Logitech MK520 vs MK540

Logitech MK520 vs MK540 – Which one should you choose?

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Logitech MK520 vs MK540Logitech MK520 and MK540 both have a few similarities, but some features and benefits made Logitech MK540 the best choice here.

Why Logitech MK540 is Best?

  • The keyboard of MK540 has Adjustable tilt legs for suitable positions to adjust the device. However, whereas the other keyboard doesn’t have this feature.
  • Logitech MK540 comes with convenient and essential hotkeys that provide direct access to media, calculator, battery check functions. These features enhance productivity at your fingertips, on the contrary, MK520 lacks this function.
  • There is a Textured palm rest on this keyboard, which will allow you to type comfortably, but the palm rest of Logitech MK520 is not well-designed.
  • Logitech MK540 has dedicated media controls with beautiful round-edge keys, but the other keyboard’s media keys are very cramped designed.

These are the features that made MK540 better than MK520. So you can pick MK540 without any hesitation.


Similar Features

  • A full-sized keyboard with a number pad and other keys
  • Longer battery life than the usual devices

Quick Comparison: Logitech MK520 vs MK540

Specifications MK520 MK540
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Type Combo(Keyboard+Mouse) Combo(Keyboard+Mouse)
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Color Black Black
Product Dimension 7.9 x 2.7 x 18.3 inches 17.99 x 7.6 x 0.94 inches
Product Weight 2.2 pounds 1.82pounds
Battery 1 Lithium Metal Batteries 3 AA Batteries
Palm Rest Yes Yes
Adjustable Height No Yes
Warranty 3 Years Warranty 3 Years Warranty

Differences and Similarities of MK520 and MK540


With an ambidextrous design and compact structure, your hands will fit easily with the mouse that comes with the combo. On both sides of the mouse, there is rubber gripping to give you comfort. Also, the scroll wheel is designed such that you can use or browse more smoothly than before.

There is no mentionable disadvantage of the MK540 combos mouse. The mouse that comes with MK520 is designed well, but the top’s surface may disturb users who have sweaty hands. So users should be careful before choosing this one.


The keyboards of both the combo are very well-structured, and no question can arise about durability. The keyboard that comes with the MK540 combo is a full-sized keyboard with all the functionality. The keys are well organized, you won’t have any issue with accurate typing. The access of the last rows is designed specially so you will be able to type with a better experience.

All the necessary keys are presented on this keyboard, so whether for excel sheet works or office work, you can do any task on this keyboard. On the other hand, the MK520 combo’s keyboard is the same keyboard size as this one. But the buttons are not designed for users who search for something unique.   


The combo will last for a long time with its powerful pre-installed batteries. You will get 3 years of battery backup for the keyboard and 2 years of battery backup for the mouse. The MK540 comes with a pre-installed 3AA battery, and the other device, which is MK520, comes with a pre-installed Lithium Metal battery.

Dedicated Keys

The keyboards of this combo come with some dedicated keys for media and other controls. There are buttons for volume and playlist control on the top of both keyboards. But in the MK540, the keys are round-edged, which will be very comfortable to type. There is also a power button on this keyboard. Dedicated buttons for the media control are also present in the MK520, but keys are very small and not designed for regular users. Your fingers won’t fit these keys.      


As these keyboards are made for especially long sessions, use so a palm-rest was necessary and there is one. A fixed palm rest is included with the keyboard. But the wrist-rest of the MK540 is quite textured, which will give you more comfort than the MK520.  

Durability and Warranty

You can use these combos overlong. Both the mouse and the keyboards are built with premium quality materials. For any office work or personal work, you can pick these models without any doubt. Also, you are getting three years of warranty for the devices. In case of any inquiry or replacement issue, you can always contact the support page from Logitech’s official site. They always do listen to their customers.

Final Words

In both the category – mouse & keyboard, the MK540 is the winner. No compromise in terms of design or quality. All sorts of consumers were considered while designing the devices to face any challenges when using the products. The final recommendation for anyone who is confused to pick one is just going for the MK540 without any doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions about MK520 & MK540

Can I connect this device via a USB dongle?

The dongle is located in the mouse. You will see it after removing the battery cover.

Is there any indication/light on the caps lock keys?

Yes, you can see a green indicator on the switch.

What about the keyboard and mouse click? Are they silent?

The devices are very quiet. You can work in any workplace. Both devices are obnoxious.

Is the combo compatible with windows 10-devices?

It may not. This is compatible with XP, Vista, 7 & 8. You can visit Logitech’s official site for any updated version.

Does the mouse have an auto-off feature?

Yes, it does. If you need, you can trigger this option.

Is this combo compatible with a Desktop or just a Laptop?

As long as there is a USB receiver, you can work with this combo on any device.

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