HP Spectre X360 vs Macbook Pro

HP Spectre X360 vs MacBook Pro – Get the Best Laptop between them


HP Spectre X360 vs Macbook ProCompared to the Hp Spectre x360, the MacBook Pro is better, so you can select the MacBook pro. Check the below section to know why it is better.

What makes Macbook Pro Better?

  • The Macbook Pro has a 512GB SSD; this is better than the Hp Spectre x360. The massive storage allows you to take the whole library whenever you go. At the same time, Hp Spectre x360 has a 256GB SSD.
  • This Laptop comes with 16GB RAM, which increases laptop performance and reduces data processing time. On the other hand, The Hp Spectre x360 has 8GB RAM.
  • MacBook Pro is built with the 10th generation quad-core intel core i5 processor, while Hp Spectre x360 has an intel core i7- 7500U. The quad-core 10th generation Processor is a high-performing CPU that can provide multitasking performance.
  • It is built with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics that speeds up the device. So you can play the games smoothly, and also, these graphics give you a better intensive workflow. On the other hand, Hp Spectre x360 has Intel HD Graphics 520, So it is also a good graphics card but not like the Macbook Pro graphics card.
  • It is lighter than Hp Spectre x360. It measures 8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches and 3.1 pounds. And the Hp Spectre dimension is 12.8 x 8.58 x 063 inches, while its weight is 3.3 pounds.
  • You will get a 13-hour longer battery life on this device, while Hp Spectre x360 provides you 12 hours of battery life. So, you can carry this device anywhere without having any charging issues.

The Macbook Pro, combined with great performance, also gives you better performance than Hp Spectre x360. So, we strongly suggest you for Macbook Pro.


Similar features between Hp Spectre x360 VS Macbook Pro

  • Both devices include a backlit keyboard to make you productive.
  • They provide a 1 -Year warranty for any manufacturer issue.
Specification Hp Spectre x360 MacBook Pro
Editors rating 3.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 3.3 pounds 3.1 pounds
Dimension 12.8 x 8.58 x 063 inches  8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61inches 
Processor 10th generation quad-core intel core i5 Intel Core i7- 7500U
Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphics Intel HD Graphics 520
SSD 256GB 512GB
Battery Life 13 hours 12 hours
Screen size 13.3 inches 13 inches
Backlit keyboard Yes Yes
Operating system Windows 8 Mac OS
Truetone technology No Yes
Touch ID Yes No
WiFi 802.11AC ( 2×2 ) 802.11AC 
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities Between Hp Spectre x360 VS Macbook Pro


There is no doubt Macbook Pro has a faster processor than the Hp Spectre x360.It is built with the quad-core 10th generation Intel core i5 processor with 8 threads and 4 cores. It gives faster data processing, and this device also allows multitasking performance. On the other hand, Hp Spectre x360 core i7 processor. It also gives better performance, but Macbook Pro is the best.


Hp Spectre x360 has Intel HD Graphics 520, while the Macbook Pro is built with the Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The Macbook Pro graphics gives the device faster data processing than Hp Spectre x360.

Operating system

The Macbook pro operating system is Mac OS that increases the notebook speed and maintains your device’s privacy. This operating system is responsive and wakes up instantly. On the other hand, Hp Spectre x360 comes with Windows 8 operating system. This mac Os operating system ensures the device is smoother in the long run.

Battery Life

You will get longer battery life with Macbook pro; this provides 13 hours longer battery backup. In contrast, the Hp Spectre x360 comes with a 12-hour battery life. So you can take the Macbook Pro on the go for any outdoor task.


This device’s display size is 13 inches, whereas the Hp Spectre x360 display size is 13.3 inches. An ideal display size makes it easy to operate. In addition, both devices can automatically adjust the brightness whenever the Sun goes down on your location.

Size and weight

Hp Spectre x360 dimension is 12.8 x 8.58 x 063 inches while the Macbook Pro size is 8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61inches and Hp Spectre x360 is heavier than Macbook Pro. Its weight is 3.3 pounds, and Macbook Pro-weight is 3.1 pounds. Lightweight is better than a heavy one, and you can carry the device easily anywhere.


Hp Spectre x360 and Macbook Pro offer a 1-year limited warranty when it comes to the warranty. The warranty works for the device purchase from the authorized shop. If the product gets damaged during the manufactured time, then they fix it without any cost.

Final Word

Hopefully, you have made your mind as to which device is suitable for you. But if you still can’t decide which device is better for you, we recommend the Macbook Pro. But at the end of the day, it is your choice. If you are okay with Hp Spectre x360, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hp Spectre x360 VS Macbook Pro.

Do they offer any warranty?

Yes, both devices have come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Can I use an external monitor on Macbook Pro/

Yes, You can use an external monitor with this device.

Can this 16GB RAM upgrade?

No, You can not upgrade the.RAM

Can this be the mirror to the TV?

Yes, but only if you have a mirror cast-capable set-top box or TV. If not, you can purchase a Miracast receiver for your TV.

Can an external battery charge this?

The battery life on this laptop is quite long-lasting on a full charge. So my only assumption about being charged by an external battery is that if it can connect to the laptop’s power adapter, I think it would charge it.

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