Liftmaster 8550w vs Chamberlain B970

Liftmaster 8550w vs Chamberlain B970 – Which one to go with?

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Liftmaster 8550w vs Chamberlain B970Liftmaster 8550w and Chamberlain B970 are famous garage door openers, but I suggest you choose the Liftmaster 8550w. Read here to know why I recommend this device for you.

Why do I recommend the Liftmaster 8550w?

  • The Liftmaster 8500w can lift up to 850 lbs, while the Chamberlain B970 is capable of lifting 650 lbs. But these two have the same motor power, yet the Liftmaster is better at lifting.
  • It features an auto-lock function which is not available on the B970. The myQ app lets you set the door closing time, so even if you forget to close the door, you don’t need to worry about it. Your Liftmaster will close the door for you.
  • Liftmaster works with Homelink that can be programmed according to your need. And it safely enables you to open or close your garage door and the front gate as well. Moreover, this helps you activate or deactivate your home’s security system. Unfortunately, its competitor doesn’t support Homelink.
  • It has a 1,500 lumens LED light that reaches every corner of your garage, while the other device has an 800 lumens LED light.

Liftmaster is a popular garage door opener to its users, and the 8500w built with these impressive features made it the best one than the Chamberlain B970. If you want to invest in a garage door opener, the Liftmaster should be our choice, moreover, you can also check their prices here.


Similar Features

  • Both come with 1.25 hp motor power.
  • They provide a lifetime warranty on motor and belt drives.
  • Liftmaster 8550w and Chamberlain B970 come with battery backup.
  • They feature with the myQ app plus Google Voice assistant.
  • The devices come with remote control plus a wireless keypad.
  • Both have motion sensors.
  • These garage door openers use belt drive systems that provide ultra-quiet noise.
Specifications Liftmaster 8550w Chamberlain B970
Editor’s rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimension  7.5 x 7.9 x 21.5 inches 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Motor power 1.25 hp 1.25 hp
Max Lifting Capacity  850 lbs 650 lbs
Auto-Lock Yes  No
Homelink Enable  Yes  No 
Voice Control  Google Assistant Google Assistant
Schedule Yes  No 
myQ app  Yes  Yes 
Drive System  Belt Drive  Belt Drive 
Built-in Wifi  Yes  Yes 
Battery Backup  Yes  Yes 
Motion Detection  Yes Yes
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Wireless Keypad Yes  Yes 
Warranty  5 years on parts 5 years on parts

Differences and Similarities Between Liftmaster 8550w and Chamberlain B970

Motion Detection 

Liftmaster and Chamberlain are compatible with the motion-detecting control panel. It allows the user to easily program the remote control, myQ lighting accessories, and keypads. When they detect any motion, these devices will automatically turn on the lights. Moreover, the myQ app will send you real-time notifications as well.

Battery Backup 

These garage door openers are very convenient compared to other traditional garage door openers in the market. Both of them have battery backup into the power unit. And this backup system enables you to open or close the door during a power outage. So by chance, if there is no electricity, you can still open or close your garage door.

Lifting Capacity

Liftmaster 8500w and Chamberlain B970 have a super-strong and reliable lifting capacity. These devices have 1.25 hp motor power, but in terms of lifting, the Liftmaster is better.

It can lift to 860 pounds which makes it a perfect choice for both residential or commercial use. On the other hand, the Chamberlain B970 can lift to 650 pounds. So the Liftmaster will provide you a durable, powerful, yet reliable performance in terms of lifting.

Remote Control

Both of these smart garage door openers provide a pre-programmed remote control that’s very impressive. The remote also offers the best security to your garage. Once the door of your garage is locked, they ensure it stays locked.

But while we compare the remote, we found the Chamberlain remote is far better. It delivers two 3-buttons TriBand frequency remote that boosts quicker entrance and exit within 1,500 feet.

Additionally, Chamberlain offers the highest level of security that prevents hacking.

Wifi Enabled 

These garage door openers are wifi enabled, also compatible with the myQ app. The garage door can open or close your garage door from anywhere through the myQ, plus this will send you a real-time notification if the door is open. You can share the app access of up to three people to control the door whenever they need it.

The myQ app is also compatible with Wink, Key by Amazon, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. But these features are not available on other garage door openers.

Automatic Lock & Safety Sensors 

Liftmaster 8550W features an automatic lock, while the Chamberlain B970 doesn’t have this. However, if you left the door open, the Liftmaster opener will lock the door itself. The thing is effortless since the auto-lock will handle your garage so you can be stress-free.

The 8550W and B970 have safety sensor detect feature. This will automatically reverse the door before any damages. While if the sensor detects any obstructions, you will get a notification into your smartphone.

Easy to Install 

These two openers are possible to DIY install. But if you are a novice, you should watch online videos to become more comfortable for you. You will need some home tools like a drill, wrench, hammer, wire cutter, and so for the installation process. However, if you cannot install the device, you should consult a professional.

Ultra Quiet 

Liftmaster and Chamberlain have a belt drive that is steel-reinforced belt constructed. Both of them use high-grade materials that provide ultra-quiet performance to your garage. And if there is any room attached to the garage, the opener won’t disturb.

Wireless Keypad 

If you don’t want to control the device via remote or app, these devices offer a wireless keypad to you as well. The keypads are encrypted to unmatched security +2.0 that protects it from hacking. They also feature the Posi Lock anti-theft protection, which ensures the door is locked. However, the keypad doesn’t require any electrical connections, and the programming takes a few seconds to set up.

Accessories Included 

You will have a few handy included components with the Liftmaster and Chamberlain. They deliver a remote control with batteries, the main unit, safety sensors, and a wireless keypad. Also, a quick start guide will be provided, and if you are a newbie, you should read it thoroughly.


They are constructed with high-quality materials to guarantee you the best performance for years after years. Also, these machines are the same in terms of the warranty, and they deliver a 5-year warranty on the parts, motor & belt have a lifetime guarantee, while the accessories feature one-year.


Liftmaster 8550w and Chamberlain B970 are two reliable openers, and they have many similarities. But the Liftmaster 8550W has better lifting capacity, auto-lock feature, works with Homelink, plus have other things that made this device overall the best opener. And I strongly suggest you select this one. And if you think the Chamberlain B970 features are good enough for you, you can select that one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Liftmaster 8550w and Chamberlain B970

Do they provide a battery?

Yes, Liftmaster and Chamberlain include a battery with the remote control.

Do they support track-type garage doors?

You can use these two devices for the track-type garage door, including other commercial door opener purposes.

Is the liftmaster app compatible?

Liftmaster 8500w and Chamberlain B970 are compatible with the myQ app that lets you operate them right from your smartphone.

Will I get battery backup with Liftmaster?

Yes, the 8500w comes with a battery backup so that you can open the door if there is no power.

Can I use push-button control on the Chamberlain B970?

The unit comes with remote control plus a wall button, so it’s up to you which one you’d like to use.

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