Honeywell T5 vs T9

Honeywell T5 vs T9 – Check Why I Recommend Honeywell T9!


Honeywell T5 vs T9Honeywell T5 and T9 come with impressive features to make your home a better place. But because of some convenient features I strongly recommend you select Honeywell T9.

Why I Recommend Honeywell T9?

  • Honeywell T9 comes with one smart room sensor device that will smartly sense the temperate in the place which matters most, and you do not need to do anything manually. On the contrary, Honeywell T5 does not provide an intelligent sensor.
  • This thermostat can focus on multiple rooms for comfort where it needs most. So, you can get the temp you want, where you want it—to work, focus, or sleep. In contrast, T5 won’t provide this facility.
  • T9 utilizes unique Honeywell Home technology to deliver an efficient signal up to 200 ft range to cover a big house or large area. On the other side, T5 can only focus on a specific room with an ordinary signal range.
  • Both are compatible with the voice command function, but T5 does not support it properly. Besides, Honeywell T9 works perfectly with voice commands and you can switch it to the home mode or sleep mode by using your voice.
  • With T9, you can set the sleep mode without scheduling your device; on the other hand, the sleep mode can only be used with a schedule on Honeywell T5.

Honeywell T5 and T9 share almost the same features, but the above-mentioned features make T9 the best choice here. So, if you are interested in T9 plus want to check the price then simply press the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Honeywell T5 and T9 both are very easy to install, so you don’t need a professional to set up these devices.
  • They have a touch display that helps you to control your device, adjust settings and cooling mode easily.
  • Both are compatible with the Honeywell App and voice command that allows you to access all your Honeywell Home devices in one place.
  • They use automatic home and away modes, so they will start running when you are home and stops when you leave. In this way, both devices save energy.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Honeywell T5 Honeywell T9
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  4 x 4 x 1.25 inches 3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches
Weight  0.11 Pounds 1.46 pounds
Smart Control  Yes  Yes 
Alexa Compatible  Yes  Yes 
Smart Home Integration Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Type 2.4 GHz 2.4 and 5.0 GHz
Additional Sensors No Yes 
Prioritize Multiple Rooms Yes Yes 
Filter Change Alerts Yes  Yes 
Auto Home/Away Scheduling (Geofencing) Yes Yes
Energy Star Certified  Yes Yes
App Honeywell Home Honeywell Home
Warranty 2-years 2-years

Similarities and Dissimilarities: Honeywell T5 vs Honeywell T9


Honeywell T5 comes in black color, while the T9 is white. The black color makes the T5 a stylish thermostat, but this is slightly larger. The Honeywell T5 is 4 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1.25 inches high. While the T9 is 3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches (L X W x H). And the weight of these devices is 0.11 Pounds and 1.46 pounds respectively. However, both have a touch display which is very handy to operate.

Installation Process

The installation process of the Honeywell T5 and T9 is straightforward. You can do it yourself with the guided installation setup of these two devices. Both come with a power adapter, which is very easy to install.

Moreover, you can use C-wire as well, which is the alternative to low-voltage. It will save energy, and the devices are Energy Star Certified. However, to install them first, you need to feed the wire into the lettered ports of the wall plate and close it. Next, snap the device into the wall and the device will self-configure, plus guide you on how to set it up.

Smart Sensor 

Honeywell T9 comes up with an extra smart sensor, which is no available with the T5. The device will sense the temperature in your house that matters the most.

Additionally, the device will observe your lifestyle and help you save energy and schedule or set the program according to your preference. It saves you time, while the T5 doesn’t provide this unique feature. When you have the smart sensor, you do not need to schedule or set temperature manually; the device will do it for you.

Honeywell Home App 

They are compatible with the Honeywell Home App, making it very simple to control the temperature, including other things. Once you install the device, you can be worry-free as the device will notify you when the temperature rises above or fall below; moreover, it will remind you when you need to change the air filters.

Voice Command

The Honeywell T5 and Honeywell T9 work with the smart home partners Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit. With these voice commands features controlling your device is very simple. So make your home cooler or warmer or save energy, schedule everything in between just by saying so. But remember, the thermostats will require a voice assistant device; otherwise, you cannot use it.

Smart Response & Alerts

These two are smart thermostats that learn the heating or cooling cycles of your house. And at the right time, the device will provide an optimal temperature.

Moreover, the devices use geofencing technology from your smartphone, and using the location will automatically control the temperature. The geofencing uses the app to know when you are at home, and when you leave; it will also help you schedule the device plus save energy.


In terms of warranty, Honeywell T5 and T9 provide a 2-years warranty. And the thermostats will last for many years to come without any significant issues. If you have any problems using them, you can repair them within the warranty period free of cost.

Final Words 

Honeywell T5 and T9 don’t have much difference, yet some unique features include in the T9. So, I highly recommend you select the Honeywell T9 for your home, and it carries some convenient functions, as you can see. This would be an ideal option rather than T5. Or if you think you are comfortable with the T5, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Asked Questions about Honeywell T5 vs T9

Can I install T5 without C-wire?

No, the Honeywell T5 required C-wire to install the device, but the T9 doesn’t require any C-wire.

Are they programmable?

Yes, Honeywell T5 and T9 are programmable devices that let smartly control them.

What is the warranty?

Both of them come with a two-year warranty, and you can use them for years.

Can I use them without the internet?

Yes, it is possible to use them without the internet, the device has a touch panel screen that lets you control them.

How to schedule the device?

Honeywell T5 and T9 use a geofencing system that lets you schedule them. Moreover, they have a Permanent Hold feature, and you can press on this to schedule.

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