Logitech C920s vs C922

Logitech C920s vs C922 – Why Logitech C922 is Better?


Logitech C920s vs C922 Logitech C920s and C922 are two budget webcams and share almost the same features. After closely examining both webcams’ features I found Logitech C922 is a far better webcam than C920s.

Why Logitech C922 is Better?

  • Logitech C922 can stream games and programs or record videos at 30 fps in 1080p and 30 or 60 fps in 720p. Meanwhile, Logitech C920s can only record or stream videos at 30 fps, whether 1080p or 720p. So, if you want a smooth video recording experience, C922 is the call you should make.
  • The C922 comes with better firmware. Thus, it can optimize videos and images better than C920s. Besides, it supports more third-party applications than C920s. Again, as it gets frequent updates, hence, you will get a bug-free streaming experience all the time.
  • While Logitech C922 comes with a tripod in the box, C920s come with none. Therefore, you won’t have to pay extra to buy a tripod if you plan to buy C922. On the other hand, C920s users will need to buy a tripod separately if they need one.

Hopefully, you’ve learned the differences that made Logitech C922 better than C920s. You can consider this webcam because of its improved functions.


Comparison Chart: Logitech C920s vs C922

Specifications Logitech C922 Logitech C920s
Editor’s rating 4.8 4.4
Product Dimensions 3.7 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches 1 x 3.7 x 1.2 inches
Weight 5.7 ounces 5.8 ounces
Standing screen display size 3 Inches 3 Inches
Max Screen Resolution 1080p (FHD) 1080p (FHD)
Viewing Angle 78° 78°
Lens Carl Zeiss® optics with 20-step autofocus

(Full HD Glass build)

Carl Zeiss® optics with 20-step autofocus

(Full HD Glass Build)

Microphone Built-in dual stereo Built-in stereo
Cable Length 5 feet 5 feet
Encoding H.264 video encoding H.264 video encoding
Low Light Correction Yes Yes
Hardware Platform Laptop, PC, Xbox Laptop, PC
Connection type USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, Mac OS 10.6 or late, Android 5.0 or above, most video calling apps Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, Mac OS 10.6 or late, Android 5.0 or above, most video calling apps
Mounting Options Adjustable clip and threaded base for laptops, monitors, and tripods Adjustable clip and threaded base for laptops, monitors, and tripods
Autofocus Yes Yes
Batteries 1 Lithium-ion battery 1 Lithium-ion battery required
Warranty Two years Limited Warranty Two years Limited warranty

Similarities & Differences Between Logitech C920s vs C922


Logitech C922 and C920s are almost identical cameras with the same sensors and hardware. Even after having so many similarities, they also have some notable differences. C922 comes with a tripod inside the box, while C920s do not contain any. On the other hand, C920s have a privacy cover to protect you from camera hacks, but C922 does not have any privacy cover.

Both C920s and C922 share the same sensor, but in terms of usability, C922 is better. C920s can stream only at 30 fps; it does not matter if you are recording in 720p or 1080p. Meanwhile, Logitech C922 can stream or record at two different frame rates. It can record at 60 frames per second on 720p and 30 frames per second on 1080p. Thus, if you use 720p, you will get a smoother video on C922 than C920s.

Moreover, As C922 gets regular software updates, it optimizes the photos and videos better than C920s. Hence, it works better than C920s in dark environments. So, if your workplace lacks lighting, you should go for it C922 without thinking twice.

These two webcams look almost the same but, the C922 performs better than the C920s in terms of image detail and low light correction. Both webcams take great quality photos in well-lighted conditions or daylight. And the photo compression method used by these cameras makes them even better.

These webcams support almost all video conferencing apps and social media. If you are a streamer, you should go with  C922 because it supports all the video streaming platforms like OBS.

Picture and Sound Quality

Both of these webcams feature two stereo-style microphones. These webcams come with Carl Zeiss Lens with autofocus. So, they can capture excellent quality photos. As they come with glass-made lenses, they can capture crystal clear photos with great detail.

