weight capacity is slightly different here. The Graco Slimfit has a maximum capacity of 100 lbs, which is quite a standard capacity, to say the list. On the opposite side, the Graco extend2fit can carry up to 65 lbs on its highest standard. This maximum capacity is very less than Graco Slimfit.

Special features 

Graco Slimfit comes with more special qualities than extend2fit. Such as the space-saving design of Graco Slimfit. Also, the rare facing option of this seat is a fantastic feature. Furthermore, you will get exclusive dual-sided cup holders that are designed to save space. Therefore, this seat easily gets attached to a small room. Also, these two seats arrive with ten positions of headrest capability. This unique feature is handy and provides more satisfaction for your Children.

Both these seats feature an amazing 1-second latch installation system. Also, the handles of these seats are very soft and more comfortable for all children. Also, you will get many facilities outside of these fantastic features.

Durability and warranty 

These two items are highly long-lasting. Because these items are manufactured with high-quality stuff, also, you will get a handful of warranty clauses from Graco after availing of these seats. Furthermore, you will get a 30 days return policy from amazon. All-time customer service is also available with these seats.


Graco has made the Slimfit series to fulfill the demand of users who want Slim Frame seats. Besides, this seat has all the special abilities to comfort you as a user. On the opposite side, Graco extend2fit is also a nice and comfortable one to have. But it can’t hide the identity of Graco Slimfit. Therefore, my final verdict is the Graco Slimfit booster car seat.

Frequently asked questions about Graco Slimfit vs Extend2fit

Questions: Can I put a newborn baby on these seats?

Answer: Yes, these items are very capable of holding newborn babies. Just remember the minimum weight capacity is 5 lbs. Therefore, don’t put the baby that is under this weight.

Questions: Can I make airline travel with Graco Slimfit?

Answer: Yes, this seat is handy to travel on airlines. But you use the forward-facing options on airlines. Either it can be harmful to your child.

Questions: These cup holders are removable?

Answer: Graco extend2fit cup holders are not detachable. But the Graco Slimfit cup holders are half circled. So, you can turn them around according to your necessity. But they are not removable.

Question: How many times does it require to install this latch attachment?

Answer: It is very well designed and very easily switches from one position to another. This excellent latch attachment takes 1 second to switch from one position to another.

Question: Is the manufacturing fabrics breathable?

Answer: Yes, these seats were made with high-quality polyester fabric. According to many users’ views, the air passing ability of these seats is very high. Therefore, your children’s backs will remain sweat-free for a long time.

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