How To Clean Dyson V8 Filter

How To Clean Dyson V8 Filter


Do you know dirty filters can make your Dyson V8 machine work harder, which leads the device to walk out before its maturity? Unfortunately, it is not the only thing. 

You will also see your house remains dirty though you use the equipment, or an odor smell avails in the place while the gadget is turned on. So then, how do you clean the filters? 

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How To Clean Dyson V8 Filter?

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner consists of two filters- a pre-filter and a HEPA motor filter. You can wash both of them in cold water. But first, check the process of cleaning it. 


  • Disconnect the power connection, then remove the pre-filter from the front area of the machine. 
  • Slowly strikes the filter on the sink or the dust bin to remove the soot from the filter. 
  • Please take it to the tap and open the tap to get water. 
  • Drench the filter in water and gently rinse it. 
  • Fill the filter with water, rotate, and shake to get better results. 
  • Do it until the water gets clean. 
  • Please leave it to a day for 24 hours.

You can deeply clean the pre-filter by detaching the sticks inside it. For this, use a complex and blunt thing and place it at the clips, which you will find at the top of the filter. Give pressure slightly to release the frame, and now the structure and the filter are ready for deep washing. 

While setting up, insert the stick into the filter, push downward, and the clip will lock.

HEPA Motor Filter 

HEPA motor filter cleaning is not necessary every time. You can free the HEPA filter any time when it seems to you dirty enough. The process is-

  • Rotate the HEPA filter anti-clockwise, and it will disconnect from the machine.
  • Let it drenches under water. 
  • Ensure there is no dirt in it. 
  • After cleaning, let it dry for 24 hours.


You bought an instrument for cleaning your house free from dirt and debris. But dirty filters do not let you live in a decent area. Moreover, it causes a threat to your device. So, clean the machine regularly and increase its ability to wipe out dust. 

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