Jabra Elite 65t vs Galaxy Buds

Jabra Elite 65t vs Galaxy Buds – Check which one should you pick?


Jabra Elite 65t vs Galaxy BudsSamsung Galaxy Buds comes with some advanced features which have increased its acceptability compared to Jabra Elite 65t. For this reason, I highly recommend Galaxy Buds for you.

Why I Recommend Galaxy Buds?

  • Samsung Galaxy earbuds have a longer battery life than Jabra Elite 65t. It lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge, where Elite 65t provides 5 hours. 
  • When you need a rapid charge, Samsung Galaxy Buds will give you a 1.7-hour battery backup on a 15-minute charge, whereas Elite 65t will give you only 1 hour in the same amount of time.
  • The wingtips of Samsung Galaxy Buds will make you more comfortable and fit your ears better. It will be an excellent selection for your outdoor activities. On the other hand, the lack of wingtips feature of Jabra Elite 65t, and it is lag behind the Galaxy Buds.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds is lighter in weight, and it is also smaller. That’s why it is more user-friendly compared to the other one.
  • Its charging case supports wireless charging, which Elite 65t does not. For wireless charging, you have to leave it at its charging base.

For all these reasons, Galaxy Buds is far ahead of Elite 65t. Now it’s your decision to pick the best earbud for you.


Similar Features

  • These earbuds have featured Passive Noise Cancellation that removes all unusual sounds around you.
  • Both of them provide a rechargeable battery that provides a long listening session.
  • They have 4 microphones that offer best-in-class call performance for you.

You will get these similar features with both earbuds. But if you want the best listening experience with improved features then you should go with Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Jabra Elite 65t Samsung Galaxy Buds
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension 4.9 x 7.3 x 2.2 inches 1.6 x 3.7 x 3.4 inches
Weight 10.5 ounces 4.8 ounces
Charging Connector Micro-USB USB-C
Earbud Battery Life 5 hours 6 hours
Case Battery Life 10 hours 7 hours
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth Wireless, Bluetooth
Noise Cancellation Yes No
Microphone 4-microphone technology 4-microphone technology
IP rating IP55 IPX2
Voice Command Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Alexa and Bixby
Warranty 2 years of dust and water-resistant warranty Standard 1 year limited warranty

Differences and Similarities Between Jabra Elite 65t and Samsung Galaxy Buds

Battery life

Battery life is a measure of how long a battery can last once it is charged. Galaxy Buds earbud can provide up to 6 hours of music time once it is charged, where Jabra Elite 65t lasts up to 5 hours. However, in the charging case, Elite 65t gives 10 hours of additional battery backup. And Galaxy Buds come with 7 hours with the case.

Charging System

Samsung Galaxy Buds earbud comes with USB-C charging cable. All you need to do here is connect the USB-C cable to the case and then plug the USB cable into the charging port. It makes it easy to charge for this one. As opposed to, Jabra Elite 65t provides Micro-USB cable. Here you have to plug the case with the USB power supply for charging the earbud.

Charging time

Galaxy Buds takes about 2 hours to charge fully. When you need quick charging of it, a 15-minute charging time will provide you up to 1.7 hours of battery backup. The full charge of Jabra Elite 65t also takes the same amount of time as Galaxy Buds that is 2 hours. However, when it comes to quick charging, it has a playback time of 1 hour after 15 minutes of charging time, which is less than that of Galaxy Buds.


They are both in the same position in terms of microphones. Their 4 microphones have greatly improved their sound quality and can withstand outside noise. As a result, your music time will be much more enjoyable, and you will not have to be bothered by the outside crowd.

Water Resistance

The Galaxy Buds earbud has an IPX2 rating. This IPX rating can make the product water resistant at 15° angles. It can also resist body sweating. On the other hand, the rating of Jabra Elite 65t is IP55. That means it is a water-resistant device. But since it is not waterproof, I would advise not to take it underwater. 


Both of them are looking very excellent and also very comfortable to wear. They fit very well with the ears. However, in this case, also Galaxy Buds can be put forward because your eyes will get stuck in it after you see it the first time. It has also become more comfortable as it is lighter in weight and smaller in size. And it is very user-friendly compared to the Jabra Elite 65t.


Galaxy Buds comes in four different colors, while Jabra Elite 65t provides three. Galaxy Buds provides – yellow, black, white, and aura glow silver. And the Elite 65t offers titanium black, copper black, and gold beige.


Samsung Galaxy Buds offers a one-year warranty. As opposed to Jabra Elite 65t comes with a 2-year warranty by Sound + App registration. You can claim a guarantee for product manufacturing issues, and they are always engaged in resolving your problem.


Everyone wants to enjoy an excellent playback time for refreshments in between work. And if that kind of time can be with Galaxy Buds, then it is a great pleasure.

I hope you also understand why Galaxy Buds is ahead of Jabra Elite 65t. Its updated features will make you very comfortable and allow you to enjoy a long music time with it. It will be your right choice, so don’t be confused to select this one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Elite 65t and Samsung Galaxy Buds

Do they have an active noise cancellation feature?

The Jabra Elite 65t has an active noise cancellation feature that helps to reduce background noise. On the other hand, Galaxy Buds does not have this feature. But has passive noise reduction ability.

What is their driver unit size?

The Galaxy Buds driver unit’s size is 10 mm, and that of Jabra Elite 65t is 6mm. Due to the large size driver unit, Galaxy Buds can produce better bass.

Can I claim a warranty?

The Galaxy Buds comes with a one-year warranty, and the Jabra Elite 65t provides a two-year warranty. You can claim it under the warranty period.

Can I choose the color of my choice?

Yes. You can choose the color of your choice from the four colors of Galaxy Buds and three colors of Jabra Elite 65t.

Am I able to listen to music on both earbuds at the same time?

Yes. You can listen to audio on both sides.

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