How To Clean Dyson V8

How To Clean Dyson V8


You should know how to clean a Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner because good cleaning impacts the machine’s function. 

Cleaning a vacuum cleaner may seem irritating when you think it will take time. That is why you do not invest time in cleaning or do not clean accurately. 

But do you know not cleaning the machine properly will substantially affect your device? The leftover dirt will damage your machine. For example, it may block the pipe or the insert into the motor unit, which makes the machine malfunction. 

As a result, the vacuum cleaner overheats and leads to the risk of damage. So, to avoid these issues, you should know how to clean and which parts you should take care of for cleansing. In this guide, I am going to discuss how you can do it. So, let’s dive in.

How to Clean The Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? 

When you take the Dyson V8 to clean, you should know the machine and its cleanable parts. Here, I have made a list of the elements that can be used to go under the clearing process. 


The first thing I like to mention is that the machine’s canister comes first in the washing process. As it is a vessel meant to keep the dust and debris for dumping outside, it will surely be full of soot. 

It has to be separated from the machine for the Washing. But make sure the bin is empty; if it is not, then first vacant it. Pulling up the handle on the cyclone section will open the box’s lid, and the dust will come out. 

Pressing the red button beneath the vessel will let the container be removed from the device. You can also open the canister more quickly if you want. A switch is given on the motor part; by pressing that button, you will be allowed to extract the cyclone first, which will help you to detach the bin more easily. 

Now, wash the canister. Use cold water to clean it and ensure the contacts of the container should not be wet due to the water. Don’t use detergent or chemicals for polishing the canister. After completing the washing process, use a microfiber cloth to polish it and leave it to dry.  


In Dyson V8, there are three heads- the fluffy head, the motor head, and the other Motorised head, each of which has a specific function. So now, let’s talk about their cleaning process. 

  • Fluffy Head 

The fluffy head is inserted into a transparent tube and secured with a cover. Taking it out of the tunnel would be best when you need to clean this head. First, use a screwdriver or a coin to set it to the gap in front of the head. Now, rotate it anti-clockwise, and it will open up. 

Take out the brush and use a painting brush to remove the dust. Don’t use water to clean this brush. Clean the tube inside and then set the brush into the box. 

  • Motor Head

The opening process is the same as the fluffy head. Use the brush to clean the surface part of the brush. Usage of water for Washing is not restricted for this head. You can wash it in water. But dry it in the open place before attaching it. 

  • Motorized Brush 

A fluffy head’s exact process should apply to the motorized head. First, brush and then insert it into the tube. 


The Dyson V8 has two filters, both ready to wash in water. Unfortunately, filters get dirty after regularly using the machine as they trap the soot from the carpet, floor, or other sides. 

  • Pre-Filter 

Take the pre-filter and hit it gently on the bin to remove dust on its surface. Next, wash it in water and rub it with your hands. It takes four or five minutes to complete the cleaning. But make sure the filter should be clean both from the inside and the outside. 

  • HEPA Filter 

Like the previous one, HEPA is also easy to clean. Put it under water. Clean the inside and outside parts of the filter until it looks clear enough. 

The pre-filter and the HEPA filter should be dry for twenty-four hours in a windy place. Please don’t use a hair dryer, microwave oven, or fire heat to make them dry. They will be the reasons for damaging the filters. 

Motor Unit

You can clean the motor unit using a brush when you detach the other parts from the device. Use a brush and touch the surface section of the motor. 

Cyclone Unit

For the cyclone unit, the cleaning process is the same as for the motor unit. However, the dust will be confined to the bottom section of the cyclone portion. So, give care to the bottom division while cleaning. 


Now you can understand the value of cleaning the Dyson vacuum cleaner. So don’t make yourself indifferent to the machine and regularly clean after using it.  

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