How To Reset Winix Air Purifier

How To Reset Winix Air Purifier


Your Winix plasma wave air purifier or another model of Winix is showing a red blinking light instead of blue or amber, which makes you worry. Now you are thinking of readjusting your device but don’t know how to reboot it. 

I have a solution for you about fixing your issues.

So, let’s do this. 

Resetting Tips for Your Winix Air Purifier 

Almost every Winix air purifier, like plasma wave, C535, and C555, has the same method of restarting, and it is easy to set it to normal again. The necessary item you need is a paperclip or other thin object, and this is enough. 

Now, it is time to say something about how to reboot your air purifier. 

  • Turn the cleaner on. 
  • Now look for the reset button, which is at the top panel of the machine. 
  • Take a paperclip and place it into the hole which is next to the blinking red light. 
  • Hold it for five seconds to hear a beep sound. 
  • The mark will turn off after you hear the sound. 

The Important Thing You Need to Know – 

  • If the red sign blinking does not turn off, then it happens because of not giving enough pressure on the toggle button. 
  • Again, the red mark continues blinking, assuming the filter is not inserted correctly. 

What Are the Other Red Light Issues?Winix Air Purifier Filter Cleaning on Sale, 53% OFF |

You can also encounter issues regarding red brightness on your equipment. Sometimes it indicates a red signal and stays for some time or blinking. It means either air at your home is too polluted or the filter is worn out.

Then, what is the solution? There is also a solution for this. 

What To Do If the Red Mark Stays For A Long Time? 

When the air purifier’s sensor finds pollution in the air, the red light stays constant. Let the machine run at high speed by pressing the maximum speed button and wait for hours until the luminosity turns blue or amber. 

If it is not solved, turn off the auto power mode and set the speed limit to the maximum for several hours. 

Sometimes a red sign problem happens due to a sensor’s malfunction. If it is the main cause, then call the service center. 

Why Is the Red Light Blinking? 

When you see the red radiance on your air purifier machine blinking continuously, it is for a worn-out filter that needs to change. Replace the worn-out filter with the newer one and press and stay hold for five to ten seconds. After that, you will see the flashing glow turned off. 


Winix air purifier is made to clean polluted air at your home and give you safe air to breathe. Unfortunately, you will occasionally face resetting issues or red light matters on your tool. But you can erase these happenings by following some simple hacks in my guideline. 

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