Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus – Check why I suggest Nautilus!

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Graco Tranzitions vs NautilusGraco Tranzitions and Nautilus look very similar, but I found Graco Nautilus offers more comfort with safety and user-friendly features than Tranzitions.

Why Graco Nautilus is Best?

  • Graco Nautilus comes with a rear-facing option, while its rival doesn’t include the rear-facing option.
  • It offers easily adjustable shoulder straps for your child. These are extra padded and very protective for children. But the shoulder straps of Graco Tranzitions are ordinary, plus it doesn’t provide much safety and comfort to your children.
  •  Graco Nautilus body frame is made with high-quality steel. Therefore, this car seat lasts so long. However, the body of Graco Tranzitions is made of plastic. That doesn’t have the long-lasting ability.
  • It offers an extra padded height adjustable armrest that is very comfortable for children. In contrast, Graco Tranzitions arrive with low-quality armrests facilities.
  • The maximum carrying capacity of Graco Nautilus is almost 120 pounds, and it fits well a ten years old child also. In contrast, Graco Tranzitions offers only 100 pounds holding capacity.
  • This booster seat is made with energy-absorbing foam that is very comfortable and suitable for children. The Graco Tranzitions is also a good one, but it doesn’t use high-quality materials like Graco Nautilus.

Graco Nautilus features all those quality things that made it a comfortable seat for your baby. Simultaneously, Tranzitions is also a good one, but this doesn’t offer those unique things.


Similar Features of Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

  • You will get a built-in 5-point harness system that ensures the convenience of use and easily adapts for your growing infant.
  • Both car seats have side water bottle holders, which lets you keep your kid’s drinks and snacks close at hand.
  • The seats offer side impact protection capability that protects your toddler from frontal, side, rear or rollover crashes.
  • You will get a quick latch installation system, so you can easily set up this car seat without any professional installer.

Quick Comparison: Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

Specifications  Graco Tranzitions  Graco Nautilus 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions  19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches 18 x 20 x 28 inches
Body frame  Plastic  Steal 
Minimum weight  22 pounds  22 pounds 
Maximum weight recommendation  100 pounds  120 pounds 
Harness point  5-point  5-point 
Item weight  1 pound  20.5 pounds 
Latch installation system  Yes  Yes 
Easily adjustable harness  Yes  Yes 
Cup holders  Yes (Dual) Yes  (single) 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes 
Energy-absorbing foam  No  Yes 
Item style  Tranzitions  Nautilus 
Maximum height  57 inches  57 inches 
Designed for  Unisex  Unisex 
Brand  Graco  Graco 
Warranty  Yes  Yes 

Differences & Similarities Between Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus


Size-wise there is an insignificant difference between these two items. Graco nautilus is slightly larger than the Graco Tranzitions; it comes in 18 inches long by 20 inches wide by 28 inches high. On the other side, the Graco Tranzitions arrive with a dimension of 19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches.

It possesses a maximum weight range of 100 pounds. And the maximum weight capacity of this item is 120 pounds, which is 20 pounds more than Graco Tranzitions.

Body frame and product weight 

Graco Transitions body is made with high-quality plastic. Therefore, the weight of this product is very light. It weighs 1 pound. In contrast, the body frame of the Graco Nautilus is made of steel. Consequently, the measurement of this item is 20 pounds. Also, the body frame of the Graco Nautilus is stronger than the Graco Tranzitions.

Special features 

Both these items arrive with a 1-second latch attachment system. You will get dual cup holders with Graco Tranzitions. The Graco nautilus arrives with a single cup holder. That is only one downfall of this great car seat.

These things were created for unisex speciation. Also, you will get 5-points of harness system with these items. Furthermore, the built-in infant insert is fully removable. Therefore, these booster seats fit babies to 10 years children.

The Graco Nautilus’ manufactured foam is energy-absorbing, which is very soft and comfortable for all ages of babies. The armrest facility of Graco Nautilus is better than Graco Tranzitions.


The air passing ability of Graco Tranzitions and Graco Nautilus is very good. Because both these products have been made with high-quality foam. The manufacturing fabric of the Graco Nautilus is energy-absorbing in nature. So, your baby’s back will remain sweat-free all the time.


You will get a 30 days return policy obtaining these items from amazon. Also, the manufacturing company will provide an all-time repairable warranty clause with these items. Furthermore, you will get an exclusive user manual with these items. Therefore, using these booster seats is very easy.


My final judgment goes in favor of Graco nautilus. Because this booster seat comes up with more advanced features in every department than Graco Tranzitions, the Graco Tranzitions may be a good pick if you have a lower budget because this car seat includes all the necessary abilities of a suitable booster seat.

Frequently Asked Questions of Graco Tranzitions vs Nautilus

Question: Is airline travel possible with these items?

Answer: No, Graco Tranzitions and nautilus exceed the minimum dimension of airline fit ability. Therefore, making airline travel with these items is not possible.

Question: Can I remove the cup holder of Graco nautilus?

Answer: No, the Graco Nautilus comes with a single built-in cup holder. Which is not removable. But it is designed for space-saving purposes. Therefore, you may don’t need to remove this excellent feature.

Question: Can I put these car seats in the middle of a regular car seat?

Answer: Yes, You can quickly put these items on a middle car seat. Because these are specially designed to be fit on a car regular size car.

Question: What is the expiration date of these items?

Answer: These car seats have a long-lasting ability. From the manufacturing date to 10 years, these items will provide flow-less service.

Question: Does the customer call service work?

Answer: I haven’t tried it. Hence, the assistance of the customer service call is proven by many users.

Question: Can I remove the back of these car seats?

Answer: Yes, these can be utilized as a backless supporter car seat. The removal system is very easy and one-handed.

Question: Which one is manufactured with energy-absorbing foam?

Answer: Graco Nautilus is manufactured with a high-quality energy-absorbing foam fabric. Consequently, this Graco baby product is relatively smooth and suitable for your child.

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