iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro – Learn Why MacBook Pro is Best!


iPad Pro vs MacBook ProiPad Pro is built with the Apple iPhone in mind that’s why you can invest in the MacBook Pro. However, the MacBook Pro has different models, but we select Pro 13. So, you should consider MacBook Pro 13

Why Should You Consider MacBook Pro 13?

  • This laptop is perfect for personal use, business, or playing intensive games. That’s because it is integrated with the macOS operating system. While the iPad Pro is ideal for personal use only, and it has iPadOS, which is made for Apple iPhones.
  • They feature the M1 Chip, but the Pro 13 delivers 2.8x faster speed than the iPad Pro. Therefore, you can do the tasks effortlessly on this device in no time. 
  • Both of them also combine with 8-core GPU speed, yet there’s a slight difference. MacBook Pro 13 gives 5x faster graphics performance, so you can play intensive games or open apps in seconds. 
  • MacBook Pro 13 has the longest 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, thus you can do any intensive tasks on a single charge. Besides, its cousin delivers 10 hours backup. 
  • You will be more productive with the Pro 13 since it is built with a backlit illuminated keyboard. Therefore, you can see each key in the dark environment. At the same time, the iPad Pro doesn’t include a keyboard.
  • Both have a Retina display technology, but this device can adjust the brightness level automatically. It’s very convenient as it won’t affect your eyes. However, the iPad Pro cannot adjust the brightness level. 

iPad Pro tablet is a good choice for people searching for a device for lightweight tasks. Whereas the MacBook Pro 13 combines these incredible features to make it a beast for high-intensive jobs. So, consider the Pro 13’s features to make the best decision.


Similar Features: iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

  • They create immersive sound while playing music or watching movies. Thus you will feel the sound all around you. 
  • iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 13 devices are built with wifi 6, so you will get the next-level internet speed. 
  • They feature 512 GB internal storage, hence they can launch any files instantly and make the devices fast and fluid.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications iPad Pro MacBook Pro 13
Editors’ Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Battery Life 10 hours 20 hours 
Operat­ing System iPadOS macOS
Keyboard N/A Backlit Magic Keyboard
RAM 16 GB 8 GB 
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 512 GB
Processor Apple M1 Apple M1 (2.8x faster) 
Graphics Apple 8-core GPU Apple 8-core GPU (5X faster)
Display Size  12.9-inch 13 Inches 
Display Technology  Retina Display Retina Display
Brightness 1000 nits 500 Nits
Audio Stereo speakers Stereo speakers
Connectivity 5G Compatible, Wifi 6 and BT 5 Wifi 6 and BT 5
Front Camera  12MP Ultra Wide including center Stage 720p Resolution
Rear Camera 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra Wide N/A
Dimension  11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches 13.41 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches
Size  2.65 Pounds 3 pounds
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year

Differences and Similarities Between iPad Pro and MacBook Pro


As a tablet, iPad Pro delivers an awesome performance than other tablets since it is integrated with the M1 Chip and an 8-Core GPU. The M1 Chip gives 50% faster performance, whereas the 8-core GPU makes the device 40% faster compared to any traditional tablet. Also, it has an iPadOS operating system which is specifically built for the iPhone. 

At the same time, MacBook Pro 13 is equipped with macOS operating system. And it has an M1 Chip that delivers 2.8x faster speed, whereas the 8-core GPU offers 5x graphics speed. Hence, this device is a beast when it comes to operating. You can use this laptop for business purposes, personal use, or playing intensive games. 


They are built with Retina display technology which gives true-to-life picture quality. iPad Pro has a 12.9 inches screen, whereas the MacBook Pro comes with a 13 inches display.

However, the MacBook display is better since it can adjust the brightness level according to the weather. Unfortunately, this feature is missing on the iPad Pro. 

However, both devices are combined with the P3 feature, making the color more vibrant and lifelike.


MacBook Pro 13 comes with a built-in keyboard, whereas the iPad Pro doesn’t offer any. So instead, you need to purchase a keyboard additionally, which is pricey. However, you will be productive with the MacBook Pro device since the keys illuminate in the dark. 

Battery Life 

If we compare then, MacBook Pro delivers an intensive 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. At the same time, the iPad Pro gives 10 hours of backup. As a tablet, 10 hours backup is excellent, and you can use this for hours confidently. 

On the other hand, MacBook Pro 13 has the most extended battery life. Hence this device will support you on the go and let you do the task effortlessly. 

Storage Capacity 

iPad Pro has 16 GB RAM with 512 GB of internal storage to do anything faster. In contrast, the MacBook Pro includes 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. They make the Pro 13 fast and fluid, in addition, it can open an app or software in a second. 


They have next-level wifi 6 connectivity, therefore you can surf the internet effectively. Moreover, the iPad Pro is a 5G compatible tablet that gives an extra boost to you. For example, it allows the user to download a movie within seconds or enjoy high-end games.

Size and Weight

Both devices are built with portability in mind, and these are lightweight and compact. iPad Pro measures 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches, and it is 2.65 Pounds. At the same time, the MacBook Pro 13 dimensions are 13.41 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches, whereas it is 3 pounds. So, both of them can be carried easily on the go. 


iPad Pro has a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera, including a center Stage feature so that while you talk over the video call, it will keep you in the frame. Also, it has a 10MP Ultra Wide rear camera with a 12MP Ultra-wide feature which lets you capture outstanding photos. At the same time, the MacBook Pro has a 720p face camera. The 720p camera can adjust the brightness while you are on a video call. 


Usually, Apple products cover a one-year limited warranty, so do the two. In addition, it will cover any manufacturer defects. Also, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro have a 30-days return policy. So if you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it with the receipt and original box. 

Final Words

iPad Pro and MacBook Pro are two incredible devices. The iPad is a good choice for lightweight tasks, whereas the MacBook Pro would be the best option for intensive work. That’s why we strongly recommend the MacBook Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions about iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

What is the iPad Pro RAM?

This is integrated with 16 GB RAM, including 512 GB Storage. 

Can I return the iPad?

Yes, you can return it within 30 days with the original box and receipt. 

Does the MacBook Pro work with an external monitor?

Yes, you can connect an external monitor with the MacBook Pro 13. 

Do the MacBook Pro keys illuminate?

Yes, it has a built-in backlit illuminated keyboard. 

Does the iPad screen adjust itself?

Unfortunately, the iPad Pro screen cannot adjust the brightness level. 

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