How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Canister

How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Canister


You may ignore cleaning the canister while washing the filters of the Dyson vacuum machine because you don’t know how to polish it or get irritated when the opening matters come. But, do you know it may take much of your time to free the house from dirt? 

Again, not cleaning the canister may increase the possibility of getting the instrument clogged. 

So, what to do now? First, let’s see what this guideline offers you. 

How To Clean Your Vacuum Canister?Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner - Consumer Reports

Washing your vacuum canister is not a challenging task to do. It is simple and follows at first emptying the bin and cleaning it with water. Let’s see the doings to proceed- 


  • First, check whether the clear box is full of dirt or not. When soot reaches the top of the container, it is time to open up the drum and erase the waste. But make sure the case should not overfilled. 
  • Close the power connection and unplug the machine.
  • You will find a red button behind the cyclone’s carrying handle. Press it to release the cyclone cover and clear the box from the body. 
  • Again, press the red button, and the casket’s base opens to remove the dirt. 
  • Come outed dross and debris make you uncomfortable while dumping them; use a plastic bag to avoid this situation. 
  • Be cautious, whereas the open part of the bag is tightly sealed with the bin door from where the dirt comes out. 
  • After finishing the job, close the bag and dump it. 


The box and cyclone shroud can be scrubbed separately, but not in the same way. For example, the container can be washed with water, whereas the cyclone unit needs a brush or cloth to wipe out the dust. 

Now, look at how to clean the clear bin and the cyclone cover. 

  • You can separate the cyclone layer and the vessel by pressing the silver button. This button is found behind the red button. You will see the red button when you press the red switch on the chest.
  • Wipe the bin with cold water and let it dry for twenty-four hours. 
  • While scrubbing the box, ensure you are not using the detergent, polishers, or air fresheners to get better results. 
  • Avoid dishwasher to clean the vessel.
  • The Cyclone unit should not be submerged or filled with water.
  • Use a dry brush or a cloth to remove the lint and dust from the cyclone shroud. 

How To Refit The Cyclone To The Bin or Bin To The Main Body?

It is easy to set the cyclone sheet to the bin or connect them with the machine. Place the cyclone on the container, and the silver button will click and engage. 

Close the door of the container base after joining the cyclone cover and drive the canister to the machine, and it will set. Ensure they are appropriately fixed. 


Cleansing the canister of your Dyson Vacuum machine is good for you. If you do not scrub the canister correctly, then left-out dirt will remain inside; hence the canister will fill up quickly. Thus, cleaning the canister regularly won’t make you irritated. So, follow the guideline and clean the canister to avoid this situation. 

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