logitech mk270 vs mk320

Logitech MK270 vs MK320 – Check Why MK270 is a Better Choice!

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logitech mk270 vs mk320Logitech MK270 and MK320 both have a few similarities in design, but some improved features made MK270 a better one.

What Features Made MK270 Better?

  • Logitech MK270’s dedicated buttons like media control and on/off switches will allow you to control actions in just one click, but you won’t get this feature on MK320.
  • It has enough key gaps, a full-sized keyboard with all the necessary keys. On the other hand, the MK320 doesn’t have a standard layout.
  • This Logitech combo package has a longer battery life compared to MK320 that will allow you to use this device for more time than traditional devices.
  • MK270 includes an ambidextrous designed mouse, which means both right or left-hand users will feel comfortable using this combo. But MK320 lacks this useful feature.

This combo will satisfy you with its performance, battery backup, and durability. You can go with this combo without thinking much. To know its price just click the button below.


Similar Features

  • Advanced wireless mouse-keyboard combo.
  • Full-sized keyboard and compact-sized mouse.
  • Dedicated media controls on the top.
  • Longer battery life than traditional devices.

Quick Comparison: Logitech MK270 vs MK320

Specifications MK270 MK320
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Advanced Wireless Yes Yes
Type Combo (Keyboard+Mouse) Combo (Keyboard+Mouse)
Unifying Receiver Nano Receiver Nano Receiver
Color Variants available Black
Product Dimension 20.08 x 6.22 x 1.81 inches 7.09 x 2.95 x 1.08 inches
Product Weight 1.05 pounds 1.76 pounds
Palm Rest N/A N/A
Illuminated Keys N/A N/A
Battery Type 2AAA/1AA(included) 1 Lithium-ion (included)
Mouse Size Compact Compact
Mouse Sensor Advanced Optical Advanced Optical
Battery Life 3 years (KB) / 2 years (Mouse) 3 years (KB) / 2 years (Mouse)
Warranty 3 years of warranty 3 years of warranty

Differences and Similarities of MK270 and MK320


The keyboards are designed and well structured. Build for longer durability. You can use these keyboards anywhere for any kind of use as the keyboards are very quiet while typing and does a very good job for long-session usage.

The keyboard that comes with MK270 has a very comfortable type of key. There is a full-sized number pad on this keyboard, which will be perfect for excel sheet works. The other keyboard also comes with a straightforward design, but the layout is modified, which may cause you trouble while using it.


A comfortable optical mouse comes with the MK270, which will be a perfect fit for your hands. The mouse’s design is Ambidextrous means you can use it whether you are a left-hand user or a right-hand.

With an advanced optical mouse sensor, you will get great performance while using this mouse. The rubber wheel will help you with perfect scale scrolling and navigating while browsing. The mouse that comes with the MK320 is the same as the MK270. But one single similarity is a combo better than the other one.

Dedicated Controls

There are dedicated controls on top of the keyboard. On the keyboard of MK270, you will get controls for volume, media, and lock buttons too. With these buttons, you can increase or decrease volumes or even change your song from the playlist. Total 8 available hotkeys and one control switch for the keyboard power will make your experience better than before.  


These are normal keyboards with no backlit or RGB lighting, so there is a probability of more battery backup than usual. The batteries will provide you with 36 months of backup for the keyboard and 24 months for the mouse. The standard battery is pre-installed in these combos, so you don’t need to panic about anything else.  

Color Variants

There are 3 variants of devices available for the MK270. These are – white, black and 1pack. You can choose any color you prefer. In the white variant, not only the keyboard the mouse is also white. There is very few white nouse available in the market. And in this combo, you are getting a white pair of devices. Without any question, this will bring beauty to your setup. Unfortunately, no variants are available in the Logitech MK320 combo. The company manufactures only black color.

Durability and Warranty

These devices of the combos are very long-lasting even after heavy use. In terms of quality, Logitech does not compromise. You will, without a doubt, use these gadgets for a prolonged period. You are also getting three years of guarantee from Logitech for the devices. Additionally, you can contact the support page of Logitech from their official site for any kind of queries of replacement issue.

Final Words

These gadgets are an excellent choice for any sort of use. But in terms of better performance and features, Logitech MK270 is the combo that I will recommend to anyone who is confused to pick one. So if you want to worth every penny you are investing, just don’t hesitate for the MK270.   

FAQ about MK270 & MK320

What about the size of the mouse? Is this comfortable?

The mouse that comes with this combo is very adaptable to hands.

Where is the receiver in the box?

The receiver is in the top flap of the box.

Is there a unified receiver? 

 Yes, and you need to use this for connection.

Is it feasible to use this Combo with Xbox one? 

 Yes, it’s possible.

How silent is the mouse?

The mouse is neither very loud nor very silent.

Does this support Windows 10?

Yes, it will even support the upgraded version.

How silent is the keyboard? Will I face any trouble while using this keyboard in a call center while talking on the phone? 

No possibility of facing any trouble as this keyboard is very silent.

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