LiftMaster 3800 vs 8500

LiftMaster 3800 vs 8500 – Check and pick the Best One.

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LiftMaster 3800 vs 8500LiftMaster 8500 and 3800 are good and promising at their work, but if it is about buying the best one for your garage, you should go with the 8500. Below I am describing why the LiftMaster 8500 is the best.

What Makes the LiftMaster 8500 Best?

  • LiftMaster 8500 comes with a motion detector light itself. So, when you enter your garage, the light turns on, and that is a must-have in a garage opener. On the other side, LiftMaster 3800 does not have a motion detector light to make your work easier.
  • This garage opener of lift master comes with a compact design, it fits into smaller places, and you can save more space with itself. However, LiftMaster 3800 does not have a compact design. 
  • The Homelink compatibility in LiftMaster 8500 is better and improved. While the Homelink compatibility in Liftmaster 3800 is not that good. 
  • The wall mount design in LiftMater 8500 gives you a noiseless and vibration-free garage opener, reducing your garage’s ceiling space.
  • Installation is way more comfortable with LiftMaster 8500 than 3800. The instructions are better with it. In contrast, instructions are not straightforward in Liftmaster 3800. 

So, these features make LiftMaster 8500 a better garage door opener rather than LiftMaster 3800. It is indeed the better and upgraded version of LiftMaster 3800. So, may you choose wisely and have the best one for you. And if you want to check its price, click on the button below. 


Similarities Between Liftmaster 8500 and LiftMaster 3800

  • They have a security lock in both garage door openers.
  • These two come with a soft start-stop function.
  • Both are fast, quiet, and smooth garage door openers. 
  • Their maximum weight capacity is 650lbs.
  • Their speed is 7.6 inches in a second.
Specification  LiftMaster 8500 LiftMaster 3800
Editor’s Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.5 Out of 5
Weight 28lbs 32lbs
Dimensions 24*10*12 24*10*12
Maximum Weight Capacity 650lbs 650lbs
Drive Type Direct Direct
Smart Phone Control No No
Battery Backup No No
Compact Design Yes No
Security Lock Yes Yes
Homelink Compatible Yes No
Soft Start/Stop Yes Yes
Voltage 240V 240V
Auto Light Turn On Yes No
Maximum Door Height 14ft 14ft
Maximum Door Width 18ft 18ft
Accessories Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Parts Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Motor Warranty  Lifetime Lifetime

Difference and Similarity Between LiftMaster 8500 and Liftmaster 3800


These two garage door openers of LiftMaster have a DC motor, which assures ultra-quiet and long-lasting support. These DC motors are extra durable and give you service in the long run. The quiet and powerful motor gives you the best service, which not all garage door openers can offer you.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity in these two machines is not less. They can lift to 650 lbs at a time. This is not a small number as a door weight. So, they both can lift a door with much weight. 

Maximum Door Height and Wide

LiftMaster 8500 and 3800’s maximum door height and width are the same. The maximum height to lift a door in these two is 14ft and a maximum width of 18ft. It is a good maximum height and weight capacity among normal garage door openers. 

Soft Start/Stop

LiftMaster offers you some top features with their garage openers. One of them is the Soft Start and Soft stop feature. In this feature, the garage opener assures a soft noiseless start and stop. It is a must-have feature in a garage door opener as a garage door opener could be so noisy and disturbing while you start it or stop it. 

Automatic Garage Door Lock

Another cool feature of these two garage door openers is the automatic garage door lock. The LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 3800 have the capability to lock your garage door automatically when you are done. So, managing your garage becomes more comfortable and hassle-free with two garage door openers.

Auto Light Turn On

LiftMaster 8500 comes with a motion detector light, which turns on whenever you enter your garage. This feature makes Liftmaster 8500 a better garage door opener than LiftMaster 3800. Because it has no motion detector light, this feature is really an excellent feature to count on a garage door opener.


Warranty is an exceptionally good deal in these two garage door openers. They come in a good range of warranty to make your experience with garage door opener better. These two have a one-year warranty for the accessories. Also, appear with a 5-year warranty for the machine’s parts. And in the last a lifetime warranty for the machine’s motor. What could be a better warranty in a garage opener than that?


It may seem these two garage door openers are quite similar to each other. Well, these two are similar. The LiftMaster 8500 is the better and upgraded version of Liftmaster 3800, which appears with more functions to make your experience less troubling with a garage door opener. So, for an improved and better experience, you should go with the LiftMaster 8500. And give your garage a well-deserved door opener. 

Frequently Asked Questions About LiftMaster 8500 vs LiftMaster 3800

Does Liftmaster 8500 come with a Smartphone Control feature?

Officially it does not come with smartphone control. But you can get it separately by purchasing 828LM Internet Gateway.

Does Liftmaster 3800 work on a roll-up garage door?

Yes, LiftMaster 3800 works on a roll-up garage door.

Is there any backup battery in Liftmaster 8500?

No, there is no backup battery with LiftMaster 8500. But you can also buy it separately.

Can you manage Liftmaster 3800 remotely?

Yes, it can open the door remote transmitter, which comes with the opener.

Does LiftMaster 8500 come with a deadbolt?

Yes, Liftmaster 8500 comes with a deadbolt, which makes the door secure. 

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