How To Clean Winix Air Purifier

How To Clean Winix Air Purifier


The performance of an air purifier largely depends on its maintenance. You have bought it to remove the chemicals, smoke, or air-borne contaminants and secure the air to breathe. 

But it fails to do its job when your air purifier is turned out to be a house of dust, and your purpose will not be fulfilled. 

So, how to clean the Winix air purifier? Look for the answer below. 

Method Of Cleaning The Winix Air Purifier 

You can clean the air purifier using a blower or an air compressor. But the first thing to be done is to open the front portion of the machine. Here is the further process- 

  • Pull off the front panel to reach the filters and place it on a side. You will see the filters positioned inside the device. 
  • First, push down the switches on the two sides of the first pre-filter at the top and bring it out. 
  • Then take out the carbon filter and HEPA filter. 

Now, using a blower appears to remove dust from the filters. Follow the rules of usage of a blower to filters.

  • Check where the indication is on a first pre-filter. Use a blower and blow air to the filter in the direction the filter prescribed. 
  • In the HEPA filter, you will see a direction on the top of the filter frame to inform where to give air. Use the blower in the opposite direction it recommends. 

Besides filters, you will have to clean the reachable parts of an air purifier. For doing this, all you need is a blower and a soft, damp cloth. 

You clean the front part and interior fan vents using the cloth to remove dirt. Then, use the blower in the dust sensor and fan vents to erase the remaining dust. 

After cleaning, set the filters into the body following the consequence. 

When Should You Change Filters? Winix Air Purifier Filter Cleaning Store, 50% OFF |

Filters in a purifier come with a specific time of service. When the duration of giving service is complete, filters need to replace. Moreover, filters often run out before the actual time as the machine runs for several hours. 

Below is the schedule for replacing the filters-

  • Pre-filter- it lasts for fourteen days; after that, replacement is necessary. 
  • HEPA filter- this filter comes with three months lifetime. Need change after the time expires.
  • Coated deodorization carbon filter- lifespan is for twelve months. It gives service up to mentioned time. 
  • Washable AOC carbon- lasts for twelve months. Wash it after every three or four months. 

Final Word

Cleaning the air purifier is not a tricky thing. You can easily clean your air purifier by applying some tips. Follow my guideline, and you can give the air purifier a new life to serve you. 

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