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Logitech MK235 vs MK270 – Check Why Logitech MK270 is Better!

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logitech mk235 vs mk270Logitech MK235 and MK270 are two simple structured combos with premium quality. Between these two, Logitech MK270 will be the best pick.

Why Logitech MK270 is Best?

  • Logitech MK270 has a longer battery life than the MK235 device that will help you continue your tasks without any break.
  • The dedicated media controls key of the MK270 keyboard allows you to perform specific actions in just one second. But MK235 doesn’t have this feature.
  • MK270 has an On/Off power control key that permits you to turn off or on the PC from the keyboard, but the other device doesn’t include this button.
  • This Logitech combo comes with three variants, such as White, black & 1-pack. So you can choose any color as you wish whereas Logitech MK235 has only one variant, which is black color.

The Mk270 combo is highly recommended for office use, heavy use, or for those people who are looking for a mouse and keyword combo for the long run.


Similar Features

  • Wireless mouse-keyboard Combo
  • Battery-powered devices
  • Full-sized with Numpad included
  • Advanced Optical mouse sensor

Quick Comparison: Logitech MK235 vs MK270

Specifications MK235 MK270
Editor’s rating  4.4 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Type Combo(Keyboard+Mouse) Combo(Keyboard+Mouse)
Advanced Wireless Yes Yes
Connectivity Wireless  Wireless 
Color Black Variants Available
Product Dimension 5.59 x 1.61 x 19.92 inches 20.08 x 6.22 x 1.81 inches
Palm Rest No No
Product Weight 2.49 ounces 16.8 ounces
Power Source  3AAA Batteries (included) 3AA Batteries (included)
Unifying Receiver Nano Receiver Nano Receiver
Mouse Sensor Advanced Optical Advanced Optical
Warranty 3-Year Warranty 3-Year Warranty

Detailed Features about MK235 & MK270 


A comfortable optical mouse comes with this Combo. The mouse is well shaped, suitable for both hand users. For daily work or office work, this mouse will provide you with the best service. Ideal finger placement and grips on both sides will allow fitting your hands perfectly.

On the other hand, the mouse that comes with MK 235 is different. The design is not like the conventional mouse. No assurance can be given of fitting this mouse in your hands. This is what makes the MK270 combo better than the other Combo.


Full-sized, spill-resistant, premium structured – one of the most delicate keyboards from Logitech. This keyboard is suitable for any use. Wireless but very fast in registering key presses. The keys are very quiet while typing, which will satisfy you even for a long time of use. Enough gaps between the keys will allow you to type more accurately than before.

The keyboard of the MK235 Combo is different. The keys don’t have enough gaps between them. Also, the design is not satisfactory for daily use. You may feel cramped while using this keyboard.

Dedicated Buttons

MK270 comes with dedicated media buttons on the keyboard. There are volume control and media control buttons at the top center area. You can control these actions with just one click. In the upper right segment of the keyboard, there is also a power on/off button.

Whereas the MK235 doesn’t have this feature, you won’t be able to do any specific task in one press. This is a drawback of this keyboard as this feature is very much essential for a regular user.


The battery backup is up to the mark of the devices. You will get 3 years of battery life for the keyboard and 2 years of battery backup for the mouse. These devices don’t have any backlit or RGB, so the battery backup will be more than the traditional devices.

Durability and Warranty

Both MK235 and MK270 are very well structured, which will allow you to use the device for a long time. You can work on these devices for a long time because they are made of premium high-end materials. They provide a 3-year warranty with the devices. You can also contact Logitech’s support page of their official site for any replacement or other issues. 


For any heavy use where you need to work all day long with a keyboard and mouse, the MK270 will be the perfect choice for you. If you are confused about picking the right one, then you should consider this one. Or, if you are seeking a combo for light use, then MK235 could be your choice. 

Frequently Asked Question about MK235 & MK270

Can I use this with my smart LG TV?

Yes, you can. There are a couple of reviews available on YouTube.

How can I switch on or off this keyboard? And what about the durability of the batteries?

You just need to put the batteries in to turn on this device. About durability – battery will last more than 3 years.

Does any extra USB cord come with this device?

 No, this device is wireless.

How can I turn on the mouse? 

You just need to toggle the bottom switch of the mouse.

How many keys will I be able to press at once?? Especially while gaming?

No specific answers about gaming, but multiple entries do work on this keyboard.

Are the devices accessible with a MacBook Pro?

Yes, you can. You are required to plug in the USB receiver.

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