How To Clean Dyson Cordless Vacuum

How To Clean Dyson Cordless Vacuum


How to clean Dyson cordless vacuum is a question you search for when you use a Dyson vacuum gadget. 

Are you facing problems with Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner? Maybe it is the Dyson V6 or Dyson V8 animal or any other model of Dyson you use. Whatever the model you are using, you may face some common issues regarding the Dyson vacuum gadget. 

Maybe it does not work precisely like before. Or maybe it makes an irritating sound, or the machine sometimes overheats. 

It happens because dust takes shelter inside the device and warns you to clean it. But how to clean the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner? The answer is in this guideline. 

So, let’s start reading it.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Method 

The cleaning process in Dyson V6 or V8 animal cordless vacuum cleaner is the same. You have to give time to wash the heads, canister, filters, and motor parts. But first, you must disconnect the power connection. 

So, let’s see the instructions. 

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The Dyson vacuum machine has multiple heads, each with specific functions for specific use. For example, in Dyson V6, you will find a motor head and a soft brush head. The same thing is available in the Dyson V8 animal. 

What model of Dyson you may use does not matter. The cleaning process is the same for both models. First, separate the cover and wipe it with water or a cloth. 

First, talk about the soft roller head. Use a screwdriver to fit in the vertical line or a gap on the soft roller’s body. Twist it anti-clockwise, and the cover will separate. Next, pull out the roller and wipe the dust from its surface using water. Make it dry and insert it into a specific area. 

While opening the motor head, the process is the same as the soft roller. Unscrew the lid and take the brush out. But for the motor head, it is wise not to use water and to try to brush it with a paintbrush. Take a scissor and cut the hair if it circles the wheel. 


Now, the following item to clean is the canister. It is the part of the machine where the dust waits for final dumping. First, check whether it is overloaded or not because overloading issues cause damage to the device. 

In Dyson V6, you must press a red button to empty the vessel. When you put pressure on this button, the cover will open up and dump the waste. But in the Dyson V8 animal, you don’t have to press a button but have to pull the hatch.

It is situated at the cyclone part; you can pull the hatch up to uncover the lid. 

Now, take preparation to clean the canister. To do this, first, detach the vessel from the machine. In Dyson V6, the release button is on the machine body, whereas the same thing in the Dyson V8 is beneath the container. 

The bin is suitable for water washing. Polish it with water and don’t use detergent or a chemical. But make sure the contacts should not wet while cleaning in water. After completing this cleansing, let it dry. 


Both Dyson V6 and V8 Animal have a pre-filter and a HEPA filter. But Dyson V6’s motor or HEPA filter can not be washable. But the Dyson V8 animal has no such restriction. So you can clean both pe-filter and the HEPA filter. 

Pull the filter out and wash it in water. Next, scrub the surface part and clean the inside part by letting the water insert into it. Follow the method until you find the filter clean enough. 

The HEPA filter in Dyson V8 is behind the motor secretion. Rotate it anti-clockwise to disconnect and polish it with water. 

Both filers must be dried and require 24 hours to get rid of water. Please do not leave them under direct sunlight or naked flame. The use of a hair dryer is also restricted in this matter. 

Cyclone Part

The cyclone part also needs your attention for washing. It is adjusted with the canister, so it cannot escape the soot. Don’t use water; take a brush to clean. It will be fine enough if you use an air blower. 


Another thing you should pay attention to is the machine’s pipe. Search for the thing that can block the line inside the tube, preventing the airflow. Use a ruler, rigid stick, or thin metal to make free access for the airflow. 


The cleaning process mentioned above is best for the machine if you want to eliminate the problems. Follow the cleansing method and wash the parts one after another to give them a fresh look and boost performance. 

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