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Honeywell T9 vs T10 – Get the Best Thermostat Today!


Honeywell T9 vs T10Honeywell T9 and T10 will smartly control the heating system in your whole home, moreover, you can control the temperature level as well. If you wanna pick the best one, Honeywell T9 would be the right choice compared to T10 Pro. Let’s see why I recommend T9.

What Makes Honeywell T9 Best?

  • Honeywell T9 doesn’t require professional installation, while T10 needs a professional installer. Moreover, T9 will configure itself, which is a plus point for this thermostat.
  • T9 is an ideal thermostat for any small house since it is compact. On the other hand, T10 is not compact plus required more space.
  • According to T10 users, the motion detection process doesn’t work. But Honeywell T9 is smarter, and it gives you hassle-free service than T10.

These incredible features of the T9 make it a better thermostat than its competitor. Also, I suggest you this device for you, and you can consider T9 for your home. To check their prices, just click the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Honeywell T9 and T10 up to 200 ft. sensor range.
  • Both works with Alexa, including the Google Assistant voice control.
  • They provide touch screen control.
  • You can schedule the temperature on both thermostats.
  • The T9 and T10 are compatible with the Honeywell Home App.
Specifications  Honeywell T9  Honeywell T10
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5  4.4 out of 5
Honeywell Home App  Yes Yes
Dimension 3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches
Installation  D-I-Y installation  Required Professional Installation 
Sensor Range  200 ft 200 ft
Works With Alexa Yes Yes
Motion Detection  Yes Yes 
Google Assistant Compatible  Yes Yes 
Power Supply C-wire Power Adapter Hardwired
Weight  1.31 pounds 9.6 ounces
Smart Home Integration Yes  Yes 
Display Type Touch Screen Touch Screen
Voice Control  Yes Yes 
Thermostat Type Programmable  Programmable 
Away Scheduling Yes  Yes 
Filter Change Alerts Yes  Yes 
Energy Star Certified Yes  Yes 
Warranty 5 Years  5 Years

Differences and Similarities Between Honeywell T9 vs T10

Smart Room Sensor 

Honeywell T9 and T10 are smart devices, and they both will smartly control the temperature in your home. The devices are compatible with the Smart Room Sensors function. It lets you check the humidity in your home, including the temp of each room. The smart sensor allows you to focus on a specific room you want. Or the device can also focus on the room contain people. Honeywell Thermostat t9 and t10 have a strong signal to reach up to 200 ft to spread further across the home. Since the devices can focus on the specific rooms, they ensure a cozy night’s sleep.

Auto Home and Away Mode

Controlling these two devices is very simple and straightforward as they are compatible with Honeywell Home App. The geofencing system of these two devices knows when you are coming to the home and going. By doing this, the app makes sure you get comfortable while you are at home and save energy when you are away. Moreover, they are compatible with the Google Assistant plus Alexa voice command to control them easily.


The design of the Honeywell T9 ensures taking little space in your home. It is 3.7 inches long, 4.92 inches wide, and 0.94 inches high. On the other side, the Honeywell T10 is 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches (L x W x H). The T10 Pro will take a lot of space in your home, and if you have a small house, it would be a little bit of hassle for you. Furthermore, the touch display of the T9 response quicker than T10. That’s why your best pick would be the Honeywell T9.

Installation Process

The Honeywell T9 is better than the T10 when it comes to the installation process. That’s because the T9 has a DIY process; on the flip side, the Honeywell T10 required professional installation, which is a little bit hassle. However, you need to feed the wires into the lettered ports of the wall plate, and then by closing the plate you have to snap the T9 into the wall. Once the device snaps into the wall, it will automatically start self-configuring and take a little bit of guidance for the simple setup. In contrast, Honeywell T10 won’t start working unless installed by a professional as it’s a little bit tough to install.

Whole-Home Coverage 

Control your Honeywell T9 and T10 with Honeywell Home App; the app allows you to control your day. Or you can use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. Also, both are compatible with Microsoft Cortana plus other smart voice control devices. However, the app makes it very simple to control the temperature and monitor the usage as well and much more from anywhere you are.

Furthermore, you will be notified on your smartphone while the temperature rises above or fall below. If the device needs to change the air filters, it will notify you as well. And the app is capable of switches you’ve preferred away temperature when you are not at home.


Honeywell T9 and T10 come with a 5-year warranty that allows you to replace the device. Or if the device has any defect, you can repair it for free of cost. Though both devices come with the same warranty, yet I suggest you select the Honeywell T9.


After reviewing both Honeywell T9 and T10, you can see that both share the same features. But the Honeywell T10 Pro is not an ideal option because the motion sensor doesn’t work here properly, while the Honeywell T9 is a full-feature thermostat. And both have the same warranty, but the features made the T9 the best option, so going with the T9 would be an ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Honeywell T9 vs T10

What is the fan mode in T9 and T10?

Both have a circulating fan that uses 3 different settings: Circulate, Auto, and On.

How can I control the temperature?

The devices have different temperature sensing for the different rooms; you need to decide which temperature you prioritize. To drive the heating and cooling calls.

Are they programmable?

Yes, both are programmable thermostats, plus compatible with 1 Smart Room Sensor, and per day you will get up to 6 periods.

Can I adjust the brightness on the T10?

You will find an option on the display named Inactive Backlit and Inactive Sleep Backlit with 10% increments.

Is there an occupancy sensor on the thermostat?

You won’t find the occupancy sensor on the thermostat, but the remote sensor does have occupancy.

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