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KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus vs 600 – Grab the Best Mixer!

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kitchenaid professional 5 plus vs 600It is tough to select the best mixer between KitchenAid Professional 600 and Professional 5 because they both are quality machines with lots of similarities. To help you, We highly recommend KitchenAid 600 rather than its competitor.

Why We Recommend KitchenAid 600?

  • KitchenAid 600 is designed with an electronic speed sensor that offers an auto shut-off feature, which is not included in KitchenAid Professional 5. So, you will be very comfortable while using the machine.
  • Professional 600’s 575 watts power is a major difference, while the Pro 5 Plus has 450 watts. The robust motor power helps to mix, knead and whip ingredients into fine mixture quickly and easily.
  • It comes with a 6 qt bowl capacity that lets you use 13 dozen recipes; on the other side, the Pro 5 Plus contains a 5 qt bowl, and you can mix up to 10 dozen ingredients in it.

These features make this mixer perfect for your countertop, and it will be comfortable for you. To enjoy the ultimate ease of any mixing work you should go with KitchenAid 600.


Similar Features

  • Both mixers are made with the bowl-lift and tilt-head design; these features make using the machine very handy.
  • The two come with the same handy accessories so that you do not need to purchase anything separately.
  • They share the same 10 different mixing speed settings for different mixing purposes.

Quick Comparison: KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus vs 600

Specifications KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus  KitchenAid 600
Image KitchenAid professional 5 kitchenaid professional 600
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Watts 450 575
Usage  10 dozen  13 dozen
Bowl Capacity  5 qt 6 qt 
Auto shut-off  No  Yes
Dimension 14.63 x 11.31 x 16.5 inches 9 x 7.25 x 17 inches
Bowl Material Polished Stainless Steel  Polished Stainless Steel 
Weight  25 pounds 29 pounds
Pouring Shield  Yes  Yes
Mixer Type Bowl lift Bowl lift
Speed Level  10 mixing speed  10 mixing speed 
Flat Beater Yes Yes
Planetary Mixing Action 67 points 67 points
Wire Whip  Yes Yes
Warranty  One-year One-year

Similarity & Difference Between KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus and KitchenAid 600


powerful mixer is very comfortable to handle as motor power is very important. You can consider the KitchenAid 600 mixer for you since it is built with 575 motor power watts. On the other side, the Professional 5 Plus contains a 450 watts motor.

Bowl Capacity 

If you want to prepare all the recipes in one sitting, you can go with the 600 models because it has a 6 qt bowl, but the Professional 5 Plus has a 5 qt bowl. You are allowed to prepare 13 dozen dough in it while you can prepare 10 dozen in the Professional 5 Plus.

Auto Shut off 

Another essential feature of the KitchenAid 600 is the auto shut-off function. It has an electronic speed sensor function that can recognize the speed level, and the machine will turn off itself when needed. At the same time, the Professional 5 Plus doesn’t have this function.

Mixing Speed 

When it comes to the mixing speed, the KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus and 600 are the same. While using the machine, start at the lower speed and then increase the speed level. The speed allowed you to mix dry ingredients with the wet ingredients.

Bowl-Lift Design 

Both machines have a bowl-lift design; it’s convenient to mix heavy ingredients or any large batch recipe. Once you add ingredients to the bowl, the lever will smoothly raise the bowl into the position to provide you with an efficient beater-to-bowl contact.


The tilt-head design is very effective when it comes to adding ingredients into the bowl. You can comfortably add ingredients into the bowl when needed by removing the mixer head and then attach the whip accessory. Once you are done, add assemble the machine and start using the machine.

Power Hub 

It makes both machines versatile, your mixer becomes a culinary center, and you can prepare pasta from shredding chicken to cheddar cheese to everything in between. Moreover, they can be used for grinding purposes, as well as preparing juices and ice cream.

Planetary Mixing Action

Both KitchenAid mixers come with the same 67 point planetary mixing action feature. When the machine is in use, they will rotate 67-points around the bowl to whip or mix the dough per second. And compared to the Pro 5 Plus, the 600 models can run faster as it has a better motor speed.

Including Accessories 

You will get a few handy goodies with them, including a user manual that contains recipes as well. However, they have stainless steel wire whip, flat beater, and dough hook. All of these are dishwasher safe, which reduces your stress from cleaning.


They offer a full one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, but the machines will run for years with confidence. They are built with the best quality, yet if there are any material or manufacturer issues, you can repair them free of cost within the warranty period.


You can go with the KitchenAid 600 if you need a very handy and convenient mixer. It has a sturdy motor, making the machine less heat, but the Professional 5 Plus can easily be heated up. The KitchenAid 600 is an impressive and fantastic stand mixer so that you can consider this.

Frequently Asked Questions about KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus and 600

How much bread flour can Pro 600 handle?

It can handle more than 3 kg, and you can prepare at least 4 kg dough in this.

Does the Pro 5 Plus contain a tilt stand and lift-stand?

Yes, the Pro 5 Plus designed with both of them, and you will get the same feature in the Pro 600.

Are the accessories dishwasher safe?

Yes, the attachments are dishwasher safe, so don’t worry about the cleaning.

What are the 600 series watts?

It is equipped with 575 watts of motor power that is sufficient enough to prepare any recipes.

Will they run at 220v?

The machines are built for the USA and Canadian electrical standards, so you have to purchase an adapter to use the device at 220v.

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