JBL Flip 4 vs Flip 5

JBL Flip 4 vs Flip 5 – Know the difference & get the best speaker

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JBL Flip 4 vs Flip 5JBL Flip 4 and Flip 5 are two premium Bluetooth speakers. But between these two, JBL Flip 4 has some improved features that made it the best choice here.

What Features Made JBL Flip 4 Best?

  • JBL Flip 4 has dual external passive radiators that will provide you with better sound quality than the Flip 5.
  • This Bluetooth device weighs less than its competitor. You can easily carry this one into your camp or part.
  • There is a useful feature of JBL Connect+ on Flip 4 that allows connecting with other Connect+ speakers to expand the party. Flip 5 doesn’t have this feature.
  • This device will easily fit in any place because of its smaller design. This Flip 4 is smaller in almost every dimension than Flip 5.

These features made Flip 4 unbeatable. Flip 5 is the newer version that doesn’t mean it’s the winner. I hope the unique features cleared your doubts.


Similarities between JBL Flip 4 & Flip 5

  • Both speakers can connect up to 2 smartphones or tablets wirelessly and take turns playing impressive stereo sound.
  • Multiple color variants are available for the device. So, you choose according to o your personality.
  • They are IPx7 rated waterproof speakers, so you don’t need to worry about rain or spills; even you can submerge Flip 4 in water.
  • They will provide a battery backup of 12 hours. As a result, you don’t need to stop for charge frequently.

You will get these similar functions with both Bluetooth speakers. But if you want the best sound experience then you have to go with JBL Flip 4.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationsJBL Flip 4JBL Flip 5
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.8 out of 5
ColorVariants AvailableVariants Available
WaterproofYes Yes 
Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
Up to 2 devices Yes
JBL Connect +

Yes No
JBL Bass Radiator

Yes No
Battery1 Lithium Metal Battery (included)1 Lithium Metal Battery (included)
Product Dimension2.76 x 6.89 x 2.68 inches7.1 x 2.7 x 2.9 inches
Item Weight1.14 pounds1.2 pounds
Warranty1-Year of Warranty1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between JBL Flip 4 & Flip 5 


JBL Flip 4 & 5 comes with a minimal design. There is a JBL logo on the forepart and the required buttons on the upper side. This simple structure made the speakers more attractive.

The speakers are waterproof that will allow you to play them at any party or occasion. The buttons of the Flip 5 have a glowing effect while activating. Only the power button of the Flip 4 has this glowing effect.


There are multiple color variants of the speaker available in the market. You can choose the one you prefer from the large collection. Flip 4 has a total of 8 color variants, while Flip 5 has 14 variants. There are single color and camouflage color variations available for both models. The camouflage variants of the speakers look great. Check them out.


Flip 4 will definitely deliver you better sound than the other one. This speaker has dual external passive radiators and made this device very powerful. The Bluetooth speakers are going to provide you crystal clear stereo sound on this Bluetooth speaker

Battery & Connectivity

You will get a decent battery backup from the devices. These speakers don’t require a long time to get charged. The Flip 4 comes with a 3000mAH battery with a backup of around 12 hours.

The Flip 5 has a 4800mAH battery included, but the backup is not that high. So, it won’t be wise to go for the Flip 5 just for the battery mAH factor. Flip 5 is also a premium quality headphone, so there is no doubt about the sound.

PartyBoost & Microphone

JBL Party boost will allow you to pair with any other two PartyBoost compatible speakers for the best sound experience. Multiple speakers will give you a big sound effect.

The Flip 4 has a microphone on it that will allow you to answer your call. The noise & echo-canceling feature will help you talk to someone through the speaker if there is any call during playtime. Unfortunately, Flip 5 doesn’t have this feature.

Durability & Warranty

The JBL speakers are one of the best in the market, and there is no doubt about that. These can be used at parties or home applications. The waterproof feature and the solid build quality will give you more durability than usual devices. There is 1 year of warranty for the devices from the manufacturer.

Final Words

Though the Flip 5 is the newest version, still the Flip 4 is unbeatable. If you’re expecting to have a blast, you should obviously go for Flip 4. This device weighs less and offers some unique features, such as dual external passive radiators. You won’t regret this decision for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions about JBL Flip 4 & Flip 5 

Is it possible to receive calls through the devices?

You can receive it only on Flip 4. Flip 5 doesn’t have a microphone.

Are both of them waterproof?

Yes. Both Flip 4 and Flip 5 are waterproof.

Are they compatible with iPhone 10?

Yes, sure. They will support in 8 or 7 too.

What about the battery backup?

You will get around 20 hours of backup on a single charge.

Can I use the speakers at a loud party?

It depends, actually. They will provide a decent sound at a party.

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