Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro

Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats Pro- Which One Is Best and Why?


Jaybird Vista vs Powerbeats ProIf You are confused between Jaybird Vista and Powerbeats Pro, then select Jaybird Vista for yourself

See the reason

  • Jaybird Vista provides up to 10h listening time, whereas Powerbeats Pro lasts for 9 hours. It will deliver you awesome battery stability.
  • A highly skilled,ultra-thick 6.5 mm in-ear driver combines for Jaybird Vista app for premium sound quality. On the other hand, Powerbeats pro comes with only a Bluetooth codec.
  • This device gives you a voice prompts system. Whenever the battery gets low, it will send you a voice message. On The other hand, Powerbeats Pro does not have this feature.

This feature makes the Jaybird Vista the best choice instead of jaybird vista.


Quick Comparison

SpecificationJaybird VistaPowerbeats Pro
Editors Rating4.5 out of 54.6 out of 5
weight7.4 ounces8 ounces
Dimension5 x 1.97 x 7.2 inches4.33 x 3.15 x 4.33 inches
Connective technologyWirelessBluetooth, NFC
Battery Life10 hours9 hours
Has Stereo speakerYesYes
Active Noise cancelationNoNo
Voice CommandGoogle assistant SiriGoogle assistant Siri
Battery level indicatorYes Yes
Has USB type CYesNO
Has voice PromptsYesNO
Warranty1 year1 year

Differences and Similarities Between Jaybird Vista and Powerbeats Pro

Battery Life: The battery life of Jaybird Vista is 10 hours, while the Powerbeats Pro gives you 9hours of listening time. Jaybird Vista is ahead because of its battery durability; besides, Powerbeats Pro does not give you any warranty for battery durability. So if you choose the Jaybird Vista, you can enjoy your music for a longer time.

Audio Quality: Both devices have a passive noise seal system. Which helps to reduce background noise and stop your music from leaking out. Jaybird Vista has SBC audio codec. This codec has a positive effect on sound quality. Its audio quality is much better than Powerbeats Pro.

Water Resistance: Both earbuds are sweatproof and waterproof. Both are a better choice for outdoor adventure, but it’s better not to use them during bathing or swimming. These devices are protected with extra seals to obstruct caused by dust, raindrops, and water splash.

Microphone: Extra more microphone is a better result for sound quality, and it enables the microphone to filter out the background noise properly. It will give you good experiences in sound quality. Both devices do not have a noise cancellation microphone. In this section, both are the best option to buy.

Connectivity: Both devices can be used wirelessly with free movement. Jaybird Vista has a USB type C charging cable, while Powerbeats pro does not have this charging cable. Because of the USB type C cable, you should choose Jaybird Vista, and it gives you a smooth connection.

Other Features:  Both devices can be used by voice command. You don’t need any button for this; just use the voice command system properly. Sometimes we need a headset most, and you can use these headphones as a headset. You can use them for communication through skype, voice chat, gaming, etc. Jaybird Vista has a voice prompts system; whenever you receive a message or call, it will alert you via voice message.

Accessories: Inside the Powerbeats pro box, you will get a Powerbeats Pro wireless headphone, Charging case, Four size ear tips,  USB-A charging cable, a Quickstart guide, and a warranty card.

Inside the Jaybird Vista box, you will get vista wireless headphones, secure fit ear gel, Charge case, USB -C charging cable.

Durability and warranty: Both devices are waterproof, sweat-resistant which makes the headphones more long-lasting. Just don’t use them while bathing and swimming. Both devices provide you a 1-year warranty against dust and water. You just have to sign in to sound and app for this. You can use this warranty period for any manufacturing problem with the product.

Final word: After many discussions now, you can understand why Jaybird Vista is the best choice for you. It will give you more battery life for listening to music, it will provide you with excellent sound quality, and its durability is better than Powerpods Pro. So choose wisely between these two.

FAQ about Jaybird Vista and Powerbeats Pro

Can I adjust the volume directly from the earbuds?

Yes, you can adjust the volume through the earbuds easily. Adjusting volume is an option selected by an app.

Do they connect with LG smart TV?

Yes, if  LG smart tv has Bluetooth, then you can connect it. Otherwise, without Bluetooth, you can not connect this device.

Can I replace it if it does not fit?

1st of all, place it on your head, put it in your ear, twist up, rotate the buds on your face, and they fit themselves automatically.

Do I need the case to use them or leave them while I am out of my home?

The case is used for pairing them or recharge them. When you pair them and revive them, then you can use them freely like your other headphones. Whenever the charge is finished, you will be stuck in the middle of the music.

How do I know what percentage charge remains in the case?

The front of the case has a small LED glows white when plugged into an outlet, indicating it is charging. It glows red when the issue needs a charge. 

Do these devices have a microphone?

Yes, it sounds good and works for video calls and voice calls, also you can use them for work.

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