Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit – Which One Should You Choose?

Baby Car Seat

Graco Tranzitions and Chicco Myfit car seats are designed to grow with your baby and go wherever you are heading to. If you want to pick the better one, then check out their differences to make your investment worth it.

What Are the Differences Between Graco Tranzitions and Chicco Myfit?

Graco Tranzitions  Chicco Myfit
Graco has no recline positions. Chicco has 4 recline positions feature.
This offer 8 positions for the headrest. This offer 9 positions for the headrest.
It has plastic body construction. It has a metal body construction.
This offers a one-year warranty. This offer 3 years warranty.
This baby car seat has single guard-side protection. This baby car seat has dual guard side protection.
It has a seat belt lock system. It has a latch installation system.
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Chicco Myfit is built with convenient and strong features to ensure seat durability rather than Graco Tranzitons. At the same time, this car seat ensures safety for your baby. Hence, I strongly suggest you pick this one. You can also check out the following section to get precise idea –

Why Should You Pick the Chicco Myfit?

  • Chicco Myfit comes with an easily manageable latch installation system, which is pretty simple. In contrast, Graco Tranzitions offers a more brutal seat belt installation system.
  • It provides nine different position headrest facilities. But the Graco Tranzitions offers only eight different headrest positions.
  • This convertible car seat offers four different recline adjustable positions that improve child comfort and a better vehicle fit. However, Graco Tranzitions doesn’t provide reclining movement, which is a disadvantage of this convertible seat.
  • The Myfit seat has a dual guard system side-impact protection for head and torso rest. Hence, children get very comfortable in this chair. But Graco Tranzitions only provides single side impact protection.

These upgraded features of the Myfit make it better than its competitor so that you can consider this backpack for yourself.


Similar Features of Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit

  • Graco Tranzitions and Chicco Myfit are very lightweight and easily transferable.
  • Their dual-sided removable cup holders allow you to keep water bottles close and are easy to clean up.
  • Both car seats have forward-facing options to enjoy the ride.
  • They are manufactured with soft mesh fabric and a plastic and metal frame mixer.

Other Specifications Chart of Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit

Specifications  Graco Tranzitions car seat  Chicco Myfit car seat 
Editor’s marking 4.4 from 5  4.7 from 5 
Dimension 19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches
Cup holders  Yes (removable)  Yes (removable) 
Maximum weight recommendations  100 pounds  100 pounds 
Main metatial  Fabric  Fabric 
Body  Plastic  Metal 
Car seat care  Machine washable  Hand washable 
Harness points  5-points  5-points 
Orientation  Forward-facing  Forward-facing 

Features and Benefits of Graco Tranzitions and Chicco Myfit


A slight difference is evident in the dimensional section of these car seats. Here Chicco Myfit comes in a size of 24.5 x 20.5 x 26.25 inches. It is slightly bigger than the alternative one. Graco Tranzitions booster seats have a total length of 19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches. However, dimension is a very significant factor in choosing a car seat.

Installation type 

Chicco Myfit has a latch feature which is a straightforward installation system. It needs a simple click to be adjusted in a proper position. Unfortunately, Graco Tranzitions comes with a seat belt lock system. Many users do not get happy with this type of installation system because it is tough and unstable. Somewhere risky too.

Safety and protection 

This is the most sensitive part of a car seat. Parents usually search the safe booster seats for their children. Here, Chicco Myfit offers a dual guard side protection specialty. Also, it has a proper headrest facility too. But Graco Tranzitions car seat comes with single guard protection. So, the ultimate winner in this safety and protection will be the Chicco Myfit booster seat.

Recline and headrest positions 

A different position recline system is only available with Chicco MyFit car seats. This booster car seat appears with 4 separated recline positions. Also, in the headrest facility section, this car seat offers 9 different headrest positions. Whereas the Graco Tranzitions car seat only provides 8 different headrest facilities.

Cup holders 

Both car seats appear with removable cup holders. They are obtained clean-up process easily. They can be used to keep your kid’s light foods. Also, they are dual sides. The cup holders are designed in a space-saving type. It may not ask you to remove this useful facility.

Manufacturing materials

The main part of these seats is manufactured with soft mesh fabric. Polyester-made surfaces are used there. But in the body frame, two chairs have used different materials. Chicco Myfit car seats used metal materials in their strong body panel.

Whereas the Graco Tranzitions has used plastic-made materials in the body panel. As a Purchaser one thing, you should remember is that they come with 5 different harness system points.


The major advantage of the Chicco Myfit convertible seat is its long-term warranty policy. The manufacturing brand provides 3 years of long-term backup with this chair. At the same time, Graco Tranzitions comes with only 1 year of warranty clause. Also, Amazon ensures a 30 days return policy with these seats.


Chicco Myfit has so many extraordinary features. Particularly, the latch installation system and the warranty length of this car seat are very attractive. Therefore, my suggestion is the Chicco Myfit for you.

In contrast, the Graco Tranzitions car seat doesn’t come with a special latch installation system but it comes in a very manageable price value. Also, the overall design of this car seat at this lower price is unimaginable. So, decide according to your budget and necessity which one you are looking for.

FAQ about Graco Tranzitions and Chicco Myfit Convertible Seats

Question: Is it machine-washable?

Answer: The Graco Tranzitions is machine washable while the Chicco Myfit does not provide this feature.  

Question: Can I use it in a backless situation? 

Answer: Yes, both car seats can be used in a backless mode. Also, in a booster mode system, the maximum capacity length stands still. That helps you to get a full chance using the backless mode.

Question: Which one is easily carryable? 

Answer: Here Chicco Myfit weighs 25 pounds, and its body frame is made of steel metal. Whereas, the Graco Tranzitions has a total weight of 19 pounds. Because this chair frame is made of plastic, so, the Chicco Myfit car seat is a mobility-supported one.

Question: Can I make airline travels? 

Answer: No, they are 5-point harness tested. So, making airline travel with any of these car seats is not possible in this particular full mode.

Question: How far can the back torso be extended? 

Answer: Both seats have amazing functionality. The back torso height is extendable. It can be lengthened to 57 inches tall. Also, the height can easily be reduced to a certain length.

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