Hoka Bondi 5 vs Bondi 6

Hoka Bondi 5 vs Bondi 6 – Know the Difference & Grab the Best One


Hoka Bondi 5 vs Bondi 6Bondi 5 & Bondi 6 from Hoka is very similar in features, but with the detailed comparison, Bondi 6 would be the best choice here.

Why Bondi 6 is Best Choice?

  • Bondi 6 comes with a Lycra comfort frame heel to give you the ultimate satisfaction while running, but you will miss this feature on Bondi 5.
  • The redesigned rubber outsoles made Bondi 6 weigh less than the other pair, so you will feel like there is nothing on your feet.
  • There are more variants of color available for this one than Bondi 5, so you have many options to pick the one you like.
  • Bondi 6 has a Beveled heel design, which will give you a smooth ride and better durability, but the Bondi 5 provides an ordinary heel design.
  • It is a 100% vegan shoe means this shoe is made without making any harm to animals, whereas the Bondi 5 is not a Vegan shoe.

These are the unique features that keep Bondi 6 ahead of the Bondi 5. If you want to have the best experience with shoes, please go through the below buttons and have a glance.


Similarities between Hoka Bondi 5 and Bondi 6

  • Specially designed cushion to provide the support.
  • Variants of color and size available.
  • Modified heel design for a better transition.
  • Glide feature for stability on any surface.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Hoka Clifton 6 Bondi 6
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Department Men(Womens available) Men(Womens available)
Stability Neutral Neutral
Cushion Balanced Plush
Color Variants available Variants available
Product Dimension 11.73 x 8.9 x 4.72 inches N/A
Product Weight 9 oz 10.90 oz
Heel-to-toe drop 5mm 4mm
Warranty/Replacement Return/Exchange within 30 days for a quality drop Return/Exchange within 30 days for a quality drop

Detail about the features of Hoka Bondi 5 and Bondi 6


Bondi 6 is the most cushioned shoe of the Hoka One series. The design of this shoe is perfectly balanced with its modern touch. The heel and the shoelaces fit very well with the look, so there won’t be any objection with the look. The texture of the outer part made this shoe more classy, and the engineered mesh with breathable features will allow your feet to stay cool even after prolonged use. The Bondi 5 is slightly different than the 6 with a different design and heel.


In terms of color variation, the Bondi 6 is again a winner. Around 15 variants of the color models are available for this pair. A full black and a full white variant are also available, which are two of the most popular among the users. So from this large set, you can choose the preferred one.

Bondi 5 has a total of 5 variants. If you are a white lover, then sad to say, there is no full white or grey variant available for this one. So, it’s better to stick with the Bondi 6.


This Bondi 6 is the HOKA One series’ most cushioned pair. Bondi 6 comes with a Plush level of cushion, which is the highest level of cushion. A balanced and consistent ride is guaranteed on the Bondi 6. The aligned bed cushion will give you all the warmth you’ve never enjoyed yet. There is a higher bed of soft cushion, which will provide you with the smoothest ride ever. I guess you are no more interested to hear more about the Bondi 5 as the previous one comes with everything you need.


With no brutality, no animals, the Bondi 6 is a 100% vegan shoe. If you are an animal lover and activist as well, you should definitely go for this one. As most leather manufacturers use animal accessories or skin to produce shoes and other products, in this case, you are getting a 100% vegan shoe with no animal spare. Unfortunately, Bondi 5 doesn’t have this feature.

Durability and Warranty

Shoes from HOKA are undoubtedly one of the most durable shoes for the roadrunner. On any surface, you can use this pair for years after years.

You can avail of a test run if you want by requesting through their site. Also, if you notice or feel any difference in the quality, you will have a free replacement or refund. You shouldn’t wait more rather, go have a try.

Final Words

The confusion might be cleared already. My final suggestion is just to go for the Bondi 6. You will have your best experience with shoes, especially running shoes. And this will worth every penny of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoka Bondi 5 and Bondi 6

What is the exact difference between a normal and a wide version?

The wide version is different in only the toe box and in the forefoot area. Otherwise, the rest is almost the same.

Is there any issue with the pant legs? Do they look too short?

No, they will fit perfectly.

Are these men’s shoes?

Yes, they are. But there are women’s versions available too.

Are they in the right shape from the first day?

Yes, they are good from the first day of use.

Is the insole removable?

Yes, it is. You can pun in anything additional if you want.

How are the shoes on a slippery surface?

They’re very decent, but not the finest.

How to clean these shoes? Is there any recommendation?

For this inquiry, you can pay a visit to HOKA’s official site.

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