How To Clean Dyson Animal Filter

How To Clean Dyson Animal Filter


Cleaning the filters once a month is a must for the vacuum cleaner as it is filled with dust and debris. Filters are used to collect the dust and debris from the deep of the carpet or other furniture. 

Filters do not allow the soot to roam around the house, which makes you sick. Instead, they trap unwanted particles and make your home free from dust. You have to give your machine special treatment as they do potential work. 

Then, how to clean Dyson’s animal filter? Follow the guideline. 

Step-By-Step Process To Clean The Filters.

While cleaning the filters, the method should be followed, or they will not be cleaned and be the risk of damage. 


To clean the pe-filter, you must take the filter out from the cyclone unit and wash it with water. After that, make it dry for a day. Let’s see the cleaning process-

You will have to power off the machine and take your hands to the cyclone unit where the pre-filter is situated. Take the cover out, and you will get access to the pre-filter. 

Extract the filter, and you will see the layer of dust and debris present there, which needs to be cleaned. Now, please take it to the sink or a dust bin and strikes gently to remove the layer of soot. 

Doing so allows you to wipe the pre-filter more easily when you drench the filter with water. 

Make the filter wet with water and gently rub it. Be careful while doing that because your scrubbing can break the stick inside the filter if you give much force in washing. 

You can also polish the filter more deeply if you want. For this, you have to detach the frame from the filter part. You will see a clip on the surface area of the filter at the top. Use a blunt knife or any other thing to remove the joint. 

See, the inner part is coming out. Now, fill the inside of a filter with water and scrub. Follow the same thing until you see the water coming out from it is clear. 

When the filter is cleaned enough, now take it to get a dry place to make it water free. 

Post -filter 

Post-filter cleaning follows the same method. It is fixed behind the machine. When you plan to clean the post filter, rotate it anti-clockwise, and it will come out. 

Every Dyson post filter is washable and does not take special care to wash. Like a pre-filter, you can wash it with water. Apply water to wet the filter and fill the inner section with water. Rotate and shake, covering the upper close with your hand.

Drain the water and leave it for several hours. To let the filter completely dry the time at least 24 hours is needed. 

Set the filter when it is ready to use. 


To make the filters work smoothly, you should wash them once a month. It will help the machine to suck the dirt more accurately and keep your house dust free. I suggest you follow the guideline to know the steps for clearing the filters. 

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