How To Check Shutter Count On Nikon D750

How To Check Shutter Count On Nikon D750

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The Nikon D750 DSLR camera allows you to click 1,50,000 times to take pictures. If you plan to buy a used camera or want to know your camera’s shutter actuation, then you can take help to learn how to check the shutter count on the Nikon D750 DSLR camera from this guideline. 

Knowing the shutter’s actuation is needed as it reaches the expected lifespan and impacts on images. You will not get sharpness, color, etc., on photos you have taken. Replacement is necessary to avoid these things. Let’s check out how to check the shutter actuation on Nikon D750. 

Checking Process Of Shutter Count On Nikon D750 

To check the shutter count or actuation of the camera, follow the process.

Step 1: Insert The SD Card

The first thing you should do is insert the memory card into the camera. A camera without an SD card will not save a picture taken, and you cannot check the remaining lifespan of the shutter button. After inserting the card, turn the camera on to take a photo to upload online.  

Step 2: Ensure The Image Quality Is In A JPEG Format

The picture you will take through the camera should be in a JPEG basic format; otherwise, online fails to show accurate information. To confirm the image format is in a required setting, press the ‘Menu’ button, navigate to ‘Photo Shooting Menu,’ and search for ‘image quality.’

In the image quality option, you can check the format of the picture. If you find another form is set instead of the specific one, change it to choose the correct one. You should also ensure that the image size is set to small, not medium or large. Now, take a raw photo with the camera by pressing the shutter button. 

Step 3: Connect The SD Card To The Computer

Ensure the computer gets the memory card. You can connect the SD card to the computer letting it inside the camera, or take it out and attach it to the computer using an adaptor. 

If you do not want to remove the SD card and connect it from the camera to the machine, you need a cable to link between them. Or you can also directly attach the SD card to the computer if it has an SD card slot. Just separate the card from the shooting device and insert it into the computer’s slot. 

Step 4: Upload 

When the computer confirms it has received the SD card, type ‘’ It is the site from where you can inspect the shutter count. Then, choose the taken raw photo saved in the memory card and upload it. This will show the result shutter actuation of your camera, including your camera’s name, in a few seconds.  


The camera’s shutter functions slowly when it fills the target and does not give you the vivid picture you want. I hope you have got enough information from this guideline about the way to check the shutter actuation. Use the method to see the validity of the shutter and change it when needed. 

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