Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions

Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions – Why Graco Tranzitions is Best?

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Graco Wayz vs TranzitionsGraco Wayz and Tranzitions appear with so many common characteristics. But Graco Tranzitions provides ultimate safety and comfort with some improved facilities.

What Features Made Graco Tranzitions Best?

  • Graco Tranzitions comes with a 3-in-1 harness booster that helps keep your child safe and protect. Whereas Graco Wayz does not bring that amount of safety and security for your child.
  • The manufactured foam of Graco Tranzitions car seats is very soft. Children get extra comfort with this one. Contrary, Graco Wayz is not so soft and comfortable for your baby.
  • It has an open-loop guide to find the proper position of your seat belt. But Graco Wayz doesn’t include this useful facility.
  • You will get different color choices in Graco Tranzitions so that you can obtain your favorite one. But Graco Wayz comes with a fixed color.
  • Both these items have dual-sided cup holders. However, the cup holders of Graco Tranzitions are very easy to clean.     

Hopefully, it is clear that why I recommend Graco Tranzitions for you. If you are interested to know the prices of both seats, press the buttons below.


Similar Features of Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions

  • Graco Wayz and Tranzitions come with a 3-in-1 harness booster that provides the highest protection to your child.
  • These car seats have Dual-sided cup holders to keep drinks, snacks, and other essentials within your reach. 
  • Both have adjustable headrest facilities for your children, which simply adjusts your growing toddler.

Quick Comparison: Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions

Specifications  Graco Wayz  Graco Transitions 
Editor’s rating  4.6 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions  19 L x 18 W x 27 H inches.  19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches. 
Brand  Graco  Graco 
Item weight  1.2 pounds  1 pound 
Maximum weight recommendation  100 pounds  100 pounds 
Minimum weight  22 pounds  22 pounds 
Color options  No  Yes 
Open-loop guides seat belts  No  Yes 
Easy clean cup holders  Yes  Yes 
Built-in infant insert  Yes  Yes 
Adjustable headrest options  Yes  Yes 
Padded armrest facility  Yes  Yes 
Items Color  Groudon  Proof 
Adjustable headrest positions  7-positions  8-positions 
Portable seat facility  Yes  Yes 

Differences and Similarities: Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions


Both these products appear in a similar dimension. Still, Graco Tranzitions the slimmer and lighter ones because this car seat arrives with a dimension of 19 x 17.4 x 26.5 inches. The Graco Wayz comes in a dimension of 19 L x 18 W x 27 H inches. 

The Graco Wayz is slightly heavier than the Graco Tranzitions. Graco Wayz arrives at a weight of 1.2 pounds, and the Graco Tranzitions weigh 1 pound. Therefore, carrying this one is very easy for the parents. 

Special features 

Both these car seats offer so many great features. Such as the open-loop guides of Graco Tranzitions for positioning the seat belts in the perfect position. This seat also offers an 8-positioned headrest facility, while the Graco Wayz of 7-positions headrest process.  

These car seats also appear with dual cup holders to put your water bottles and snacks. Those mug holders are easy to clean up. Moreover, the padded armrest facility of these items is beneficial. You will get a built-in infant inset with these items. 

Color options 

Graco Tranzitions comes in three different color options, while the Wayz comes with one color. It allows you to choose the color that suits you or you like. But the Graco Wayz doesn’t provide you a color option. 


These two baby car seats are manufactured with exclusive quality breathable foam materials to provide extra comfort and support to your kid. According to many user’s reviews, the air-passing ability of these items is very high. And children’s back part of the body will continue sweat-free even though they are on the seats for an extended period. 

Warranty and customer support 

Graco provides an all-time repairable warranty with these products. Also, they offer a 30-days return policy, and if your baby is not comfortable on the seat, you can replace or return it. However, they offer a lifetime warranty, and if the seats have any manufacturer issues, you will get free repair service. 


My final verdict is Graco Tranzitions because this car seat offers more useful features than Graco Wayz. This booster seat comes at a slightly lower cost than Graco Tranzitions. So, you can go for that one as it is budget-friendly and provide the best features that you will not get from the Graco Wayz. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Graco Wayz vs Tranzitions

Question: Do these products come with a latch installation system?

Answer: Yes, both of them come with the quick click latch installation system. 

Question: Can I remove the cup holders? 

Answer: The cup holders are not removable, but they are built-in easy to clean. 

Question: Can I get a rear-facing option with these car seats?

Answer: No, you will not get rear-facing functionality with these items. But the Graco Tranzitions offers a forward-facing option. 

Question: Can I wash the seat pad? 

Answer: Yes, these seat pads are removable. Also, these are machine-washable. 

Question: Is the back removable? 

Answer: Yes, both products have this useful functionality. You can use these items as a backless booster seat. 

Question: Is the Graco Tranzitions appear with an extendable torso system?

Answer: No, this item doesn’t include this facility. None of these items has this kind of specialty.

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