How To Clean Dyson V11 Filter

How To Clean Dyson V11 Filter


How to clean the Dyson V11 filter? What is the operation of cleansing it? Is it tough? These questions come to your mind when you don’t have specific knowledge about the Dyson V11 filter. 

The answers to your questions are here. In the guideline, I explained how you should wash the filter and the time it needs to dry. 

So, let’s see the plan of action. 

Dyson V11 Filer Cleaning Process

Dyson V11 filter cleaning is not a tough job to do. It just takes only five minutes of your time. The thing you have to use is water and nothing else. Let’s see the process-

You have to remove the filter from the machine first. The exciting thing is that Dyson V11 has two filters; both are attached. So you do not have to invest time in opening the filters separately. Instead, you can do it in a single moment.

The filter is attached to the device at the motor part. When you plan to uncover the filter, hold the filter cover and rotate it anti-clockwise; the filter will separate. 

You will find the dust and debris covering the filter section so densely that airflow can hardly pass. Use a brush to wipe the soot from the filter surface part. Hide your face with a cloth or wear a mask if you are allergic to dust. 

Always do the cleaning process outside the home because the soot will spread in the air and make the dwelling area dirty again. You can also use a plastic bag if you do not want to go outside. Insert the filter in the bag and do wiping. 

Next, drench the filter with water. You do not have to worry about its damaging issue if it is wet. Dyson filters are made in such a way that they can be easily polished in the water, and no harm will happen to them. 

First, wash the cover and the surface, then fill the inner section with water. Next, seal the open area with the palm of your hand and shake it. Finally, you can scrub the filter to make it dirt free. 

Repeat the process until you get sure everything is done correctly. This course of action takes four to five minutes. 

Now, it is time to let it dry. Select the area with much airflow for 24 hours, having the surety of no direct sunlight heat. Direct sun rays damage the filter section and do not let the filter trap the filths. 

Again, you can not use the heat of the microwave oven or a hair dryer or even place it near a naked flame. Furthermore, there is a risk of harm to the filter, and you have to replace it with a new one which costs you more. 

Set the filter after it completes the mandatory 24 hours restrictions. Adjust it to the selected area and revolve it to fit the device. 


The filter polishing is easy, and it will not bother you. But the cleaning method should be precise or else you will damage it. So, read the instructions carefully and make your filter revive again. 

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