How To Use Winix C545

How To Use Winix C545


How to use Winix c545 is not about opening up the cover, setting the machine to the room, and plugging in. Instead, you must understand many things like place, room size, functions, etc. it sounds crazy, but it is true. 

Now, you searched on the manuals but didn’t understand its instructions. So then, where to find answers? I can help you in this matter.

How To Set Up Your C545 Air Purifier? 

After you have bought a new Winix c545, then first set up your device to run. But, then, how do you do it? First, let’s check the guidelines for adjusting your instrument. 

Initial Processing 

  • Open the machine’s front panel by placing your hands on the edge and gently pushing forward. 
  • You will see filters and their bags inside; bring them out. 
  • Uncover them and place them in the following manner- 
  1. HEPA filter
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. Then, pre-filter. 
  • After that, close the panel and plug the cord into the outlet. Make sure the outlet consists of AC 120V. Otherwise, it will not power up or have a risk of damage. 

Best Place For Your Purifier 

You don’t understand the point that from where the device is best performed and make the air inside the room clean. Well, I can help you with this matter. You can install an air purifier in any of the rooms. 

You can set it in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. However, if a pet or guests often come into your home, keeping it in the living room is best. Dust or other components in the living room is too much as it is used all time. 

You can take it to the kitchen because of the odor smell created in the kitchen while foods burn. Moreover, unbearable smokes make up when you are cooking food. 

You can use a cleaner in your bedroom at night as you have generally spent eight hours or more. It allows you to take fresh air when you are sleeping. 

Things To Consider For Placing Your Winix C545 Air Purifier 

Now, you know about the primary doings and the place for giving space to your equipment. But it is not enough; you should look at the other essential things for the best usage. 

So, give a glance at the necessary factors-

  • Room Size-

Keeping your device in the room you often use is not the only matter. You have to consider your room’s measurement. Because the tool’s performance depends on the room’s size, it will not cover the entire room if your room is too big when the machine is small. 

Again, a giant purifier in a small room is just a waste of its actual capacity. So, use the equipment according to the perimeter of the room. 

  • Place It In the Odor Room-

You can place the air cleaner in the odor room. By doing so, you can prevent the odor smell for not coming out and being confined to that room. As a result, you will not face the stinky smell in the room you are using. 

  • Distance From the Wall-

Ensure the machine is set in the room and may have a minimum distance of 18- 20 inches. If it is placed in the corner of the room, then it cannot flow the air to the entire room. Moreover, it fails to get the dust and air-borne particles in the air, making it safe to breathe. 

  • Keep Away From the Other Devices-

Always use one tool if you have both an air purifier and humidifier or dehumidifier. Because when both machines are turned on, the air is pushed or pulled from various directions. 

As a result, the air purifier does not remove the pollution in the air. So, keep the humidifier off while you are using the air purifier. 

  • Keep the Windows Close-

It is necessary to keep the windows closed. This is because it allows the polluted air from the outside to enter the room. At the same time, the cleaned air escapes from the room. 

In addition, an air purifier compels you to do more work to clean the air from outside, reducing the unit’s lifespan. 

  • Put Near the Doorway-

It will be best if you set the machine in front of the doorway. Doing so allows the device to restrict the dust and other components from entering the room. 

  • Don’t Keep Electronic Gadgets In the Same Room-

You should not keep the unit in the same room where other electronic utensils like TV, microwave, or AC are already present because it is a matter of security to your equipment. 

If they are kept in the same room, the cleaner may interfere with the other electronics and not allow them to work correctly. 

  • Use a table/desk For Your Cleaner-

You can use a desk or a table when your purifier is small. Give the cleanser a base below it in your room and reboot it near you. 

If the device is significant, ground it on the place, maintaining a distance from the wall or other furniture. 

  • Don’t Set the Machine Near to Head-

When using the instrument, make sure you don’t put it near the head. You should give a gap of six feet to ten feet from the head of the bed. In that case, you may feel disturbed in sleeping when the wind of the appliance directly hits on your head. 

In addition, you may also have a headache after getting up from sleep in the morning. 

What Do Color Signs Mean?

You will see the color signs on your unit when using it. The device consists of three colors-

  • Blue
  • Amber
  • Red

Now, take a look at what color indicate what. 


When the air is in excellent condition, the machine signals blue. It means that there are no dirty things in the air. 


Amber light means that the air is of satisfactory quality where most contaminants are erased from the perspective. 


The light on the appliance turns red and stays in the same condition when it detects much pollution in the air. At that time, set the device to the maximum speed to eliminate the particles and make it safe to breathe. 

What Should You Do When the Red Light Is Blinking?

You may encounter the red light blinking and don’t know its meaning. Don’t worry; it does not matter to concern. 

The appliance signs red when expired filters are needed to replace. Change the filters and reset the instrument to turn off the red light. I have given instructions about rebooting the tool in the following headline. So, keep tracking. 

If the red light continues blinking, it may happen due to sensor malfunction. Call the service center to give a definite solution. 

How To Reboot the Filter In An Air Purifier?

You can reinstall the machine and make it normal again by following a simple process when you see the red light blinking is not stopping. The steps are as follows-

  • Take a paper clip or other thin device and insert it in the reboot hole next to the blinking light. 
  • Hold it for five seconds and will hear the sound “Beep.” 
  • Then, the red light will stop blinking, and the unit is set to normal again. 


Winix c545 air purifier is made to clean germs and give you safe and fresh air. It will eliminate your air problem and makes your life easier. But difficulties you may encounter while using but resetting the gadget will be diminished when you follow my instructions in this guideline. 

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