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Graco Turbobooster vs Lx – Get the best booster seat!

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graco turbobooster vs lxGraco Turbobooster and Turbobooster LX are the most lower budget car seats from Graco, but some mind-blowing specialties made Graco Turbobooster Lx the most prominent car seat here.

Why Features made Graco Turbobooster Lx Best?

  • Graco Turbobooster Lx‘s best feature is the one-handed latch installation system that ensures hassle-free use. Whereas, the Graco Turbobooster supports a seat belt installation system only.
  • Multilayered headrest and side protection of Turbobooster Lx is far better than the Graco Turbobooster headrest facility.
  • A secure attachment system keeps this car chair in a steady position. It allows children’s independent movements. Whereas, Graco Turbobooster is not a moving-friendly booster seat.
  • Graco Turbobooster Lx has more high-quality manufactured material and body frames than Graco Turbobooster.   

Amazingly you will get all those fascinating specialties with the booster seats on a lower budget from here. Simply click the button underneath to complete the deal. 


Similar features of Graco Turbobooster and LX 

  • Energy-absorbing foam on a lower budget is a great specialty to have. 
  • Both car seats offer padded height-adjusted armrest facilities for your kid. 
  • Easily convertible from high back position to backless mode. 
  • Dual-sided cup holders are a very compulsory feature of these car seats.

Quick Comparison

Specifications  Graco Turbobooster  Graco Turbobooster lx 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  15.5 x 16.5 x 26.5 inches 15.5 x 16.2 x 8.6 inches
Car seat weight  9 pounds  10.55 pounds 
Installation type  Seat belt installation system  Latch installation system 
Target age  4-10 years children  4-10 years children 
Target gender  Unisex  Unisex 
Backless mode available  Yes  Yes 
Height adjustable armrest  Yes  Yes 
Dual-sided cup holders  Yes  Yes 
Side protection  Yes (medium level)  Yes (high-quality) 
Steady position secured connection  No  Yes 
Energy-absorbing foam  Yes  Yes 
Material type  Foam  Foam 
Maximum weight limitation  100 pounds  100 pounds 
Minimum weight limitation  40 pounds  40 pounds 
Car seat care  Machine washable  Machine washable 
Warranty  Yes (10-years)  Yes (10-years) 

Comparison of features between Graco Turbobooster and Turbobooster lx car seat


Both car seats are from the same brand. Also, they belong to the same model. That is why the dimensional difference is minimum here. Graco Turbooster comes with a dimension of 15.5 x 16.5 x 26.5 inches. At the same time, the updated version Turbobooster Lx has a size of 15.5 x 16.2 x 8.6 inches. As they are very slim and built in a space-saving manner, three booster seats can be placed in a car in a side-by-side position. 

Installation type 

The main difference between the car seats was found in the installation type. Parents look forward to getting an easily accessible one-handed latch installation system. Here this special feature is available with Graco Turbobooster Lx only. But the Graco Turbobooster comes with a seat belt attaching installation system. Generally, this type of installation system is slightly difficult to manage.

Safety protection 

This is a determining factor for many parents. Because they want a safe and protected booster seat for their children, here you will get double-layered side protection. Alongside that facility, Graco Turbobooster lx provides a proper headrest facility, which allows free movement of independent children. 

Cup holders 

Cup holding facility is a compulsory characteristic of a suitable booster seat. On a lower budget cost, these car seats include the mandatory feature. That is an admirable job for the manufacturing brand. Besides, the cup holders are designed in a space-saving manner.


Both car seats possess similar capacity limitations. The maximum weight recommendation is 100 pounds, which is capable of carrying 10 years kids too. The minimum weight recommendation is 40 pounds. This is properly fitted to a 4 years older kid. 


Graco provides fascinating warranty support for the booster car seats. They offer ten years long warranty support from the manufacturing date. That is quite a breathtaking clause to have a booster seat purchaser. Also, Amazon provides a 30 days return policy in the car seat.   


Graco Turbobooster lx is a complete booster car seat. That allows the independent movement of your child. With some fascinating safety protection and high-quality manufactured design, this car seat quickly gets well ahead of the competition. However, Graco Turbobooster is a budget-friendly car seat. You can go for that one also to get a normal booster car seat. 

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Frequently asked questions of Graco Turbobooster and LX

Question: Is the car seat available in different color options?

Answer: Yes, both car seats are available in different color options. Depending upon the color some slight differences can be seen. The purchasing price can be a little higher based on the color alternative. 

Question: Is the car seat capable of holding my 12 years old kid? 

Answer: Well, that depends upon the weight of your kid. It is supported to hold 100 pounds on its highest standard. The car seat is a perfect fit for ten years kids. So, my answer will be no. 

Question: What is the size of the back torso? 

Answer: The back torso of both car seats is 57 inches tall. Unfortunately, it is not extendable or reducible. But you can sit in the car seat in a backless mode, which is of excellent quality at a lower cost.

Question: Seat belt available with the car seats? 

Answer: No, you will not receive any built-in seat band with that car seat. Because the fixed seat belt of your car can be easily used with that car seat, so, the company didn’t provide the unnecessary seat belt option with the item. 

Question: Is the car seat has airline fitt ability? 

Answer: This car seat is not qualified for making airline travel. But in a backless mode, you can make a try.

Question: Is the body material manufactured with steel?

Answer: No, the body frame is manufactured with high-quality plastic. That is why the car seat is very lightweight. The car seat pad was made with high-quality breathable foam.     

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