Even though they share the same components, their firmware is different. C922’s firmware allows it to optimize photos excellently. Meanwhile, C920s’s firmware is a little backdated. Besides, C922 gets updates frequently as it is solely made for gamers and streamers.

Nevertheless, These webcams are capable of capturing excellent photos and videos in a well-lighted room. They can even record videos using your monitor’s light if you don’t have any additional lighting. But still, C922 is a lot better performer than C920s in Low-light conditions because it can capture all the details. So, if you are planning to use the camera in dim environments, go for C922.

Both of these webcams have stereo-style microphones. These microphones can capture audio from two different angles. Hence, the audio quality is pretty much the same. They have a noise cancellation feature. So, these microphones filter unwanted noises from the main audio to make it more audible.

Video Quality

Both of these cameras will work well if you use them for conferencing purposes pretty well. The Logitech C920s can record or stream videos at 720p and 1080p. It can capture a maximum of 30 frames per second. In Contrast, C922 also records at 720p and 1080, but it has two different frame settings. C922 is capable of capturing videos at 60 fps on 720p and 30 fps on 1080p. Thus, you can record and stream videos without any frame drops.


The main difference between these webcams is the software section. As Logitech C922 gets regular software updates, it has fewer bugs and technical problems. The C920s also receive updates, but it is not quite enough.

Besides, C922 has Chromacam support, so you can remove the video background if you want. C920s also supports Chromacam, but you have to use third-party software to use it.C920s is for general people who use webcams for communication and attending classes.

Meanwhile, C922 is best for gamers and streamers who stream their gaming activity online. If you consider yourself a general user, C920 would be more than enough to fulfill your needs. If you think of yourself as a tech guy and a streamer and want access to more advanced features like using OBS, C922 is made for you.


You won’t have to face any compatibility issues as long as you are using Logitech products. These webcams can be used in cross podiums like Microsft Windows, Mac, and Linux. Windows users have to use at least Windows seven to use the webcam with the official firmware.

Apple users will have to use at least macOS 10.6 for Logitech C920s and 10.0 for Logitech C922. You can also use these cameras on Linux and ChromeOS, but you have to use third-party software on Linux and Ubuntu to use these cameras.


Logitech adjusts the warranty period according to the local warranty laws. Consequently, the warranty period differs from region to region. Logitech International generally gives a two-year warranty for all their webcams from the date of acquisition. If you are ordering from abroad, you will get some extra time depending on the date you receive it.

This warranty is only appropriate for engineering faults and technical errors. Only the first-hand buyer can claim the warranty from the country of consumption. The warranty will not be applicable in a country other than the place of purchase. However, the warranty policy can change depending on the seller.

The warranty may not be available in all the countries, depending on the company’s official approval. The warranty will not insure any impairment from the careless usage of the product. So, I will recommend contacting the seller before buying any Logitech product.


Surprisingly these webcams seem more identical than you thought. So, if you have any intention of buying these webcams, you should consider your priorities beforehand. If you are a general user who uses webcams for communication purposes, C920s is more suitable for you. But, if your priority is streaming, and if you want access to more advanced features, go for C922.

Frequently Asked Questions about Logitech C920s vs C922

Is there any official firmware for ChromeOS?

You won’t need an official app for ChromeOS.You can use Windows applications on your Chromebook without any hassle.

Can I use the webcam’s microphone on voice assistants?

Yes, you can use the built-in microphone for using voice assistants.

Is a 30 fps camera good for streaming?

Sorry to say, but I fear not. You need smooth videos for video streaming. C922 can provide you with an excellent streaming experience.

Do any of these webcams have a tripod inside the box?

Logitech C922 does come with a free tripod inside the box, but you have to buy a tripod separately if you buy C920s.

Can you use these webcams on a tablet PC?

Yes, as long as the tablet uses any of the supported operating systems, you can use the cameras.

Are these cameras good for streaming?

Logitech C920s is for general users. So, you can’t expect a great streaming experience. Meanwhile, C922 is solely made for streamers and gamers.

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