Logitech K350 vs MK550

Logitech K350 vs MK550 – Check why should you pick MK550 Combo!

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Logitech K350 and MK550 are amazing keyboards that give you seamless performance. Since they share many similarities, choosing the best one is slightly tough. Thus, read the following chart to make your purchase decision easier. 

What Are the Differences Between Logitech K350 vs MK550?

Logitech K350 Logitech MK550
Logitech K350 doesn’t provide a mouse. Logitech MK550 includes a mouse.
This keyboard does not work with a USB receiver. This combo works with a USB receiver.
The K350 does not have a palm rest. The MK550 has the palm-rest feature.
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Logitech MK550 is built with advanced features to step up your experience. Therefore, you can grab this combo, and if you want to get a clearer definition, check out here –

Why Should You Choose Logitech MK550?

  • Logitech MK550 is a keyboard and mouse combo. Besides, Logitech K350 only comes with a keyboard. However, it has the same Keyboard as the K350 and a mouse of the M510 model.
  • You can connect the MK550 Combo with a USB receiver, but K350 needs an additional wire/receiver for an extra mouse as it doesn’t have a mouse.
  • The setup is simple, and you are not required to configure anything further. Contrary, K350 requires an additional setup if you purchase a different model mouse.
  • The Keyboard of this Combo is well-designed with a wave-shaped and cushioned palm rest. Your hands will be in comfort even for a long session. Even the rubber wheel of the M510 mouse provides smooth scrolling and easy side-to-side scrolling through excel sheets or images. You won’t have these facilities with K350.

Going for a single product rather than the Combo doesn’t seem wise. You can choose MK550 for your gaming PC, and if you want to know the price, simply press the buttons below.


Similarities between K350 & MK550

  • Wave-shaped Wireless Keyboard 
  • Dedicated media-control keys
  • Non-detachable cushioned wrist-rest
  • Long-durable battery 

Other Specifications Chart of Logitech K350 and MK550

Specifications K350 MK550
Editors Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Type Keyboard Combo (Mouse+Keyboard)
Connection Type Wireless Wireless
Item Weight 3.05 2.2 pounds
Color Black Black
Battery 1AA Battery(Included) 4AA Alkaline Batteries(included)
Product Dimension 18.9 x 2.9 x 9.9 inches 10.44 x 3.09 x 19.69 inches
Palm Rest Cushioned Cushioned
Media Controls Yes Yes
Keyboard Type Qwerty Qwerty
Warranty 3-year warranty 3-year warranty

Features and Benefits of Logitech K350 and MK550


The K350 Keyboard is very well shaped to fit your hands. Consistently sized keys will allow typing more accurately than before. This Logitech Wave ergonomic shape keyboard is one of the finest and most well-designed keyboards. The wireless but high-speed register of the presses makes it very popular with the user.

Though the other device has the same model as the Keyboard, it doesn’t include a mouse.


The Mouse that comes with the Combo is M510. This device is designed in a shape that will be suitable for both left and right-hand users. With super scrolling and laser-grade tracking, your experience will be satisfactory for sure. The Mouse has a rubber grip on both sides to keep your thumb and fingers focused.

Whereas the other model Logitech K350 doesn’t have any mouse. It’s just a keyboard.  

Dedicated Keys

There are dedicated control keys like media control, volume control, and the Keyboard’s windows lock. You can control these actions without pausing or stopping your task. Surprisingly the Mouse also has customizable buttons. You can configure controls exactly how you want from the Logitech Software Control.

The other device doesn’t come with a customizable mouse or mouse. So you need to find an extra mouse, which is a hassle.  

Palm-Rest & Comfort

The Keyboard has cushioned palm rest, designed to give your hands comfortable for a long time of usage. The wrist-rest is designed such that your hands will be in perfect position. If you use your PC for a long time, like for programming or office work, this palm rest will assure you no ache in your wrists or hands.

You are getting a specially comfort-designed mouse too as it has grips on both sides to fit your fingers and a rubber wheel to make your experience better.

Warranty & Durability

You can rely on Logitech products without any doubt as these products are made from high-end materials. These devices are built well and structured. You can use these devices for any purpose. There was no issue for replacement or fault from any users even after a long usage period. Logitech provides a 3-year warranty for mentioned devices. You can contact them through the support page from their official site for any kind of replacement or warranty issue.  

Final Verdict

MK550 is a combo, and K350 is a single keyboard. My recommendation for anyone confused is to for the Combo-MK550 without hesitation. You are getting both quality devices from a single purchase. K350 can be an alternate choice for you if you are on a short budget and already have a mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions about Logitech K350 vs MK550

Do the keys make a noise like the mechanical keyboards?

The keys are less noisier than the usual keyboards.

How comfortable is this Keyboard while typing for prolonged use?

This Keyboard comes with a cushioned wrist rest. You won’t have any issues with long-term usage. It’s not very thick either. Your hands will be well-positioned.

Is there any light indication for the Lock keys? 

No, there is no indication provided on the Keyboard, but you will see an indication on the screen once the Logitech software is installed.

Is this device compatible with the Dell laptop?

It will support any laptop if there is a USB input.

From how far can I control the device with the USB Bluetooth receiver?

You can control your devices from about a 20 feet distance.

Is there any suspend button on this Keyboard?

No, there is no suspend button.

Is the wristrest pleasant to use?

It’s neither sticky nor too puffy. It’s just perfect. You will feel pretty much comfortable using the wristrest.

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