How To Open Dyson Vacuum Canister

How To Open Dyson Vacuum Canister


Every Dyson machine consists of a canister used to hold the unwanted things that make your house dirty. That is why you use the Dyson vacuum instrument, which removes most of the dirt and debris from your home. 

But, you will face difficulties when you try to remove the vessel or set the bin to the gadget after encountering much harassment in detaching. But it will not stand before you as a problem when you know how to take the container out or insert it into the tool. 

In this guide, I will share how to open the canister of three different Dyson vacuum cleaners. Let’s see what solutions you may find in this guideline.

How To Open The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner’s Canister?

To open up the Dyson vacuum cleaner bin, the first thing you will do is to search for the red button on the body of it. Dyson vacuum cleaner always gives multiple red buttons in its body and the canister for your easiness of opening it. 

When you find the red mark, press this to remove the container from the main body of the device. Now, it is time to empty the dust from the drum. Go to the dust bin, hold the bottom of the vessel on the open side of the garbage box and push the red button on the canister. 

You can also clear the HEPA filter at the same time. It is inserted at the top of the casket. So you do not have to click another switch to remove the filter. After cleaning it, insert it in the position it prefers. 

The cover at the bottom of the vessel opens and releases the wastage. Cover up and set the drum to the main body. Make sure you have set the lock at the top of the vessel after placing the container. 

How To Open The Dyson V10 Vacuum Cleaner’s Canister?

Dyson V10 is a vacuum machine that helps you make your house free from waste. The exceptional quality of this model is you can empty your machine’s bin without taking it out. As a result, it saves your time from removing it from the engine and setting it to the device. 

Now, let’s talk about how to open your canister’s container. 

Dyson gives a red button in every model to open and clear the canister. Please press this button and move it to the end to remove the bin’s cover thoroughly. After wiping the garbage from the box, place the lid and push it behind to set. 

You will hear a click sound, and the red button will automatically set to the position. 

How To Open The Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum Cleaner’s Canister?

Opening the canister is an irritating thing when you are using a Dyson V6 vacuum machine. The removing system of this machine is not like other Dyson models and is a little tricky. However, following a simple hack, you can erase your harassing problem to disconnect. 

When you press the red button, the box cover will open up. But when it is time to cancel the attachment of the container with the main body, press the red mark again and hold until seeing the vessel body is loosened in the back. 

Now, it is time to apply the trick. You will see a gap on the back side of the trunk, but the front is still connected. So, how do you remove it? The answer is holding the nozzle. 

After holding it, pull over the top and then down, and it will release from the device. While setting up the drum to the body, ensure it matches the container correctly. Giving pressure from the bottom of the bin will lessen the gap, and the red switch will automatically click. 


Removing the canister from the main body or setting it up to the device is easy. When you know the actual process, you can eliminate difficulties in uncovering or placing the box. Otherwise, you cannot get benefits from it. 

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