How To Reset Roomba i3

How To Reset Roomba i3


You will need to know how to reset the Roomba i3 when it is not working correctly, or not vacuuming, or the problem is something else. However, the Roomba i3 is one of the best models of the i-series that has the capability of adjusting to different types of floors and is ready to take orders anytime you want.

You can set the schedule or make the Roomba run in the selected room with your command by Google Assistant or Alexa. But sometimes, you cannot command the machine to complete the preferred task as the device cannot follow your order due to problems with the machine. 

You need to reset the gadget to solve problems, and this guideline provides you with how to reset it. So, let’s start the discussion. 

Types Of Resetting The Roomba i3

You can reset the Roomba i3 in two ways- one is just simply restarting or rebooting the machine, and another is giving the factory reset. The device uses the restart or reboot option to solve trivial issues.  

However, the factory reset will turn the device to the default state by erasing all the customized settings, maps, saved data, and other information from the robot and the App. It is needed when the problem is deep and is not solved by restarting the machine. 

Why Do You Need To Reboot Or Factory Reset Your Roomba i3? 

Restarting or rebooting the machine will be effective when you find the device is not charging or facing a struggle to connect with the wifi connection at home or other simple matters. It removes the obstacles the machine is facing and gets it back to work. 

While you should try the factory reset option of the Roomba i3 when the problem is deeply concerned, in addition, if you have bought a previously used machine or plan to sell it to buy a new one, do a factory reset to clean the saved data from its memory to make it fresh like a new one. 

How Do You Reboot The Roomba i3? 

Using the iRobot Home App to restart the machine is not possible when the machine undergoes problems like wifi connecting and disconnecting, not charging, or something else. Instead, you should do it by pressing the button on the device. The interesting fact is that restarting or rebooting will not harm saved data, time zone, maps, and other customized settings. 

It will take one and a half minutes to get alive after rebooting the gadget. Here is the process-

  • Push the clean button for 20 seconds. 
  • A white light will occur around the ‘Clear’ button that swirls. 

After one and a half minutes, restarting the device will complete and be set to normal mode again. 

How Do You Do A Factory Reset To The Roomba i3? 

To give the device a factory reset, you are allowed two ways. You can do it by using the App or without the App. However, you should remember that if you give a factory reset to the gadget by using the App, then data stored in the robot will be lost, including the maps of your rooms, cleaning preferences, and others.

But this problem will not happen in the case of doing it manually. When you give the robot a factory reset from it, your data stored in the cloud, App, etc., remain untouched. iRobot® Roomba® i3 Robot Vacuum | iRobot

See the two methods for giving the machine a factory reset-

Using the Mobile App-

From the iRobot Home app, you can do the task. 

  • Open the App and go to the sitting.
  • The display will show an option named- Remove/ Factory reset. 
  • Select the factory reset, and the factory reset starts functioning. 

Using the robot-

You can reset the machine manually if you do not want to do it through the App. Follow the steps below – 

  • Press and hold the three buttons- Home, Clean, and Spot Clean- simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • A white light will be visible around the ‘Clean’ button, which means the factory reset in on processing. 
  • Remove the fingers and wait to complete the whole process.


This is how you can reset or reboot the Roomba i3. The Roomba i3 can charge itself automatically. Whenever you see a problem like it is not charging or not docking itself or any trouble, use any of these two methods to solve it. 

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